Hotel Hideaway MOD APK 3.39.3 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Hotel Hideaway MOD APK
Publisher Sulake Corporation Oy
Genre Role Playing
Size 84 MB
Latest Version 3.39.3
Mod Features All Features Unlocked
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Do you want to go on a vacation when you have only one hour of work? With Hotel Hideaway MOD APK, you can enjoy the hotel time and do all kinds of entertaining and relaxing things that were otherwise impossible! This game is a must-have for all those who like to imagine new sceneries, a lavish hotel, and lovely companions for their perfect holiday.

Some android games are about matching gems on a grid, and others are about finding treasures. Very few games give you the exciting experiences this game offers. Moreover, the mod features add more fun to this already enticing game. Curious already? Here’s all you want to know about the Hotel Hideaway.

What Goes On In The Hotel?

Inside the hotel of your imagination, players will get to enjoy various kinds of activities such as dressing up, buying more clothes, and putting on a new look every now and then. There are sports getaways, and décor activities too. Imagine that you log on to the game and enter a gaming arena where you can select the activity. Are you in the mood for some sport, or do you want to change the way your room looks? One of the most exciting activities will be to learn how to dance, and then have a ball!

Hotel Hideaway MOD

The rounds that you choose will win you a lot of rewards just like Secret Neighbor APK, and these rewards add up to give you the pleasure of adding more to the present facilities. For example, you can have more clothes, better gadgets and furniture for the room, and even more sports facilities to enjoy. The 3D avatar can also be changed when you have enough rewards!

The more time you spend in the game, the better the hotel becomes for all players to enjoy their free time. The Hotel Hideaway game also offers many rooms that need your attention, not for decoration, but because there are different kinds of activities waiting for you. There are other people there and you can interact with them too!

The Gameplay While Inside The Hotel

The gameplay is so simple that every player can enjoy the game without paying too much attention to the way the controls work! You can maneuver the avatars, and select menu options with the simple left, right, up, and down tabs. Moreover, the selection of any new item will need a double tab. The game has some amazing graphics which make the hotel getaway experience real. You will like the animations and even the secret techniques that this game has to provide a complete experience. These secret techniques or cheats help players get to their mission sooner than in other versions.

The choice of creating and customizing the characters is easy much like One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK, and you will enjoy making your avatar look like you! What better way of feeling the holidays than to see a similar figure in the game? You can create outfits, and buy new kinds of skins and colors to adorn your avatar in the clothes and look that you like! Players can socialize in the game and refresh their senses by doing all the things that they are unable to enjoy in their daily routine.

Hotel Hideaway APK

Hotel Hideaway MOD Features That Make It More Exciting

Hotel Hideaway Mod APK has many interesting features and they will make you want to play this game whenever you have a few free minutes. Check them out here:

1. Unlocked All

If you have ever played this game before, you would know how some features are locked away till the player reaches a particular stage. However, this version of the game does not hold off the juicy stuff! You get to enjoy all the avatars, the entertainment rooms, socializing rooms and so much more from the moment you log on.

2. Unlimited Money

The rewards that players struggle to win in the game rounds. When you have a whole bag of money available, you can decide to buy, upgrade, add more to the décor, or even get ahead in sports.

3. No Ads

One of the most admired features of this game is that you do not have to go through the advertisements that interrupt the game and make you lose precious time that you could use in completing each mission.

Hotel Hideaway

Unique Features Of Hotel Hideaway MOD APK

The regular features of the Hotel Hideaway PC game are quite amazing and every player gets to enjoy these along with the premium features in this version. However, take a look at what you will be getting:

1. Some Excellent Graphics

The quality of the graphics is amazing, and the sound effects are good too. The music keeps changing at different times and all of this helps in keeping your focus on doing the best in each round.

2. Free Downloads

All the android games are free to download. With this game, you do not have to sign up for any membership or subscribe to the game files only to play the entertaining features.

3. Smooth Movements

When you change the avatar, there are so many designs and styles to pick from. You can move this avatar in social gatherings or get ready for some fun with friends in the game.

Download Hotel Hideaway MOD Now!

Players can download this spectacular game easily. Follow these steps:

  • Uninstall any previous version from the phone,
  • Click on Download,
  • Allow the phone to download from unknown sources,
  • Install the APK file for features,
  • Play the game anytime you want.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game a dress-up game only?

No, this game allows players to do all the fun, holiday things that we all yearn for! You can decorate rooms, and even change wardrobes. Moreover, you can interact with other characters which makes your time in the hotel more enjoyable.

Is this game free?

Yes, this game is free to download and all the in-game purchases are made with the game currency.


Hotel Hideaway Mod APK is an entertaining, light, and fun role-play game for players and so far millions of people have downloaded it. You can enjoy premium features in this entertainment-packed game and there is no fee for download either.

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