King Of Thieves MOD APK 2.55.1 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

King of Thieves MOD APK is a fascinating game having fresh colors and a cute cartoon style. It is a jumping and running game with millions of downloads due to its unique gameplay. While playing the game, you have to confront the other players, which makes it more desirable. You, as a player, have to complete a mission of sterling silver and gold from several dungeons throughout the state and from friends.

During the gameplay, you can feel the pleasure of sterling silver and gold from your friends. The game has introduced a Guild Battle with which participation in team battles will be possible. In these team battles, you can compete with the other team having similar characteristics. The group, which will acquire more gold coins and gems in less time, will be the winner.

Full Name King Of Thieves MOD APK
Publisher ZeptoLab
Genre Strategy
Size 89 MB
Latest Version 2.55.1
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Coins
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In short, the game is all about building your defenses and winning guild battles by playing with more than 50 million players from all around the world. Furthermore, breaking into the rival dungeon and creating your thieves guild is going to be your priority. The game provides you with a platform for multiplayer PVP, which is addictive.

King Of Thieves

About King Of Thieves MOD APK

ZeptoLab has made this latest strategic game famous for providing many other excellent games. The game has an effortless style that is comfortable to play and accessible to everyone. But, the game gets more exciting and challenging as you proceed to higher game levels. The game is all about you being a tiny thief who has to fulfill the task of stealing precious gems and gold coins.

Not only this, but you also have to protect your stolen gems and coins from the other players as they can steal yours. Additionally, you can make precious treasures from those gold coins and gems. ZeptoLab has done a great job by providing you with this game which you can play either with your friends or the other players from the world.

You can play King of Thieves gem hack on your android gadgets as it is styled in that way. The game is super cool due to high-quality animated graphics many maps and funny characters. The stolen treasure is helpful for you to upgrade your level and also, the security of your glory. King of Thieves hack download is available to make you feel rich.

King Of Thieves Hacks Gameplay

Just like Top War Battle Game MOD APK, the game has convenient gameplay for the players, making it more attractive. Various levels take the players to go different views of dungeons. A tiny thief controlled by the player has to complete the task of sterling silver and gold by facing several difficulties to reach the destination safely. These difficulties include giant monsters, guillotines, cannons, and traps.

King Of Thieves APK

While playing the game, the player has to fly, run, jump, and stick to the wall to get rid of all obstacles to reach the destination. The player receives the prize for fulfilling the task in silver and gold. Another primary objective of the game is to protect your treasure from stealing by others.

King Of Thieves Cheats Storyline

It is a game with a simple story behind it. A thief has to steal the precious gold and gems of the other thieves by completing the objectives and must get the title of ‘Super Thief.’

The popularity of the game is due to having dual goals of stealing and defending from stealing. On one side of the game, you have to be a goalkeeper and a flying thief on the other. Whenever you succeed in stealing, you will be awarded a reward and be rated with starts from 1 to 3. You are provided with two chances to overcome the pitfalls; otherwise, you fail.

Features Of King Of Thieves MOD APK

There are several unique features that make King of Thieves enjoyable. The modded version of King of Thieves has some additional features making it different but easier than King of Thieves.

1. Operating System

The game has introduced a one-touch control system that is a more straightforward way to play. You do not need to make your thief move, and it will do it by itself. You can touch the screen to make it jump. It would help if you manipulated the moving obstacles in your way accurately because one single mistake can lead to your life loss.

King Of Thieves MOD

2. Various Challenges

While playing the game, you come across more than 80 levels in which you do not get bored because always a new location with new challenges you are going to face. The player faces many locks on each lock screen and has to open by activating the correct one.

3. High-End Graphics

The game has eye-catching graphics with high-quality animated-style characters, bringing life to the game. The fast sound in the background makes the atmosphere full of fun and attractive.

4. Multiplayer Mode

The game has provided you with a multiplayer mode with which you can play online with the other players in the world.

5. Multiple Tournaments

You can also play in various tournaments, which will reward you with precious gems.

6. Option Of Guild Recovery

You can avail the option of guild recovery. You can get help from the people in the guild for stealing.

7. Upgrade Traps And Outfits

King of Thieves Mod APK also has a feature to upgrade your traps so that no one can steal your treasure. Also, you can craft the outfit of your character.

8. Unlimited Gold

The game requires gems and gold to be stolen for upgrading traps and more add-ons, but the modded version of the game provides you with limitless gold that makes the game uncomplicated.

9. Learning Spells

You can learn spells by collecting precious and unique gems from the sphere of magic to get stronger, which helps to defeat your rivals.

10. Several Levels In Seven Worlds

You can enjoy 112 levels in seven worlds of treasure that do not let you get out of it in such a small game.

11. Free Shopping Market

To shop for the latest and advanced locked stuff like traps and maps, you need to spend a considerable amount of money. But, this game has provided you with a free shopping market to have all the locked stuff unlocked. You do not need to pass them on to the next level to make them unlocked.


If you are looking for an enthusiastic android game such as Castle Crush MOD APK that gives you pleasure and challenge simultaneously, King of Thieves Mod APK is the best. You can get all the unique features you expect from such a game. The modded version has brought so much fun and ease for the players that nobody can resist without playing it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the King of Thieves gem hack bug-free?

Many players complain about losing progress because the game kicks off and do not let to log in, but this version has fixed the bug.

Do I need any root to download the King of Thieves Mod APK?

There is no need for any root to play the game as the game is classified into the most accessible and comfortable games.

Is this amusement free of ads?

The most annoying thing while playing your favorite game is an interruption of ads which the King of Thieves has plenty of. The modded version of King of Thieves has no such interruption making it more enjoyable than the simple version.

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