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Full Name iFlix MOD APK
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iFlix MOD APK is a Malaysian streaming app with a large movie and drama series collection. The top media service is led by Tencent organization. The originals of iFlix are not only hot in Malaysia but also in the whole world. It has Fantasy, Drama series, Action, and many more genres. The CEO of the entertainment service, Mark britt is also the founder of iFlix along with Patrick Groove and Evolution Media Capital.


The online entertainment app is popular due to its engaging Asian production and all-Asian genre of popular action movies, fantasies, and iconic drama series. It has gained more than 3 million users. Its content is localized, unlike other streaming apps. Its content is widely popular in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, and other Asian countries just like Voot MOD APK.

Furthermore, the localized content is also featured with subtitles and is especially popular amongst the youth. The online streaming service can be enjoyed on iOS, Android, and web platforms. Enjoy the premium version and watch unlimited movies, TV, and drama series.

However, the premium version of iFlix is not free for users. The subscription to the premium version needs to be paid for. But you can unlock the premium version for free using our mod! Download the iFlix Mod apk to watch limitless premium content. Read our article to know more about our mod’s features.


Not only the content store is rich with quality movies and series for youth but also provides convenience for its users. The app allows users to connect up to five devices to one iFlix account. In addition, users can download some content to watch when offline. The saved content stays in the account for up to one week and then has to be downloaded again.

Also, the free trial month helps users to familiarize themselves with the online streaming app and explore the quality movie store. Next, you can choose to pay for the monthly or yearly package to continue watching your favorite shows and movies. Also, download Hulu MOD APK for more movies.

iFlix APK


1. Premium Package Unlock

Finally, the best feature available for users. You can unlock the premium feature for free and subscribe to the app without paying real money. Yes! You heard it right, no need to pay fees to watch your favorite movies. You can watch as many shows as you want without paying monthly fees to the original iFlix.

2. Ad-Free Streaming

In the iFlix mod apk, you have many advantages that you never have in the real one. And what’s more exciting than ad-free streaming? Nothing else. Yes, now you can enjoy ad-free movies. It will double your entertainment because you can watch your favorite movies and series without interruption.


iFlix is very different than other streaming apps, it is focused on localized quality content and is gaining fans with its purely Asian content, user-friendly features, and economical prices. Here are a few interesting features of the Malaysian entertainment app.

1. Easy And Flexible Use

To begin with, the creators of iFlix have gone the extra mile to take care of customer satisfaction. Unlike other streaming services, this app allows users to watch their shows from 5 various devices using one account. Furthermore, it also gives an ample amount of free trial time which is 30 days for the users to explore the content, check the streaming quality, and decide on their payment plan.

Also, users can log in to their account on a variety of platforms including Android, iOS, and the official website. In addition, Chromecast users can link their TV with the iFlix app on their smartphone, or directly stream iFlix on a smart TV. Moreover, there are many options available for payment to facilitate the users. The payment modes include electronic wallets, credit cards, and phone cards.

2. Filtered Content For Kids

The artificial intelligence of the app works brilliantly for filtering content and watching suggestions. Parents are often concerned while handing over streaming apps to kids. An inappropriate suggestion might lead them to inappropriate or sensitive content. Hence, the app only shows content according to the age of the user, thanks to the smart AI filter.

The entertainment site has loads of fun content for kids too. Along with movies, they also have their own action and comedy copyrighted series that are quite popular amongst kids and youngsters.

3. Diverse Subtitles

The company is targeting the local market and smartly becoming popular in Asia. The large continent is starting to love iFlix content and taking inspiration from Malaysian and other Asian movies and dramas.

Hence, the subtitles of the content are made available in many Asian languages to gain even more users and fans. Namely, the subtitles are available for the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Thailand natives. Moreover, English subtitles are also available. Hence, a larger audience is targeted by this strategy and users gain interest in other cultures and unique content.

iFlix MOD

4. Account Personalization

Every user has his own preferences and favorites. Therefore, iFlix has designed a smart AI to personalize your account by adding your favorite movies, dramas, and series to your homepage.

The app studies your activities and watch history and recommends content based on your interest just as AOS TV APK, and predicts your next favorite movie according to our past watched content. Also, you can select the movies or series you want to watch later and they will appear on your main homepage so that they don’t slip out of your mind.

Hence, your account will become personalized and you won’t have to waste your time browsing and rummaging through the endless list of movies, dramas, and series from various genres available on the app.

5. Quality Content

The app has loads of quality movies of every genre, you can choose from action, romance, comedy, drama, horror, adventure, suspense, and many other exciting genres. Furthermore, the streaming service also keeps updating its library with new releases. Although the updates are not as fast as other expensive sites, the updates do take place timely. The content is mainly Asian and has a large fanbase not only in Asia but in the whole world amongst kids, youngsters, and adults.


Is the Mod safe?

Yes, our mod is safe for all users. There are no hangs, tech issues, or bugs in the file.

Is iFlix MOD apk for iOS?

No, sorry to tell you that our mod is only available for Android devices. However, you can use the original app on iOS.

Is iFlix available in Pakistan?

Yes, iFlix is available in Pakistan.


You can use the mod to watch everything for free without any compromise on quality. iFlix is the best streaming app for fans interested in Asian movies and actors. The display is of high quality and the streaming speed is also satisfactory. Download the app to watch the explicit and unique content.

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