iREAL PRO APK 2022.12 – (Premium Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name iReal Pro APK
Publisher Technimo
Genre Music & Audio
Size 44 MB
Latest Version 2022.12
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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If you have ever dreamt of learning any sort of musical instrument like drums, piano, or guitar or wanted to become a professional musician, iReal Pro APK is here to help you practice and master different techniques at any place, any time.

Musicians of all ages and experiences can benefit from this app. It has multiple features like it provides a real-sounding band effect while you practice. Other features like collection and creation of cords can also be done in it. Your love for learning music can finally be pursued without any trouble, and in the easiest and simplest way possible.


iReal Pro Crack is a hacked version of the actual game which has all the premium and paid features of the app. It is like a book and a band combined together in an app for all the musicians and artists out there. It is a place where one can create, edit, share, print, and collect various sorts of chord songs present within the application, preferably what the users normally like to have.

Also, it can also help you with providing references during practices or performances same as Shazam MOD APK. It is a great, handy tool and is very easy to use, hence, perfect for instrumentalists and musicians to have. And, you can sing along with bands anywhere, anytime with this app. This app is generally a paid app that requires at least $15 from your pocket but we have come up with a modified version of it that has everything from the actual application, free of cost. If you want to know more about this, do give this article a read.



It is very often heard that practice makes perfect, which is indeed a very true statement. iReal Pro Gratis is just the right place to do so. It is just the right technology for creating and learning new and different things. This app has its perks and uses of many types like:

1. Like A Book For All

Just like Starmaker MOD APK, iReal Pro Apk has quite a stunning feature that can be of great use to composers, musicians, and other artists. Here, on this very app, you can create as much music as you would like, edit it, print, or share whatever chord you like from any type of music. Not every app gives such an opportunity to create, that too for free.

2. A Band For Different Circumstances

Another phenomenal feature that can be used is the fact that this app allows you to sing or practice along with a band that is made up to give real vibes and makes you feel like you are performing live with an actual band, taking your practice to a higher level. It is just a tap away on your device and can be played for any on-stage performance or practice. It is like a strong backup band for every flourishing musician out there.



1. Unlock Paid Features

If you download the iReal Pro apk then you will find all paid features free. It’s a very beneficial version because there are many necessary features that require money. But for now, you have no need to worry about the paid features, just relax and produce your songs.

2. Free Songs

There are hundreds of songs that you can easily add to your playlist for free. That feature is only available in this pro app. Go and Get unlimited fun through this feature by downloading this app. Also, check out this amazing app BandLab MOD APK.


The list of extraordinary features of iReal Pro For Android is just endless, but here are a few we can mention for your interest:

1. Import Any Song You Like

People with a vast musical interest know how difficult it is to keep track of all the songs they like. With an app like this, you can import as many songs you like as possible with just a couple of steps and you will have them at your fingertips, anytime.

2. Choose Your Accompaniment Style

Be it Jazz, Swing, Country, Funk, Rock, Ballad, Nova, Latin, Bossa, Bluegrass, Gypsy, or Reggae, you can choose whatever style you want as accompaniment. You will be given over 45 plus options to select from. You can choose whatever suits your style.

3. Various Chord Diagrams For Practice

Many chord diagrams are already present within the app which can be utilized to help you improve your practice. With the help of these diagrams, you can become more aware of how to make music with the perfect chords and settings.


4. Personalize Sounds Of Multiple Variety

iReal Book Android also offers a great ordeal of personalization of any style for your music with various sounds like Drums, Organs, Electric, Acoustic Guitars, Pianos, Vibraphones, Fender Rhodes, Electric and Acoustic Basses, and many more.

5. Scale Recommendations On The Display

In order to help with the improvisations and betterment of music, a scale recommendation of chords can be displayed on the screen with each balanced and perfected chord for whatever song you are using for practice or performance.

6. A Wide Variety Of Exercises

Over 50 exercises for polishing all musicians’ and instrumentalists’ skills are provided in this modified, hacked app for free which will help with the common chord progression. With this wide variety present, the learner will adopt all the skills over time.


Will this app provide me a backup for the songs?

Yes, this app always makes a backup for every song you prepare or download so you do not have to worry about losing your important data and masterpieces.

Can we find fingerings for the chords of different instruments?

Be it a guitar, ukulele, or piano, you can look up any fingering you would like for the chords of the instruments of your choice.

Can we decide the level of practice we want?

iReal Pro Free Download Android offers its customers the ease and preference of their choice. You can practice in any way and at any level you like.

Is the modified version free for all devices, unlike the normal one?

Though this app is for Android, it can be used on any device which has android software and is totally free of cost. You do not have to pay $15 for the app to benefit you in your interests. Just scroll down our page and download the app through the link given and your work is done.


iReal Pro Apk has so many other features and qualities such as Resso MOD APK that it will take a very long while to list every minute detail, but you can always explore more about this app by downloading it from our site. This is a very impactful application from which many artists can benefit. If you are also an aspiring musician looking for a platform where you can practice and want to prepare yourself before your performance or launch, this app will be the best choice for all your needs and desires. Download the iReal pro App and enjoy.

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