Idle Heroes MOD APK 1.30.0 – (VIP & All Heroes Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Idle Heroes MOD APK
Publisher DHGAMES
Genre RPG
Size 219 MB
Latest Version 1.30.0
Mod Features Unlimited Gems & All Heroes
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If you feel exhausted from your daily life and want exciting vibes to boost your energy, then Idle Heroes MOD APK is the best game for you guys. Every game has specific features and a different storyline that make it different from others. Same in the case of Idle Heroes, every aspect is full of thrill and passion.


Idle Heroes is an interesting game that lies in the category of RPG- Role-Playing Games. It urges you to play the role of mighty heroes in the game just like Frostborn MOD APK. There are three hundred plus 300+ heroes available for the players to make a choice. After choosing your hero, you have to train it for the fight. It is also your responsibility to set a lineup for your heroes. On the battlefield, your hero will get powers automatically. When you’re playing the game continuously, you will be familiar with its charm and excitement.

Idle Heroes


There is a particular system by which you can play this game. There are six basic systems, which have many different characters with different powers. The four systems which are interacting with each other are forest, shadow, fortress, and abyss. And the other two are dark and light. With the up-gradation process, the characters have to go through many changes. That means the power will also not remain the same the power your character has in the past maybe not be available in the future.


The game Idle Heroes is fun, and the mod version has a lot to offer every player. Here are the exclusive features which are only present in this version! Check all of them out and you will be able to make your way by leaving other payers behind.

1. Idle Heroes Cheats

There are so many cheats that will get you ahead of others. These Idle Heroes will be more in control and easy to maneuver when you know the cheat codes and have good control over the controls.

2. Unlocked Heroes

There will be all the heroes available to you from the first round onwards. You will not have to wait for a particular round to pass before you can enjoy a new character on board. Every feature in the menu and even every hero available in the game is there from the beginning.

3. Access To The Gate Of The Void

The players enjoy the mod version because they will always be ahead of other players if they play this version! The Idle heroes is an adventurous action and simulation game, but this mod version is like a higher dose of fun and thrill. Also, check out a modded version of League Of Stickman MOD APK.


Role-Playing games always provide something adventurous and unique. Idle Heroes game opens up a new era of adventure and fun. This game is full of special features that we explain in detail in the following paragraphs:

1. Collection Of Characters

According to the game’s plot, you have to collect five characters; each has specific characteristics. You can use unique symbols to use during the attack. The strongest squad you have, the lesser problems you will follow.

There is a gacha spinning mechanism by which you can convey order to your character. There are friendship gacha, regular gacha, and premium gacha to make your game more exciting. The continuously you call a character, it will increase your authority. When you convene the character ten times, you will get a high-standard character.

Gacha ranges from 1 to 5 stars, which means you can use the character’s power according to their range. So, always make the best strategy to continue with the game.

2. Fictitious World Full Of Myths

Idle Heroes MOD APK is introducing a magical world with its players. The mythological scenes, heroes with extraordinary powers, and different spaces players travel throughout the game are enough to inspire any player. While playing this game, you can travel through a world full of myths and advancements. So, never miss any chance to explore this mythical world and download this game if you do not download it yet. Also, check out AFK Arena MOD APK which is a great game to download right now.

Idle Heroes MOD

3. Gaming Modes

Here, you have a chance to play in different gaming modes according to your’s character range. The name of different gaming modes which are available to you are;

  • Seal Land
  • Campaign
  • Summon Circle
  • Creation Circle
  • Altar
  • Hand of Mites
  • Gate of the Void
  • Avatar, frame & VIP
  • Arena
  • Marketplace
  • Brave Trial
  • Blacksmith and many more.

The excitement of the game depends upon the exciting feature of the mode you chose for playing the game.

Idle Heroes APK

4. Upgradation In The Power Of The Characters

With this feature, you can upgrade to the power of your hero in the Idle Heroes cheat apk. The up-gradation is only possible when you levels-up continuously. And after every level-up, you will achieve or unlock new powers. On a certain level, you can’t be able to upgrade the skills of your characters.

5. Guild Wars

This game will provide you a chance to train your character into a superstar and then participate in the guild boss battles. This feature will lead you to the world of sovereignty, which you enjoy the most hopefully.

6. Multiplayer Game

Due to the multiplayer part of Idle Heroes, you can join different guilds and worldwide arenas to make your gaming experience more thrilling and spectacular. With this option, you have a chance to compete with the world’s best players to get power for your character. This power will prove helpful against the fight of mighty bosses. Let’s begin the new adventure world with Idle Heroes for Android.

7. Daily Log-In

If you want to get multiple rewards from the game, you must log in daily. This feature enables you to get astonishing surprises.


In what category does Idle Heroes game lie?

Idle Heroes lies in the category of action plus RPG-Role Playing games.

What’s the basic theme of Idle Hero?

It’s a game about idle heroes and their powers. That’s a superstitious theme-based game.

What’s the best part of this game?

You can not remain active in the game; you just have to set some idle features that enable your heroes to continue to fight and win the battle; that’s the best part of Idle Heroes.

Is Idle Heroes android game worth playing or not?

This game will not prove to you a waste of time. You can learn new skills, explore the different areas of the world, and can freshen your mind.

What’s the feature behind the popularity of idle games?

There are multiple features behind the popularity of these games, but some prominent is their active play feature and idle play feature. In both cases, the player gets benefits always.


Idle Heroes MOD APK is a game that will give you the chance to enjoy and make fun more like Evertale MOD APK. Everything in this game is about myths and superheroes. If you like to play RPG games with extra intelligent features, this game is the best choice. So, don’t waste any time and get a download of this game now.

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