Hempire MOD APK 2.17.0 – (Unlimited Money & VIP All Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Hempire MOD APK
Publisher LBC Studios Inc.
Genre Simulation
Size 65 MB
Latest Version 2.17.0
Features Unlimited Money & VIP Unlocked
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Hempire MOD APK comes under a few of the most interesting games that relate you to different teenage activities that you might be unaware of. Most parts of the world have an official ban on the usage and growth of weed, considering it illegal. However, Hempire town has its own rules, bringing out a whole new opportunity for developing a weed empire for effective usage and supply to everyone. If you’re a simulation fan and think of it as a genre that shouldn’t be missed then you should try out hempire.

It allows you to try out different aspects of the real world that you can only dream of experiencing in real life. Moreover, the game also has some excellent portrayals with great mechanics and sound quality up to par. In this blog, we’ll be touching on all the engaging features of the hempire game. You may also like Wonder Zoo MOD APK.


Hempire – Plant Growing Game can be looked at as a diverse gardening or farming simulation but its story isn’t that simple with many twists and turns. Thanks to the latest version, you can play it on your smartphone without additional rooting or jailbreak. Moreover, it also includes many unofficial features ready to be discovered.

As you play, you’ll find yourself in a business or a club of growing weeds which is completely legitimate in the hempire city. When starting with the growth, it’ll just be your old-school shrubs, bushes, and a greenhouse. After some improvements to the environment and additional growth of your shrubs, you’ll find customers waiting in line to buy those plants from you.

The goal is to expand the business by getting more people as your buyers and increasing the gardening area. After every successful transaction, your virtual bank balance would increase which you can use to buy items for your inventory.

Hempire MOD


The storyline of hempire is somewhat similar to the breaking bad series. You’ll play as the clever guy whose aim is to get somewhere in life by growing and selling weed around the town, where it is legal. The entire route and scenarios of the game revolve around how you grow these herbs and how you spread the business efficiently.

You get to explore different terrains to discover new plants and other interesting aspects of the hempire world that can help you with your business and plantation growth. Because of the simplicity of the story and the smoothness of the gameplay, you can play the game anywhere you are. Also, play Goat Simulator MOD APK.


The gameplay of hempire is considered to be quite addictive, however, its simple controls and creative interface can gain the interest of many. As you start playing, you’ll be given different institutions about the plantation of weeds, taking care of them to let them grow, or harvesting them after they’re fully grown. If you follow these instructions, your growth will be significantly improved. All you have to do is read simple instructions and act accordingly.

After collecting your shrubs, you can sell them to your potential customers for exceeding your business area. Whatever profit you’ve earned can also be spent by buying new seeds. The main goal of the game is to develop a sufficient business and spend it till it has a successful reputation all around hempire.

Hempire APK


Hempire is loaded with several different features that touch on different gardening aspects and hint at a few business points of view. You’ll have to come up with difficult strategies to keep your business up and running. These features are stated below.

1. Grow Weeds & Other Exotic Shrubs

The main aim of the game is to excel in weed growth. You can easily grow weeds in different parts of the Northern Lights and Hindukush while some other herbs are synthetically grown in the laboratory. This is a great opportunity for you to turn your small weed garden into a developed business setup.

2. Invest In Hempire Redecor

Once your shrubs are sold and new ones are planted, it is time to invest your earnings in the development and decoration of the city. If you’re running out of cash, you can always sell existing items in inventory or just come up with deals and offers to increase customers.

3. Create Infused Delicious Treats

Some people don’t like smoking herbs. For such people, you can always bake pot-infused brownies, cookies, hash, oils, and other delicious stuff.

4. Earn Money & Generate Profit

The game is all about growing plants and earning money. The profits generated can easily be invested in real estate, local business, or improvised your hempire city.

5. Play With Friends

Do you think your weed farming is going quite well? You can always fight against your friends or participate in the Hempire Cup to check your progress around the world. Also, play Gas Station Simulator MOD APK with your friends.


Now that we have almost finished our explanation of the game, you may be having different questions in your mind. Some of those questions are listed below:

What is the highest level of hempire cheats on android?

The game has a wide area of characters and a storyline to explore thus you can play up to 75 levels at this moment but after every update is made, the levels exceed more and more.

Is hempire download link easy to access?

No, if you’re downloading hempire from the link shared on the website then you won’t face any issue in installing the latest version of hempire.

Is hempire mod apk safe to download?

No, the hempire mod apk is not safe to download and use on your devices. However, all your devices will be safe to run our hempire game as it is tested and verified by different antivirus software.

Can I play hempire offline?

No, in order to play hempire and upgrade stuff, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection.


Hempire game is known as an addictive simulation game that lets you get involved in the plant-growing business. Throughout the game, you’ll have to think of strategies for developing and spreading your weed business. In hempire town, it is legal to grow weed, so you can supply it to everyone.

The storyline isn’t quite children-friendly such as Bus Simulator Ultimate MOD APK¬†and is stated as an adult game, offering a complete load of entertainment through engaging content. It has the ability to grasp the attention of many different types of gamers to grow exotic plants for creating unique products. You’ll find this game to be soothing without any hassle with the gameplay.

Moreover, after every level, you unlock many new secrets of the story revealing the extraordinary procedure for bringing out the interest of the players. Hempire can be your go-to game with its simple mechanics and incredible interface.

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