Idle Mafia MOD APK 6.4.0 – (Free Download For Android) 2023

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Full Name Idle Mafia MOD APK
Publisher Century Games Pte. Ltd.
Genre Simulation
Size 992 MB
Latest Version 6.4.0
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Idle Mafia MOD APK is a simulation game that will give you the flavor of the mafia that operates in big cities! The tycoons in this game will keep you entertained in various ways. Moreover, this game will teach you a few things about quick thinking, and of course, deciding the next move within seconds. The more you get engaged in the game, the more features there will be to enjoy.

Many video games have similar stories and themes. You can find so many racing games that have similar gameplay, however, this game is different from all others because of its diverse story and controls. You will interact with the good and bad, and every round will teach you something new.


Idle Mafia is a story about the tycoons of a city and how they take over the city and build an underground empire similar to Weaphones MOD APK. You will have to deal with friends in business and deal with everything like a boss. Your authoritarian approach and the ability to rule over a group of people are what make this game so entertaining. When you expand your network and run the idle business model to generate enough money to run the organization that you own, the game only gets more interesting.

Idle Mafia MOD

Players enjoy Idle Mafia because of the funny scenes, and small hurdles that will keep coming up to hinder your way to success. But if you are a true Mafioso, you will be able to find a way around it. The purpose of this game is to make you an organizer of the business. Besides business, you will have to get involved in city affairs and take over the whole place as the only mafia that operates there. Don’t underestimate the game as it can entertain you and teach you many life hacks too! Moreover, the mod version will give you a great load of features that will come in handy at every step.


The gameplay of Idle Mafia is easy and does not keep players wondering about how to carry out the move they have in mind. As the story advances, your commands and selection options will change. You can benefit from the Idle Mafia cheats, which will enable you to learn commands that will get you ahead of the planned timeline.

Instead of having to go step by step, you will be able to take bigger leaps with the cheats. The controls are simple, and the graphics are awesome! The more you play the game, the more you will be able to figure out how to take many cities in one move!

What is unique about this gameplay is that even when you are offline, your business will be making money just like you make in WorldBox MOD APK. You can use this money for various tasks in the game and it is always fun to be able to spend it on better cars, better equipment, and expanding a business!


Idle Mafia Mod APK has so many exciting features that you will not find in other games. Here are some of the prominent ones:

1. Excellent Graphics

This game has vibrant and bright colors which makes it a great choice for all players who like to engage in a realistic game.

2. Funny Scenes And Characters

There are numerous turns in the game where the story becomes humorous. You can be stopped by a funny character, or your business project might involve a scene that is entertaining and makes you laugh. When you are passing your free time, such moments are a blessing!

Idle Mafia APK

3. Wars For New Venues

When your network becomes strong enough to take over a place, there will be many others trying to take your place! You will have to go into a battle with them and the challenge will be engaging and exciting. Remember, the mafia that takes over the city has to win, so you cannot win if you do not fight off the opponent Mafioso!

4. Hiring Employees

You can hire employees who are capable of winning the game, and manage teams that carry out the tasks that you told them to follow. These teams can work better if you hire carefully and smartly. Similarly, hiring managers and senior personnel will mean that you are deploying some duties to make the managers work. If the manager is good, your business is in good hands. Also, check out the amazing simulation game Getting Over It MOD APK as well.


You can download this game by following the simple steps. This mod version is not the one you get from Play Store, so follow the steps given and begin your mafia activities:

  • Click on Download Here.
  • The game will install while you allow phone settings to change.
  • Allow the game to use the phone sound.
  • Create an icon and save it on the home screen.
  • Enjoy the game.


Is Idle Mafia a violent game?

Idle Mafia is a violent game as it has some battle scenes and fights that may involve weapons. However, the graphics are so friendly and catchy that you do not feel as if you are playing a violent game. Moreover, you can enjoy it without any bloodshed or gore scenes. The game is about a group of shady mafia activists, who benefit from idle businesses. As the player, you will have to make the business run, and manage the underworld activities too!

How can I win this game?

You can win the game by planning and strategizing the gameplay. How you run the business, and how you create a new empire is what will keep you ahead of others. The faster you get to take over the city, the sooner you will win!


Idle Mafia Mod APK is an exciting game that involves mafia activities to create an underworld network that will be supported by the idle businesses you own. As you become more powerful, you can take over the whole city even! Try this game for unique entertainment and fun activities that make you a true mafia leader. Furthermore, you may also like Block Craft 3D MOD APK.

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