Homescapes MOD APK 5.7.4 – (Free Download & Unlimited Stars) 2023

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Full Name Homescapes MOD APK
Publisher Playrix
Genre Casual
Size 147 MB
Latest Version 5.7.4
Mod Features Unlimited Stars & Coins
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Homescapes MOD APK is a fun casual game by Playrix. It was released in 2017 and soon became popular amongst gamers who take interest in high-graphics puzzle games i.e Good Pizza Great Pizza MOD APK. Furthermore, it’s the improved version of the popular Gardenscapes video game. The game’s protagonist is a butler named Austin. Help Austin manage his childhood mansion and deal with uncalled troubles. Furthermore, the mod version of this puzzle game gives you all the liberty and special features in the gameplay that are not accessible in the original game. You can read the complete article to know more about this version of the game.

The exciting match-3 puzzle game will drive you nuts! It’s all about management, handling chores, the right strategies, solving puzzles, and tackling unforeseen house problems. The butler’s heart and mind are solely for his childhood house. You need to become Austin’s companion and try your best not to blow up the place! Hence, solve the puzzles and fix all the malfunctions one by one. Each time you solve a puzzle you will earn a resource for fixing or beautifying your house.



Perhaps, the best part of the game is its heart-touching plot. The butler, Austin has worked in several fancy mansions and big houses in his life. He has managed houses well and earned his living through his talent. However, after living all his adult life in other abodes, he finally decided to head home to his own childhood mansion.

Ironically, when the butler found his way home, his own mansion was not a pleasing view for his eyes. He entered the place and his heart shattered to see the condition of his beloved home. The windows were broken, ceilings were cracked, water lines were leaked, the fireplace was destroyed and everything else was a complete disaster. The scene before his eyes was barely recognizable to Austin.

Nonetheless, Austin the butler decided to fix everything from scratch and then also decorate the house with his best skills. He planned to redesign the house and make it as beautiful as it was before. Finally, he decides to call his parents back home and reunite with his family.

Homescapes APK


This casual game has match-3 puzzle gameplay. It is simple and keeps engaging with its awesome graphics just like the Animal Restaurant MOD APK. Role-play as the butler’s closest companion and solve the puzzle with your wits. Match 3 of the same objects horizontally, vertically, or diagonally in the grid puzzle to win gold coins.

Austin needs these gold coins to buy resources for his home. As long as you are matching in rows, Austin will keep on collecting coins to buy the necessities of his fallen-apart home. Bit by bit, fix the basic infrastructure and then move on to home decor and furnishing.


1. Interior Designs

In the Homscapes, as a player, you have a chance to choose the best interior designs for your house so that it looks amazing. What is the final look of your house and which design makes it a better place to live in? all decided by you.

2. No In-App Purchases

Homescapes is a free game, it does not need to be purchased while installed on your mobile. However, the freemium game does have a few in-app purchases that gamers need to pay for a complete gaming experience. But don’t you worry gamers! We have got you covered. You can now maximize your gaming experience without paying a single penny. Simply, install the Homescapes mod and get the full unlocked version of the original game. Enjoy!

3. No Ads

Unfortunately, the original game includes many ads throughout the gameplay, this is how the game is kept free for all users. As long as you are watching ds, the game is free of cost for download. But what about the constant disturbance and loss of focus? Fellas, you can enjoy the no ads feature in our Homescapes mod apk. There are no ads throughout the game and you can play as much as you desire without any prompt advertisements.

4. Unlimited Stars

Best of all, gamers can get unlimited stars in the Homescapes mod apk. You can use these stars to your advantage and excel in the game from the start. Finish challenges faster and beautifies your mansion faster than other players. These stars will help you to control the game on your own. You may also like the modded features of World Chef MOD APK.


The exciting Android game has loads of fun features for gamers to enjoy casual puzzle gameplay. Here are a few main features of the amazing game.

1. High-Quality Graphics

To start with, Homescapes is a brilliantly designed game. It is one of the topmost games in the Google Play Store’s popular games list and therefore has amazing ratings. One of the major reasons for its popularity amongst other games in its genre is its top-notch graphics. The cute and attractive animations and vibrant backgrounds are prepossessing for gamers.

Furthermore, the house of the butler is designed with detailed features. The gamers can observe the house details and then work on them accordingly. Plus, when gamers progress in the game, they are motivated by the heavenly site of the fixed and furnished mansion.

Homescapes MOD

2. Exciting Themes

Just like Cooking Madness MOD APK, the gameplay is made even more thrilling with various themes and events in the game. At every different in-game event or occasion, the setup or theme of the grid and the objects inside it will change. Therefore, the gameplay will dive into uniqueness and new styles, thus making the gameplay even more exciting and fun to play. Moreover, this feature refreshes the player and gives him something new to get hooked on. This anti-boring gameplay is a smart strategy to keep users engaged and entertained.

3. Special Awards

Eventually, you will progress to higher levels and dwell on one accomplishment after the other. Due to your improved performance and achievements, you will earn special awards apart from the regular gold coins. These awards are not a common currency in the game. You can use them for greater purposes and boost your performance at a greater pace.

4. Welcome Pets

Yes! You can also have pets in your mansion during your house renovation. Although you and your broken home are not in a stable position, you can still adopt deserving stray animals and welcome them home. These pets, kittens, or puppies can live with you in the house and follow you around in the game to entertain yourself during puzzle solving.

5. Unfold Secrets

In spite of the ordinary look of the manor, there are quite a handful of secrets creeping all over the place. Enjoy the gameplay and discover the long-hidden secrets in the butler’s childhood manor. Little did Austin know that renovation of the house would connect him deeper with the old place. Help Austin connect mysteries with his childhood and enjoy the added drama in the casual puzzle game.

6. Various Characters

After all, you are not the only one living in the town. The game has many characters that you will interact with. Thanks to the butler’s friendly nature, you will be communicating and having good terms with your neighbors, the kids, and many other characters, each of who are having their own stories. Engage with the characters around you and see how Austin relates to them with his childhood days.

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Is the Homescapes update available?

Yes, actually the mod on our site is the latest mod version of Homescapes. It is updated and has all new mod features.

Is Homescapes mod apk safe?

Yes, our mod apk file is 100% safe for all Android users. It has no lags or technical issues. Simply, give the necessary permissions for the download and enjoy the game.

Is the Homescapes hack download free?

Yes, the hacks are all free and unlocked. You can get unlimited stars in the mod version at no cost. However, this mod version and its hacks are only for Android smartphones and not other iOS devices.


Lastly, you can have all these features with just one tap. Simply, tap on the available link and download the Homescapes mod apk latest version in just a few minutes. Play with Austin and enjoy the challenging match-3 game with hacks.

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