Horrorfield MOD APK 1.5.3 – (All Unlocked With Hack Map) 2023

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Horrorfield MOD APK is one of the most hyped and loved horror games of all time as the internet is filled with every type of game associated with the genre. They have been an exceptional outlet to represent your emotions. Fighting games can extract the frustration out of you while survival games give you the sense of challenge to escape your problems.

Similarly, horror games can give you a spine-chilling experience to bring the thrill out of you. Just like The Visitor, Extra Lives MOD APK, etc, it can tingle the sense of terror that you crave. It can be set in older times with paranormal beings or an apocalyptic period with zombies. Horrorfield has the combined experience of all the elements that makes it the perfect thriller. It is a survival horror game bringing its own class to the genre with investigations, escaping, and killing. In this blog, we’ll be explaining horror field games a little more!


Horrorfield is one of those games that can depict their genre to you just by looking at its sequences. It is a multiplayer experience in which your survival is dependent on your partners. You will be a team surviving connected together in the same situation. The game is all about an arena that is filled with darkness and you have to figure out all about it with your teammates. There will be all kinds of hindrances from location, mission, and external too. You won’t find any source of light so you won’t be able to see through your way.


You’ll be interacting with seven different characters having their own personalities and abilities. You’ll face different traps and hurdles set for slowing you down but when you get comfortable with the gameplay, it’ll be easy to move. All thanks to the horrorfield mod menu, you’ll be able to get the most out of all the features in the game. It’ll give you the chance to explore the abilities and ammo that are usually unlocked originally.


Just like Silent Castle MOD APK, Horrofield is an online team-based action horror game that is a struggle of killing, escaping, and surviving events by playing with many different people worldwide. The story revolves around seven characters trapped in a dark location figuring their way out of the location.

The location, however, is said to be ruled by a psychopath. The interesting part here is that the location isn’t as simple as it’ll feel. In addition to not being able to watch, you also face many traps and difficulties by the psychopath so that you won’t be able to clear the mission.

The initial mission involves finding the characters i.e your teammates and with them, you can eliminate the civilians with the help of your and your teammates’ strength. You’ll have to find your way in the dark to get to the generator to bring back the light source. After that, you can move ahead to kill the psychopath with abilities, strategies, and tactics.

Horrorfield MOD


The gameplay of horrofield is what excites many people with its realistic approach toward jumpscare and pitch-dark surroundings. As it is a combination of horror and survival, you’ll have to put the strategies of both types of games to get through it.

You’ll have to play as a team for surviving and utilizing the abilities of every character wisely. Your progress will be dependent on your teammates’ so if you lose then they’ll too. The location has different sorts of hiding spots but also traps that can catch you for a while until someone rescues you. You’ll have to make decisions on the spot and kill all anyone coming at you to fight through this horror adventure. You may also like the gameplay of Dead Target MOD APK.


1. Unlock Everything

If you want to play freely then download the mod version of horrorfield that provides everything unlock to you without any in-app purchases. Enjoy the game with access to everything.

2. Hack Map

In the moded Horrorfield game you will get a hacked map that helps you to find out where the zombies and other players are. The red eye and green eye can help you to save yourself.


Horrorfield modded has many exceptional features that make the game stand out on so many levels. Its genre in particular has listed many remarkable secrets that you won’t be able to leave your seat.

Horrorfield APK

1. Horror Adventure

As this game is designed in 3D intercourse so it’ll be representing how any third-person would watch the game. This is a wise gameplay manner as it’ll help you keep track of your teammates fighting or stuck in different locations. It’ll bring out all types of emotions for you to get you thrilled and horrified at the same time. The challenge is you have to escape the location without getting scared while progressing with your teammates.

2. Horrifying Design

The graphics are the key aspects of any game which can either lift it up or drag it down. Similarly in horrofield, it has made it look exceptional adding the horror and surviving pressure with just visuals. The setting has its own aesthetic within the low lights, antiques, and old forest, while death runs to get to you. You’ll be amazed at the details that have been kept close to reality.

3. Kill Or Be Killed

You’ll find only one mode in the game in which you have to gather five players, along with your five teammates, and form a team of two. The choice would be of killers and survivors which both the teams can pick from. Once you make that choice, your survivors have to escape while killers have to rush to kill them as fast as they can until one of the teams wins. Read features of Unkilled MOD APK too.


It’s time to wrap up the blog, but first, we have to answer the queries related to horrofield down. below:

Is horrorfield hack safe to use?

Yes, the horrorfield mod has been tested and verified by several antivirus software to ensure that it is completely safe for all Android devices. Once you have downloaded the apk file from the mentioned link, then you don’t have to be worried about any virus or malware.

Can we play horrorfield without WiFi?

No, unfortunately, you must be having a stable internet connection for playing horrorfield as it is an online survival game and you should be playing it with your teammates.

Is horrorfield free to play?

Yes, only if you’re downloading the game from the link given then you won’t have to pay for anything. You also get many of the features unlocked and the updates are also free of cost.


Horrorfield mod apk is quite a scary game and would be ideal if you love this genre. You’ll find numerous jumpscare within the gameplay most of the part is entirely based on darkness and as you interact with anything it’ll make you pop out of your chair. Not only that as it is also a survival game, but you’ll also have to come up with many different strategies to get out of the location and save yourself and your teammates. It includes hiding from a psychopath, killing serial killers, escaping terrifying locations, and fighting while controlling your heartbeat. The modded version has maximized the experience with all the unlocked mechanics and skins. You’ll find it loaded with scary bits to ease your horror interests.

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