Hungry Dragon MOD APK 4.4 – (Unlimited Money & Gems) 2022

Tired of playing hard-core action games? Here’s a light casual arcade game for you. Hungry Dragon MOD APK is published and developed by Ubisoft Entertainment to teleport you to a land of magic! Fly dragons in the mesmerizing land of magical creatures and always keep an eye for food just like Dragon City MOD APK.

Your ultimate aim in this high-quality graphics video game is to always keep your dragon full. Cute little Nibbler is always hungry for more, so look around for edible creatures wherever you go. What creatures does Nibbler eat you ask? There is a whole list of them! As far as your sight goes from the sky, Nibbler can fly to every creature and gobble it up.

Full Name Hungry Dragon MOD APK
Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment
Genre Arcade
Size 135 MB
Latest Version 4.4
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
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Hungry Dragon Hacked Storyline

The casual game opens to a magnificent land of unusual dragons, sea creatures, and humans. Just at the beginning of the game, you will befriend an adorable creature named Nibbler. Nibbler is a little dragon, and as the name tells you he is a hungry little fella. Your job is to always keep him full in every possible way. Eat birds and animals of every size, feast on town folks, and gobble up marine creatures! Help Nibbler meet his needs as he grows into a full and powerful dragon.

Hungry Dragon MOD

Hungry Dragon Cheat Gameplay

The gameplay of Hungry Dragon Mod Apk is quite different than the original Hungry Dragon. Gamers enjoy a restriction-free arcade game with cheats and hacks. Hence, the action game becomes more fun and entertaining throughout the gameplay.

Keep track of your performance by the blue blood bar in the upper right corner and devour bigger creatures to survive for longer periods of time. You will evolve faster and become increasingly powerful when you feed your dragon well. However, the game is not that simple. Poisons, mines, and floating dangers are all around you. Remember, not every object is your dragon’s lunch! Keep away from poisonous objects and mines to save health.

MOD Features Of Hungry Dragon Game

1. Unlimited Coins And Gems

No need to worry about purchases! Hungry Dragon Mod Apk has got you covered! Our cheat version allows you to have a huge amount of gold coins and gems from the beginning of the game. You do not need to eat creatures for earning the hard way, simply use your coins and gems wherever you want. Buy costumes, spend on pets or unlock features. Enjoy your cheat version!

2. Unlocked Levels

The Mod version allows access to all levels from the beginning of the game. You can install the apk file and choose to start from any desired level!

Other Amazing Features Of Hungry Dragon MOD APK

1. Simple Gameplay

Fly through the medieval age with simple control. There are no complexities in the gameplay, you can fly, attack, and breathe fire while enjoying your lunch. Combat enemies and take down prey as you explore the fairyland.

2. Diverse Dragon Species

Hungry Dragon Mod apk brings more than 10 species of dragons for gamers. Enthrall yourself with peculiar and attractive dragons in the land of magical creatures much like Dragon Mania Legends MOD APK. Perform well and unlock more species along the way. You can also get funky costumes to give a crazier and stronger appearance to your dragon friend. Enjoy the diverse and colorful game environment!

Hungry Dragon

3. Colorful Design

Ubisoft never lets you down when it comes to game design and the environment. Its previous games are also popular due to their user-friendly designs and attractive game design. Hungry Dragon also has a beautiful game design with green forests, sparkly waterfalls, colorful birds, large creatures, vibrant marine life, and an awesome skyline.

4. Quality Sound Effects

What’s an arcade game without some awesome sound effects? Thanks to Ubisoft, the interactive gameplay includes engaging background music and excellent sound effects in the gameplay. The sound effects are mind-blowing, especially during combat with enemies. They engage the gamers and capture their attention.

Hungry Dragon APK

5. Tilt Mode And D-Pad

User-friendly controls help you to fly and move the dragon with ease. You can use the virtual d-pad and move around without any hindrances. Plus, you can also enable the tilt mode from the menu and tilt your screen to move the dragon instead of using the D-pad.

6. Several Boosts

Boosts are amazing power-ups for you. You will find them in various places in the magical land. Keep your eyes peeled for the glowing power and use it in times of need. You can use boosts when you are running away from enemies or attacking your prey. It gives you rapid speed and revs you like never before!

7. Adorable Pets

Isn’t that awesome? Your dragon can have his own pets! You can choose from the diverse creatures available and train them as your loyal companion. In addition, your loyal pet will enhance your abilities and increase your burning and biting power for you.

8. Exciting Tournaments

Top the leaderboards with hard-earned rewards from tournaments. The dragon game includes challenging tournaments alongside the main quest. You can participate and win rewards. The measured time makes the tournaments more enthralling and addictive as you struggle to complete the tasks before the time ends.

How To Download Hungry Dragon MOD APK

To download the hungry dragon follow these steps:

  • Click on the download button given on this page,
  • Read and follow the further instructions given to your mobile screens,
  • Then find the download file from the file manager and open it,
  • Press the install button,
  • After installation, you can now easily enjoy the game.


Hungry Dragon is a masterpiece by its developer. It has amazing ratings on the Google Play store and is popular in every age group. Its gameplay is addictive and its incredible features out-distance many latest arcade games. Not only this, you can download hungry dragon mod apk for a limitless supply of coins! So, shop all you want and enjoy the amazing gameplay!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hungry Dragon Mod Apk safe?

Yes, the apk file is 100% safe to download. It may take some time to download because of the game’s large size, but it is free of bugs and viruses.

How is the mod version more exciting?

The mod version removes all restrictions in the game and gives freedom to you! You can purchase items for your dragon and your pet as much as you want with unlimited coins.

Who is Fierce Nian Demon?

The Nian Demon is introduced as a new enemy in the gameplay. It is so far the toughest opponent for Nibbler.

Is this version available for iOS?

No, this apk file is only downloadable for Android devices. You can install it on your Android smartphone and tablet with ease. Nonetheless, the iOS versions are available on the web.

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