Infinity Ops MOD APK 1.12.1 – (Unlimited Money & Ammo) 2022

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Full Name Infinity Ops MOD APK
Publisher Azur Interactive Games Limited
Genre Action
Size 460 MB
Latest Version 1.12.1
Mod Features Unlimited Weapons & Ammo
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If you are looking for some way to vent your stress, how about playing a game that will get your aggression out within no time? Download Infinity Ops MOD APK for some fighting adventures and exciting chases. Infinity Ops is a futuristic game that has millions of downloads and so many players that you would think you were the last one who didn’t know about this game.

There are many games that can help you pass some free time, but only a few are so interesting that you can begin making time for them! This game is one of those few that become a reason that you shift moods and find a balance. If you are an adventurer, get to know all about this game.

What Happens In Infinity Ops Hack APK?

Infinity Ops hack version will begin with four teams named Recruit, Tank, Assault, and Saboteur much like Critical Ops MOD APK. You can select the team that you want and there will be a battle with one of the other teams. Each team has specific skills, so make sure that you choose the one that you think has the skill set that you require.

There are different kinds of battles and the fighters will have to be prepared for combat from the moment the game starts. Every move will win your team some rewards. The more rewards you accumulate, the greater will be the next mission. Moreover, these rewards are your ticket to get more upgrades. The best part about this game is that it is a blend of fantasy and reality.

Infinity Ops MOD

Infinity Ops Mod APK is a team game and you can invite other players and friends to team up with you or play against you. There is no greater entertainment to play a video game with friends and this is why we say that it will take away your stressful moods and refresh your senses!

The highly effective powers, teamwork, and even solitary play modes will all be rewarded according to strategy and planning. The winner will be the one who strikes out the enemy within the given time. If you are lucky enough to win more rewards, you can extend the time, buy more powerful teams and even add more to the weapons that you use!

Infinity Ops Gameplay

The gameplay depends on how you use the menu options and controls of any game, and how smoothly you can get to win. This game has a lot of interesting turns and the best part is that the graphics are so clear and crisp that every player will enjoy it. Secondly, the characters are detailed, and each scene is realistic. Players feel the thrill because the picture is good and allows them to be in the game rather than just play a single round and get bored.

The controls are simple and every move will be through clicks and navigation tabs same as Call Of Duty Mobile MOD APK. The android screen will be a window into the battle location and the fun part will be that you do not have to spend time getting used to these navigation tabs. All kinds of customizations and upgrades are possible with the rewards you win.

Infinity Ops APK

Infinity Ops MOD Features That Make Gameplay Special!

There are premium unlocked features in the mod version that will make your gaming experience even better. Find out all about them here:

1. Unlimited Money & Coins

The unlimited rewards or coins in the game will help you go through various battles with a higher chance of winning. All the upgrades of weapons such as assault, plasma rifles, and even laser machine guns are all within reach with a bank full of money.

2. Ads-Free Experience!

This game is so exciting and if you get an ad in the middle, it breaks the tempo. Now you can enjoy this game on its own without any ads to disrupt the concentration. Imagine that you are shooting with the latest weapon and an ad pops up, no we don’t want you to imagine because it will not happen!

Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops MOD APK Regular Features

There are some features that are in every game version. You can enjoy these features more in the mod version. Get to know them here:

1. Create Clans

You can create your clan by inviting friends and other players to play as team members. You can rely on their skill set to add to your victory while you offer your special powers to them as well. This game is a true team builder for all!

2. Jetpacks And Materials

There are going to be flight machines in this game! Now you can attack the enemy from the air and ensure a fast victory. Moreover, there are so many exciting phases like low gravity areas where you can jump far, or leap in the air to dodge a hit.

3. Upgrades And Customizations

Another cool feature is that you can customize and upgrade characters and teams with the coins you win. In the mod version, these coins are unlimited but in the regular version, you have to earn them to become more resourceful.

Infinity Ops Game

Download Infinity Ops MOD APK Now!

When you decide to download this game, it will only take a few minutes. First, make sure that your phone allows installations from sources other than the android Play Store. Then you begin the download by clicking on Download Here. Once the game is complete, install the APK too. This will provide the key to premium features. Play this exciting game whenever you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Infinity Ops a war game?

This game is not a war game but it does have fights and teams that go against each other to become the winner.

Is this game suitable for kids?

Yes, this game is suitable for children of ages 13 and above. The only reason for this is the use of weapons and the challenging battles.


Infinity Ops Mod APK is a thrilling fighting game just like Bullet Force MOD APK that has so many teams, exciting characters, moves, and weapons. You can invite friends to form teams and beat the enemy. So many players enjoy this game, and we are sure you will love it too!

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