Into The Dead MOD APK 2.7 – (Full Unlocked & Unlimited Ammo) 2023

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Full Name Into the Dead MOD APK
Publisher PIKPOK
Genre Action
Size 112 MB
Latest Version 2.7
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Are you fearless enough to fight against zombies? Then what else are you waiting for? Into the Dead MOD APK is all that you need to do. The action-packed game with the theme of survival is waiting for you. Go and get the game downloaded for unlimited exertion. You have to survive and give tough competition to the zombies for your survival. Don’t take it as a joke.

Zombies symbolize fear; when there is a combo of darkness and zombies, the situation becomes more critical like hell! How to survive in this hell-like world depends on your actions and power. Make strategies and learn how to defeat them, that’s actually the situation teaches you throughout the game. This game is full of adventurous activities that urge you to fight for your life in classic, massacre, hardcore, and flashlight modes.


With intense yet straightforward gameplay, into the dead come to rule over your mind same as Zombie Frontier 4 MOD APK. You will never quit on this after you start playing the game. There are only you in the game to fight to save yourself from death. After entering the devastating world full of zombies, you would realize the importance of your life. And to save it you have to put up with your untiring struggle. Only one little mistake of yours can throw you out of the game forever. Just don’t forget to change your strategies according to the changing situations.

Into The Dead MOD


It’s basically a game where the player has to play or run or shoot or hide and many more to save his or her life. In this running game, you have to save yourself from the horrified zombies and obstacles that come your way. With an accident, you will get to this place where there are zombies and now it’s your goal to protect yourself from death. There are horrible zombies all around you. It is not so easy to get rid of them but you have to survive.

For your help in survival, you have multiple weapons there that you can use to shoot the zombies. Just keep going on without stopping because zombies run too fast, you don’t even think to run at their speed. So, focus on your game and kill them with your strength rather than becoming the food of zombies.


It’s very challenging to live in a zombie world. Every zombie is about to kill you but you have to survive just like you do in Zombie Catchers MOD APK. There as a player you need a free hand to use things in whatever you want. So, the mod version provides you with the same facility. You will receive an unlimited supply of gold coins that let you purchase anything without thinking about the shortage.

Playing this game with the MOD version makes the player more confident about winning than ever. You will become an unbeatable player after downloading the mod version of into the dead. One more benefit of the modified version is that you can not be disturbed by different ads and in-app purchases.

Into The Dead APK


The amazing features of into the dead are fluently described in the following. You may feel the courage to become a part of this game after exploring these incredible features. Let’s start!

1. Potent Weapons

As you know, as a player of this game you need something powerful so that you can compete for the survival of your life against zombies. And there you are! There are a variety of mighty weapons that you can use to kill them. For getting the new and potent weapons, do some extra effort.

Select from the weapons you have and then select the object you want to shoot. After killing a zombie you’ll gain points as a reward. In the meantime, you may receive new weapons. You can easily change your gun or stay with the same.

2. Animal Companions

Don’t feel alone! Because this game will provide you with a companion to make your journey a little bit easy. Your companion animal doesn’t help you in killing your enemy. It is here in the game to tell you if your enemy is around you or at some distance! Your spirit of playing this game doubles after staying with your loyal pet.

3. Missions

As that’s the game of survival and fighting for survival is incomplete without missions. So, don’t worry, there are mission sets to challenge your strength constantly. In these missions, you have to interrogate the secrets that relate to the game. Unique challenges are waiting for you so without wasting your time let’s get into the Dead all weapons apk. Hope so, you will enjoy the fighting journey of death to survival. Also, check out the missions of Zombie City MOD APK.

Into The Dead

4. Challenge Your Friends

This is the best feature because with the help of this you can challenge your friend or another online runner in a competition to be in the top positions on the leaderboard. Your progress can be shared with your friends after playing if you want to. But, remember for sharing your progress your device should be compatible with the game, otherwise, it doesn’t work. You can also connect your social accounts with the game to check who’s playing this from your friend list.

5. Visual Effects

In this game, although the gameplay and story are outstanding, the visual effects are also very remarkable. When you start playing the game, you will be impressed and praise the vivid effects that present real pictures. The admirable graphics awesomely explained the surroundings in the game. Zombies are the dangerous creatures around you and the dark will realize to you more intensively. In the game, you will find each and every detail with the visual aspects so that you would love to play the game.

6. Sound

When you start playing the game you will come to know that there is a mixture of human sounds and other voices, all these voices are so realistic that it gives goosebumps. The hypnotizing voices will depict fear into your body but, don’t waste your time focussing on the voices just go on. If you stop moving, you’ll be the dinner of zombies. Don’t forget!


Does into the dead have any end?

No, it doesn’t have any end, it’s chapters going on. It is actually an endless running game developed by PikPok, where you just need to save your life because zombies are in wait for your blood.

Can 2 or more players can play this game at the same time?

No, this game doesn’t allow multiplayer games. Only one person can play the game at a time.


So, if you think you have the stamina to fight fear and extremely dangerous creatures on earth then must play Into the Dead MOD APK. That’s not only a running game and not only an action game but it’s a mixture of both. Just like Zombie Gunship Survival MOD APK, the inspiring and thrilling combination of action and running will entertain you the most.

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