GTA Vice City MOD APK 1.12 – (Unlimited Everything & Health) 2023

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Full Name GTA Vice City MOD APK
Publisher Rockstar Games
Genre Arcade
Size 7.8 MB
Latest Version 1.12
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Guns
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There are so many players looking for the best version of this game. Since you have landed on this page, you found the easiest and most entertaining GTA Vice City MOD APK, which gives you more than what other versions offer! To reminisce about the best action game from your childhood, get in line as we explain how this version is so famous.

GTA Vice City Hack APK download is easy and the features are so convincing that you will want to press the tab and begin the action! However, get to know all about this game so that you know about the various features along with the best way to use each of them. Also, play Tekken 7 APK.


Grand Theft Auto is not a new game. It revolves around a team of thieves who want to steal various city assets to take over someday. The weapons, characters, and all the ways in which you can fight the enemies make this action game interesting. Moreover, Vice City is a place where the scenes are set. Players will find each turn interesting as every level introduces a new quest and you are the master planner. The 1980s scenery and the rich lifestyle in enticing and the team of thieves has all the power that can help them win over Vice City.

GTA Vice City APK

The simple controls and the smooth running of each fight are such that the players do not feel overwhelmed by the multi-functional characters. You can run, shoot, chase, and even hop into a car at the same time, but that does not mean that the controls are tough. GTA Vice City android allows you to use simple navigation tabs, and some phones can move the cars by tilting the phone device. You may also enjoy playing Brothers In Arms 3 MOD APK.


There are numerous features that make the Vice City game an excellent addition to the game of the past. Check out what this modded version has to offer:

1. Characters

The characters of GTA Vice City Mod APK are unique and have added maneuvers that make it a fun action game. You can customize the characters and make them more artistic through the realistic simulator. Moreover, the characters are detailed and you can see them interact with each other in the story. The newest version of this game includes phone calls, team meetings, and even emotional dialogue between characters that add life to the game.

2. Customization Of Shooting Mode

Players can decide which kind of shooting mode they require in the game, and then they can apply it according to their needs. The aiming size reduces shooting time and the custom kit is capable of handling every situation according to the player’s desires!

GTA Vice City MOD

3. Grand Theft Auto Vice City Mod APK Weapons

The arsenal of weapons in the game is huge and you can enjoy combat with new and more intense weapons. These include brass knuckles, clubs, knives, guns, grenade launchers, ultrasounds, and shotguns.

4. Bad Boy Tommy Vercetti

The modded version of GTA has the same main character as the older version. We mentioned him separately because the game revolves around him and players are interested in knowing what he is up to in the game. After all, he is a team member without whom there is no plan in the game.

5. Great Sceneries

From the blue-green beaches of Hawaii to the expensive cars, hotels, and city landscape, this game offers a lot of visual interest to players. You can see what it is like to live like a rich criminal and have people working for you without fearing for their lives.

6. Graphics

The graphics of this game are no joke! Extremely intricate scenes and the characters as detailed individuals will ensure that players finish the fight before shutting off the game! GTA Vice City free download APK becomes an excellent way to pass time just like Hungry Dragon MOD APK.

7. GTA Vice City Unlimited Money

Players get unlimited money in this version and this enables them to buy new weapons, customize characters and become more powerful in the game. This unlimited money can be an excellent way of getting ahead of others.

8. Multiplayer Gaming

You can ask your friends to log on and play alongside you. This game is fun and allows you to revive your social connections in the most exciting way through action-packed gameplay.


Can I download GTA on any android phone?

Yes, if you own an Android device, you can download this game and enjoy the exciting turns. Moreover, the simple controls of this game are manageable on any android set. If you have a higher android device, you may enjoy a few more options like controlling cars by tilting the phone set.

Will I be able to earn rewards in the game?

GTA is an action game and as soon as you finish a level or a fight, you get to earn money through the weapons you use, and the number of people you get out of your way. Another interesting way of getting money is to download this version and get a load of unlimited money that puts you ahead of others!

What kind of challenges are in this game?

Tommy is the kingpin of the game and he decides what you are out to steal. Once you know the challenge, you try and kill the enemies and get to the goal. The various challenges include stealing cars, taking over the city, and making your team stronger.


GTA Vice City Mod APK is an excellent game and a quick download that will take you back to the 1980s, which will challenge your skills while keeping you entertained. Download in simple steps and ensure that you not only win it but also enjoy all the special features of this game. We always tell players about the special features of modded versions so they can compare it with the other versions that will not be half as exciting and challenging.

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