Kingdom Rush MOD APK 5.8.02 – (All Unlocked With Unlimited Gems) 2023

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Full Name Kingdom Rush MOD APK
Publisher Ironhide Games
Genre Strategy
Size 171 MB
Latest Version 5.8.02
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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You can download Kingdom Rush MOD APK if you are also an admirer of the kingdoms of the past, and the chivalrous knights that protected them! This game will give you a chance to savor the amazing world of kingdoms, towers, and castles to protect. The players find this simple, yet strategic game thrilling because it is not based on a theme from real life. Well, at least not from life nowadays.

Kingdom Rush is a popular series and there are many games of this genre, but the original Rush is about defending the tower and that is why this popular game has so many followers. You will soon be looking for the ‘Download Here’ tab, and believe us when we say this, the game is worth all your free time. So get to know more about the challenge that lies within this amazing game, and you will become a fan too.


Just like Clash Of Clans MOD APK, the story of this game is very simple and takes you to the old days of kingdoms. The player enters a vast kingdom that has attack threats from monsters. You will save the kingdom and protect the towers. The four towers are guarded by the kingdom army and you are their commander. Each strategic move wins you points and these can be used to upgrade the army, add warriors, get new troops, and win big!

Kingdom Rush MOD

The various levels of the militia are going to be an excellent way to hold back the monster, but only if your strategy is right! There are various levels of challenges as well. While some places will demand heroic challenges, there are other challenges such as the iron challenge. Campaign mode and endless mode have interesting turns that add more spice to the game. You will love the way your earned stars will help build stronger armies against the monsters.

Players can choose various modes and maps to explore their options and plan new strategies to attack from unknown corners. The monster’s mission is to get to the tower and your mission will be to keep them away! If you are successfully able to keep the monster away by ensuring that the army and the commander do their work well. The game progresses as the number of lives at the end of each round adds to earning more stars and enhances your capacity to improve your army, strategy, time to kill, and even weapons. Also, download Pocket Ants MOD APK.


The gameplay of Kingdom Rush Mod APK is simple and easy and there is nothing new when it comes to using the navigation keys. There is a front, back, u, and down and the whole game will be managed with this only! You can attack, change direction and do everything else that the game requires, with the controls at the end of the screen.

Android phones support the gameplay as the graphics are fantastic and players can enjoy amazing sound effects and picture quality on their android screens. Moreover, Kingdom Rush hacked APK allows users to enjoy so many features that we will be mentioned below!


Kingdom Rush mod version has so many exclusive features that players will enjoy. The best part about this game is these features which add more fun to your empty hours. Check them out here:

Kingdom Rush APK

1. Unlocked And Unlimited

Kingdom Rush hacked all levels unlocked and stars in an unlimited quantity make this game so thrilling same as Boom Beach MOD APK. The players can enjoy all the monsters and militia characters unlocked from the beginning. Moreover, there will be so many cool things to do with this money. There are new maps and new weapons that are unlocked!

There is so much unlimited and unlocked stuff ranging from characters to armies, weapons, maps, tower rangers, and even the amount of troops! Everything in this game is going to be fun, and will constantly challenge your strategy-making skill.

2. Unlimited Money And Coins

At the start of the challenge, you get unlimited money, which can come in handy for new purchases, new weaponry, and even the customized look for monsters and army men. This game version is all about making it your personal adventure and you will have fun while doing so!

3. Upgrades And Customizations

We talked about customizations briefly, but the Kingdom Rush hacked all upgrades are worth your time! These upgrades can give players an edge over the enemies and while every enemy is fiercer than the previous one, your strategy and upgraded force, stamina, weapons and strength will make it impossible for them to win!


The regular features of Kingdom Rush include the following. These features are also an integral part of entertainment.

Kingdom Rush

1. Excellent Graphics

The graphics of this game are more than spectacular. You can use the android screen and turn it onto a gaming console, and even you will be surprised! The sound effects are also quite cool.

2. Innovative Challenges

The player’s role as commander is not an easy one as there are so many interesting challenges with a single enemy or an army of monsters. The normal, and veteran maps have their own challenges, and players will have to keep up with the new techniques, army tactics, and orders.

3. Interesting Modes

There are numerous modes in the game, such as campaign, hero, and endless. You will enjoy each of them and while you spend more time in every mode, the rewards will be real and more enjoyable when you use them to make each mode challenge more serious than before.


You can download the game by following the steps below:

  • Click on download now,
  • Allow the game to use phone memory and sound,
  • Allow the game to make changes to privacy for various modes in the game,
  • Create a shortcut and you can click on it every time you want to play!


Is Kingdom Rush free?

Kingdom Rush is a free game for all players, but you can spend game money to get more weapons, and even upgrade characters and customize the game.

What kind of weapons are available in the game?

Heroes can use guns, swords, spears, arrows, and all kinds of innovative weapons that the mod version offers. You will enjoy each new weapon on the menu and there are also some surprises.


Kingdom Rush Mod APK has some unique and exciting features similar to Gods Of Olympus MOD APK that make it a perfect pick for all those who like strategy games set in the old kingdom days. The graphics and sound are amazing, and you get to enjoy the special mod features if you download them from this page!

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