How To Change App Icons On Android? | Complete Guide Explained!

Personalizing and changing app icons is one of the best ways to make your phone exclusive, and personal. If you are wondering how to change app icons on android, you would be delighted to know that there are many ways to do this! All those who want to try out innovative icons for their existing apps on android devices can do this by applying more than one way!

Users can install a fully themed pack of icons to change them whenever you would want. Moreover, the icons can also be updated to new ones. However, a third-party launcher is by far the best way to do all this, and that too in minimum time. When you use this option, the variety is better and the quality is even better! Moreover, this method is much more fun because these launchers work for all brands of android phones.

How To Change App Icons On Android

How To Change App Icons On Android Using A Launcher

Most of the launchers provide updated icons for the apps and it can be easy to try them all. A few famous launchers include the Nova launcher, Smart launcher, and Windows launcher. However, whichever one you choose will have the same method. These launchers allow individual app icon changes, or you can install the whole pack to see what each app icon can look like and this is done in one go.

The steps for changing icons with the launcher are as follows:

  • Go to the Play Store, and select Nova, Smart, or any other launcher you want to install.
  • When the installation is complete, go to the home and select the launcher as your main change.
  • It takes a short while to reset the screen, but that is fine because the icons and widgets take time to refresh.
  • A third-party launcher enables you to import the icons. Now you do not need to follow lengthy steps to install the app.

Change App Icons

Individual icon change is different and some users prefer it as it gives a more personal setup. Click on the icon you wish to change, and keep holding it for some time. This action will open up the menu and you can press edit. Select the top choice icon from all the options visible. The built-in icon section has options for all the apps available on android and also the ones from the additional apps that you have downloaded.  The built-in icon section has options for all the apps available on android and also the ones from the additional apps that you have downloaded.

Another way is to select gallery apps, which allow you to choose the icons that are already stored on the phone. Select any of the pictures in the gallery, crop them, and make them your personalized icon. This method is similar to creating GIFs from your gallery pictures. When you select OK, this icon will replace the existing one on the app.

Yet another method involves setting themes. You can click on Get More Themes, and it will take you to Play Store where you can download more icons. Once the download is complete, the additional icons will appear on the app menu and you can select a new one from there.

How To Change App Icons On Android With Icon Pack

The icon pack is an interesting way to change all the app icons in one go. You will not need to change each icon separately. You can simply download an icon pack from Play Store and it will take you to a different realm where all the icons are available at once. This method is for those who want to see a change in their phone and wish to see the icons change in a way that there is a collective theme on your home screen.

  • Once you open Play Store, you can search for various icon packs.
  • Pick one of the free options, which are quite a lot in number, and give you extra choice.
  • Go to Look, and then choose icon style, and themes.
  • You can see various themes of icons. Some will be bright, and colorful and some can be in darker colors.
  • Select the one that appeals to you.
  • Try various options and see how your screen looks.

Change Icons

You can change many themes from here, and if you wish to try more icons even after seeing the vast variety on the free icon packs, you can match the various packs to the launcher that you have on your phone. If there are any additional commands to follow according to the launcher that you have, follow them and see the new and bright color themes on your phone!

Changing Icons With Apps

The Play Store is a hot spot for various apps that are good for all users who do not want to rely on one icon pack. You can download the app to change icons and use it to select the icon of choice for every existing app on the phone. People who like to try out varied themes and wish to select various icons according to their personal choice for that particular app can try this method.

For example, if you want a bright red and green photo of a bird for an app about your pet bird‘s care, it is possible with the app. Similarly, if another app on your phone has to be the picture of a phone in black, you can select it for the phone icon.

Older Phone Icons

For older phone sets also, the Play Store has various apps that can replace the icons and make your home screen look as new as ever! Try to explore the Play Store and you will find many useful and attractive themes and icons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I undo the new icons?

Yes, you can undo the new icons simply by clicking on them for a while and when the menu appears, you can edit them back to the old look.

Are launchers, and icon packs free?

Yes, there are numerous launchers and icon packs that are absolutely free and you can try any of them without paying for the icon changes.


If users learn how to change app icons on android phones, they can change the way their phone looks, and they can personalize it to feel different from the same old icons visible every day. When users try out the various methods discussed above, they can change icons in one go, or design and select new icons one by one. Now the look of your phone is in your hands, as these apps can allow a different look and a different style!

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