Kick the Buddy MOD APK 1.5.5 – (Unlimited Cash) 2023

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Full Name Kick the Buddy MOD APK
Publisher Playgendary
Genre Action
Size 100 MB
Latest Version 1.5.5
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Coins
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Kick the Buddy MOD APK is a top-notch action interactive game developed by Playgendary. It is an anti-stress game and so is designed to fulfill today’s needs. It’s a must-have video game on your mobile phone! Instead of taking your anger out by breaking and smashing costly objects in your home, simply pick up your phone and open this game.

The stress buster video game is a simple and easy user-friendly game. It has a small doll tied up for you to take out your pent-up anger. The doll repeatedly says words like ‘beat me’ ‘come on and ‘let’s beat some buddy.’ You are given a complete arsenal consisting of knives, swords, guns, rifles, grenades, rockets, nuclear weapons, and whatnot! You will have every tool capable of giving torture to the doll! Channel your frustration out, smash, fire, and bombard the doll for a refreshing anti-stress treatment. Therapy is now free of cost same as Stickman Warriors MOD APK.


Kick the buddy mod apk is stress-relieving all the way. Blow off steam with just a few taps on your mobile screen. As you open the app, you are introduced to an extremely easy concept. The gamer is given access to a variety of brutal tools to unleash on the tied dummy. You can knock out the dummy by giving him limitless punches, and then proceed to collect coins and earn cash to purchase more powerful items later in the game. You are free to relax by firing unlimited bullets on the toy and then burning him in flames with the exotic flamethrower.

There is no end to creativity! You can throw a wild bloodthirsty animal on him or drop huge pianos from above. The dummy will always be back asking for more. There has never been a better relaxant! Continue the beating and kicking till all the anger is channeled out of your body and you are ready to face the tiring world again.

Kick the Buddy APK


The gameplay of kick the buddy elevates from simple to complex just as Power Warriors MOD APK. You can initiate taking out your anger with punches and kicks, then move on to raining bullets from guns and rifles, and then as you collect coins and elevate to higher levels you will unlock the most brutal ways of killing the harmless toy. You can engage in the game depending on your inner rage.

There are various objects to use on the dummy during the gameplay, besides landing punches and kicks, you can also smash watermelons and throw stones. Not only this, you can make the dummy eat terrible foods and subject him to the torturous noise of instruments. And as mentioned above you can use shooting, strangling, and exploding weapons as well as wild animals on the innocent dummy.

And so, there are unlimited forms of killing for you. Be as creative as you can while killing the dummy! There are crazy combos that allow you to use more than one way of torture at a time. Plus, realistic physics engages the frustrated you and helps you reach your calmer state more conveniently. The gameplay includes tons of weapons and powerful elements to excite the users as they immerse themselves in the gameplay.

Kick the Buddy MOD


Simple and fun games are loved by all, so what if you got to know that some games are even more fun because of the mod features? Here are features of this game that you will not find elsewhere

1. Unlimited Rewards And Money

While you enjoy kicking the buddy in the game, look out for the hundreds of things that you can do with the unlimited money stash! Players can upgrade, opt for more lives, and even customize the characters.

The kick the buddy mod apk unlimited money feature makes it the best version of this game. Boredom is off-limits when you are not limited to cash! You will have unlimited coins, money, gold, and cash from the beginning of the game. There will be no restrictions on fancy weapons and cooler upgrades. Say goodbye to frustration!

2. Unlocked Everything

Wouldn’t it be fun to play when you know that you can do so much in the game because every feature, every smash, and even invitations to friends to smash the buddy with you everything is available? The kick the buddy mod apk all-unlocked feature takes you to the next level of enjoyment. There is no trace of stress left when everything is available to you without any limitations. This feature opens doors to all elements and weapons in the game without any need for upgrading.

3. Free Download

The free download makes this game a good pick, but there will be no in-game purchases either. You get to play a pure game without any demands for payment! Now there will be no money spent on getting the various features because you have unlimited money to do all that. Sonic Mania APK is also free to download.


1. Engage With High-End Graphics

The game is highly interactive and designed to be colorful to entertain the frustrated gamer. The interactive environment and fun animated graphics make the game more thrilling and relaxing.

2. Listen To Engaging Sounds And Music

The game is made even more enthralling with the help of amazing sound effects same as you experience in Dead Trigger 2 MOD APK. The background music lifts up the mood for you and the dummy is given a voice for better engagement. In addition, the sounds of beating up, shooting, and explosions are also integrated into the game to completely absorb the player.

Kick the Buddy

3. Enjoy Online And Offline Modes

You never know when a calamity hits you and you well up with anger. It may be anywhere and at any time of the day. Will we wait for an internet connection then? No! And so, Kick the buddy comes with both online and offline modes for you. You can beat up the dummy for hours without any interruption.

4. Use Your Google Account

The game has an amazing auto-save feature. When you are playing offline, you don’t have to worry about losing your progress in the game. When your mobile joins an internet connection again, your progress will be uploaded online when you log in to your account. This way you will never lose your progress and can resume playing from the same level even from a different mobile.

5. Get Awesome Stuff

Kick the buddy has an excellent engaging feature known as the slot machine. You are given a free spin every day to win new stuff from the slot machine. Try your luck to win exciting new stuff that includes weapons, watermelons, etc.

6. Dress Your Dummy Up

Even if you are angry and are cooling off by beating up the little doll, you can switch to a lighter mood and use the dressing-up option as a relaxant. The game allows you to try different funky outfits that you can choose for your dummy. A large range of available clothes and costumes are present in the dressing room. You may also try makeup on him and turn him into your own customized buddy.

7. Decorate The Room Or Change The Background

Own the game by giving a makeover to the room too! The bare room asks for your attention too. You can change the environment by selecting various decorations. You can also change the background from the cardboard box to a park, a cell, a switch room, or a concert hall.


Are there any additional prizes in Kick the buddy android apk?

Yes, you can complete other achievements besides the main gameplay to earn additional prizes and amazing rewards.

Can I recover my progress if the game is deleted?

Yes, if your mobile is connected to your google play account, the progress can be easily restored after you log in to it. You can also continue playing the game if you change your mobile phone.

Is Kick the buddy modified apk available for Pc?

No, our modified apk versions are only for android mobiles.


In today’s world where we are lost in the mundane routine and try to swallow our anger when our boss, teacher, or any other annoying person pushes us to our limits, this is our way out! Tap tap tap! and channel your anger out.

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