Ibis Paint X MOD APK 9.4.9 – (Pro Unlocked & MOD APK) 2022

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Full Name Ibis Paint X
Publisher ibis inc.
Genre Art & Design
Size 49 MB
Latest Version 9.4.9
Features Premium Unlocked
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Some apps are related to creativity, and the concept of their being is most creative in itself. The app we are talking about is the Ibis Paint X MOD APK, which can help you create anime in no time! Get to know all about this app, and then get it on your terms and conditions!

About Ibis Paint X

This app is developed by Ibis Inc. and is a unique app in the photo and video genre much like After Effects APK. The 25M app can be installed on your android devices and will mark the beginning of a new era for you! A time in which you do not need special pens and equipment to make anime. This app is all you need if you are fascinated by the world of anime.

The maximum time that you will need to work on this app is a day, or two maybe. However, anime-making is as easy as pie once you are tuned to it! We all have grown up seeing some fantastic anime characters, and who knows, maybe you will be creating the next best cartoon! Ibis Paint X is a complete set of tools for you to make the best animation marvels, and that too with the most leisurely strokes.

Ibis Paint X MOD

Uses Of Ibis Paint X MOD APK

The animation app is not just a fun app but provides a lot of smart work options for those who have to work in the field of graphics. Moreover, if you work in the digital advertisement field, or have to fill in some animation for a book illustration, Ibis Paint X Icon aesthetics can help you reduce the time of work, and the results will be much better! The free download will give you a chance to try out the app, and the more you practice, the more you will discover about the game.

The tools and professional layering that we discussed above will give your finished work the look of an artist, and the time it will take would be less than half! In today’s world of competition and time-racing, the app is a lifesaver for all those seeking relief from long hours of drawings without compromising quality. Well, a compromise might make you smile because the app will improve your work, and the quality in lesser time will be much better!

Features Of Ibis Paint X MOD APK

1. It’s Free!

The central feature of this fantastic app is that you can get it for free! The Ibis Paint Pro free download comes with all the features that can make you an anime expert. Moreover, there are no in-app purchases or tools that promise to improve your skill.

2. Measuring Rulers And Electronic Precision

The measuring rulers in the app are precise and do not falter with the human eye. You can use rulers of all sizes and shapes to make sure your anime figurine is exactly as you imagine. The source of light, or even the angle of the eye, will not impact the accuracy of your decided measurements.

Ibis Paint X APK

3. Stabilizers For Smooth Lines

The Ibis Paint comes with stabilizers to ensure smooth edges, connecting lines, and outlines. Your anime figurine will require curved lines of varying colors and straight lines throughout the design. The stabilizer will help align smaller sequences into one big line so it appears seamless and consistent.

4. Professional Layers

Layering is an integral part of anime creation. The quality and depth of any animation depend on the layering of colors, costumes, expressions, and scenes. If the layering is not on point, the animation loses its appeal and is unaesthetic. If you draw on paper, the layering will have to include multiple shades of transcending colors, but everything is possible with Ibis Paint. Just like Funimate Pro APK, the app will allow you to make a line, and it will layer itself, change color dimensions, and make everything look better.

5. Color Modes And More!

The layering requires coloring, and this will need your aesthetics to work now. Once you feed the right colors for your animation, the app will do the rest! The ink colors are sharp, and the contrasts can be crisp. Ibis will give you the unlocked world of all these tools, and soon enough, you will be marveling at your creation on this app!

6. Easily Save Or Sharing

When you are done creating the masterpiece, the app gives you options to save the animation to your phone, send it via email, WhatsApp to a friend, or save it on the drive. The choice will be yours because the app allows easy sharing and convenience.


Ibis is an excellent app for all those who seek perfection in animations without having to spend too much time! The app has numerous tools that help with the proportion, lining, layering, and even measurements and coloring of the scenes. If you are interested in this animation app, you can download it for free and enjoy the features of the latest version, made especially to fit your needs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need To Pay For Ibis Paint?

Ibis Paint is a free app, but you will enjoy it so much that it will seem too good to be true! You can download this app and want it to make animations, cartoons, and action figures of your choice.

Are The Tools For Free?

All the features of Ibis Paint are free and available from the day you sign in to the app. The rulers, layering tools, stabilizers, and a lot more will make your animations lively and colorful.

Can I Use This App For Professional Work?

Absolutely! The Ibis Paint is a professional app that can help with various graphic design projects, advertisement projections, and presentations. The color coordination and combinations are natural and will add life to your animated sceneries and characters. Now you can become the master of your game with this fascinating app!

Is Ibis Paint X Mod APK Safe to download and use for our mobile?

No, it is not safe for your mobile devices and original developers do not recommend this.

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