Granny MOD APK 1.7.9 – (Unlimited Everything) 2022

Granny MOD APK is one of the most popular horror games that has ever been released on mobile gaming. It doesn’t only contain scary parts but also involves thrilling and adventurous aspects. The game is not for weak-hearted people as it is recommended to play under parental guidance before age 12.

The game is all about escaping the horror house. You’ll be feared by horrendous voices and creepy events like footsteps or yelling. The game stops either if your escape plan fails and granny finds you or when you finally escape from the deadly house. Granny comes under the top six most downloaded horror games on mobile with more than a hundred million downloads just as Lost Life APK. This game is quite popular among the young age group. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some prominent characteristics of granny.

Full Name Granny MOD APK
Publisher DVloper
Genre Arcade
Size 99 MB
Latest Version 1.7.9
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Granny MOD

About Granny MOD APK

As we’ve stated above, the Granny brings you along a journey to a creepy house where you get stuck for five days with a ghost. The granny isn’t just the host but a zombie that tries to get rid of you throughout the gameplay.

The game involves high-definition graphics giving the epic gaming experience to not only horror fans but quality mobile gamers. Thanks to the modded version not only the features provided are unlocked, but there are also no restrictions as there are no ads in the gameplay and you don’t have to pay for upgrades. If escape games have been your jam then playing Granny hits you a bit differently with smooth controls and dreadful animations making it close to reality.

Granny Hacks Storyline

The Granny modded version includes the storyline that revolves around the evil characters who play a primary role within the game i.e granny. The woman’s actual name is Agatha she has a terrible story of her own. It isn’t some grandmother you’re wishing to visit this summer, instead, she is considered to be a vicious one.

Your character wakes up in your room where you find yourself in an abandoned house belonging to an old lady. This woman is dead and to quench her thirst for blood, she’s hunting you down to kill you within some seconds. The main goal of the game starts as you have to run for your life and get past this phase safely.

You’ll be given five different chances to break down into levels to escape this granny. With every level, you’ll find the villain getting more and more powerful. Her appearance is extremely frightening, complementing the background and sound effects. This woman is completely blind and you have to hide behind specific things so that she won’t be able to see you. Moreover, if you move even a bit, she can find you so you have to tiptoe instead of running in a way that she won’t locate you.

The game also needs to equip specific items by the end of this five-day journey to move free from this tiresome and scary house that has made you captive.

Granny APK

Granny Cheats Gameplay

Granny includes some intense controls that are quite simple, having a slight hint of challenges and making this game a little more interesting. The environment of the game plays a major role in building up the intensity of the game making you nervous about the actions. The game has been given encouraging reviews and positive ratings due to its crucial challenges.

The game starts with the hassle of running away from Granny’s house by hiding behind different household items online. Granny is considered to be an engaging one as it depicts the five-day journey of escaping. Moreover, after hiding in various spots, you’ll be guarded, as Granny is basically blind and can’t suspect you are hiding in the dark.

There are a huge number of escape ways so if you’re choosing a car then you’ll have to gain all those items in your inventory to make that happen. You can also make unusual noises in random parts of the house to distract her. Not only that but you can’t simply forget to take 16 items with you before you escape the house.

Features Of Granny MOD APK

Granny hack mod apk holds many new and exclusive features that have made it more interesting and terrifying than it should be. Some of the prominently fearful features as mentioned as follows:

1. Scary Graphics And Sound Effects

Just like Horrorfield MOD APK, the granny modded version is enriched in creepy and horrifying graphic displays with a high-definition theme matching the storyline. The sound effects increase the creeps in such a way that even a strong-hearted person won’t be able to play it at night. These features not only depend on the gameplay but also on the experience of many horror fans.

2. Dedicated To Five Days Of Horror

One of the highlighted features that have developed the interest of several gamers is the game won’t take months to finish. If you’re dedicated you can finish it in one sitting. Moreover, just like other games, you won’t get bored of it as its story is short but fearsome. Once you’ve installed the granny game, you won’t care about anything that’s been going on in your surroundings.

3. Places To Hide

The environment in the granny gameplay is full of many objects behind or beside which you can hide. These objects include wardrobes, furniture, doors, beds, etc. As the basic mission is to hide from granny and she’s blind. If you’re hidden, your chances to be caught decrease.

4. AI Granny Update

After every level or every day that has been passed, you’ll see granny automatically upgrading itself. These AI-based improvements make the game different to get through. It won’t only make it scarier but also quite different to play with. As the granny ghost upgrade, you also have to upgrade your moves and implement new tricks and moves to run away.


Granny mod apk is profoundly touching all the bits of horror and thriller genre. During the entire gameplay, you’re stuck in granny’s house who has been allegedly dead. The basic goal is to find ways to escape this haunted house. The granny tries holding you all the way, involving the five days so that she can kill you.

The gameplay is frightening yet quite simple when it comes to controls and interfaces. You’ll be offered many ways to escape but it only requires a focused mind to get through them. If you’re older than 12 then you’re free to play this game otherwise it’ll develop a sense of fear in your mind referring to your surroundings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we’ve reached the finale of this epic horror journey, you might have some questions rumbling on your mind. A few of them are answered below:

Is the granny’s new version good for children?

The game is rated PG-13 and due to its horror context can be frightening for children of lower age. Some people can be afraid of the scary events of the game, so it isn’t recommended for children or people with weak hearts.

Are these mods for granny free to play or paid?

Granny mod is completely free of cost. The upgrade within the game to the upper levels doesn’t require any additional charges. Moreover, you get access to extensive features without spending any unnecessary bucks.

What is the main aim of the Granny?

The main objective of the game is to escape. You have to find ways to run away from the house before the granny finds and kills you.

What is the actual name of the main character?

The real name of the main character who is the granny and plays a terrifying role is Agatha.

Is the story in free granny mobile based on truth?

No, the story is completely fiction, however, they’re just based on some historical insights or paranormal events.

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