Guardian Tales MOD APK 2.56.2 – (Infinite Platinmods & Gems) 2023

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Full Name Guardian Tales MOD APK
Publisher Kakao Games Corp.
Genre Role-Playing
Size 88 MB
Latest Version 2.56.2
Mod Features Unlimited Gold & Diamonds
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Guardian Tales MOD APK is one of the best action games that suit players of all ages. The online role-play is exciting and can keep you engaged for a long time! Download this game here so that you can join the community of players who never forget to talk about this fantastic game and add to the hype created around it!

There are many adventure and action games out there, so what makes Guardian Tales special? The features and the gameplay make all the difference! This game is not just an action game, but every level will come with a new challenge, with equally strong enemies and a terrain that requires you to be active, vigilant, and on the lookout.

Guardian Tales is a famous role-playing online sport, and you can easily enjoy this game on your android phone. This game version will give you bonus features and a lot of convenient rewards, which will make your Gameplay fun while the Storyline is riveting. Also, check out Inotia 4 MOD APK.

Guardian Tales MOD


Guardian Tales begins with you finding your way to a treasure by dodging boulders, hiking over hills, and passing a terrain that is challenging. The game changes with the sceneries that are intricate and bring new challenges such as caves, dungeons, and deep crevices that require good weapons and some skill from the player.


Jumping, slinging, running, and dodging barriers are the way to get to the goal. If you don’t use the weapons correctly, there are many ways to get to the rewards. Just like Darkness Rises MOD APK, the controls of the game are to go forward, and then there are various commands to jump, skip, use slings, and dodge any landmark that can be trouble for you. Guardian Tales are about you reaching the destination, and for that, you can duck, dive or maneuver in strategic ways to get there fast. The hidden path to the treasures will be visible if you remain focused and use your resources properly.

Evil bosses will be inside dungeons, so the player must be prepared to beat them. Moreover, the evil monsters are not only ready for you but have planned all your moves, so you need to change your playing style and ensure a victorious stance. The game will demand you to couple up with other heroes and build a better weapon profile to combat the enemies, so, you can select heroes from the game who have potent weapons with unique skills and capabilities.

Guardian Tales APK


Guardian Tales is not a run-of-the-mill action game. The following features make it an excellent way to pass hours on your phone!

1. Puzzles And Action

This game is unique because of the action and landscape puzzle! Now, you have to master the art of beating enemies and have to dodge various landscapes, and make it to the top! Each path has its own challenges, and once you pass them, there are unlimited treasures! Guardian Tales’ unlimited money will get you better weapons and more power, which makes this version a famous choice.

2. Excellent Graphics And Sound Effects

The three-dimensional graphics of this game are attractive as the real landscape, and character details make each adventure more entertaining. The sound effects add to the game in many ways! Graphics and sound create a lot of differences, and the developers know this. This game gets more enjoyable when you hear the music become racier, and that helps you understand what you need.

3. Associates Guild

You can join forces with heroes who can be helpful for a particular adventure. These heroes are designed to perform different feats that can be helpful in bringing down enemies. Your guild will be your assistance to reach the final destination sooner than you can alone.

Guardian Tales

4. Customizations

You can build your team of heroes and then dress them according to your liking much like Evil Lands MOD APK. All customizations require money, and you can get unlimited amounts of that in this modified version! When your heroes wear something you picked, and the color coordination is on point, it might help you move faster.

5. Unlocked Levels

You may have heard players complain about waiting for new levels to unlock, but not anymore! Guardian Tales Mod APK gives you unlocked levels from the moment you start the game. Now, fun is accessible in one go, which is the downloading action that opens doors to many other action stories. Guardian Tales’ unlimited gems and unlocked levels will keep you going for hours, and with your team of heroes, anything is possible.

6. No Advertisement

This feature makes this game all the more interesting because you can play each level back to back, without watching minute-long advertisements for other fun! We know players don’t want to be interrupted, and that is why we say that this version is the best you can get.


Is this game for all phones?

Yes! You can download Guardian Tales on all android devices and enjoy unlimited money, unlimited gems, and unlocked levels. We know you will enjoy all of it.

How can I use the gems and money in the game?

Money and gems are the rewards you win at various levels, and they help you select heroes, customize the skins, and add more to the weapon chest. Once you earn money and gems, you get more power to update your game and win big.

Is Guardian Tales for adults only?

Everyone is welcome to play this game as it has some fantastic graphics and challenges and puzzles that will improve your skills. When younger players start this game, they will have to work better and stay alert to complete all levels.


Guardian Tales Mod APK is an action game that brings along new puzzles and new challenges on your quest for treasures. The game will help you develop coordination and better motor skills while preparing you for the more considerable challenges in the unlocked levels. Download this fantastic version and get bonus features that will keep you entertained for hours. Also, download Summoners War MOD APK.

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