Lords Mobile MOD APK 2.88 – (VIP Features Unlocked, Auto Battle) 2023

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Full Name Lords Mobile MOD APK
Publisher IGG.COM
Genre Strategy
Size 66 MB
Latest Version 2.88
Mod Features Auto Battles, Unlimited Money & Gems
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Lords Mobile MOD APK is one of the highly addictive and engaging MMORPG, that offers you the opportunity to battle in the ideal world created by you. It is a journey to assemble the perfect clan with a polished skill set and determined visions. The game was originated by the IGG, popular for their mobile games all around the world. The developers have given several hits and out of them, Lords mobile has proven to be clearly incredible.

All due to a huge list of features and several creative aspects that have made Lords engaging. With a widespread community, the game has been among the top-rated on several streaming platforms. Lords mobile stands in the top six strategy games on the play store with more than 100 million downloads. Out of them, over 50 million people are playing the game actively. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some key features of the lord mobile game mod apk. Also, play State io MOD APK.


Lords Mobile mod apk android is all about crafting and management. You get to build your world however you like and gather classic characters to make the strongest army. The game revolves around a broken empire having a dreadful collapse, after which keeping peace was the primary issue. The entire situation led to a whole series of chaos and hardships.

Lords Mobile MOD

Even after such a scenario, there’s a ray of hope from your end. The objectives include revamping the entire kingdom, bringing peace, assembling an army, and maintaining integrity. The entire progress requires displaying talents and creativity in strategies and building. You have to take control of your army and take over the weaker lands same as Fort Conquer MOD APK. With constant training and competitive gameplay, you can excel in every clash on the battlefield. All thanks to Lord’s mobile mod, your inventory would be loaded with barracks and supplies. It is the perfect game for people who want to get into an addictive gaming stream.


The basic feature that makes lords mobile the ideal MMORPG is the improved storyline. It takes you around the collapsed kingdom with many rivalries and mismanagement. You play as the troops’ leader and your responsibility is to rule your part of the kingdom as per your style. Moreover, it would be your role to protect the reign from any further disruption and from its rivals in other parts of the land.

Throughout the story, the enemy attacks are constant as many emperors are seeking the kingdom of your empire. During this series of attacks, you have to ensure peace all around it. The goal is to battle with all the rivals to eliminate all the opponent troops until there aren’t any more of them to seek the throne.

Lords Mobile APK


Lords Mobile MOD is one of the top-grossing games with strategic and tactical gameplay more like Rise Of Cultures MOD APK. There are many characteristics that make the gameplay stand out with improved customization, polishing skills, and making the most out of every battle. You can choose the highly skilled characters of your army and train them to be the best to fight all the opponents.

You get to select from more than fifty different types of clans that can merge within your army. If you’ve picked strong clan members then they’ll be highly beneficial to take on your rivals. Moreover, there are competitive modes that allow Facebook gamer friends who play lords to compete on one platform.

Throughout the game, players have been guided to explore their world to build and improvise in different areas. You can strengthen the base of your kingdom to make it protected and invest your collected resources to craft mighty towers and barracks. The best aspect of Lords mobile apk is that it has all the tactics unlocked widening your way of achievements.


Lord Mobile mod is loaded with multiple features that have made this game what it is. Gamers all around the world have been stuck to their phones due to their glued community. Some of these features include:

1. Build Your Own Reign

The game starts with you being the leader of the kingdom. As the throne has recently lost its heir, everyone’s looking up to you to fix all the bad that has happened. There will be many attacks and clashes with the opponents. However, you’ll be in the hope of survival for the people within the kingdom. It is your responsibility to protect your title and your land by selecting strong and skilled troops. Not only would your confidence be heightened but also you’ll be more linked to the story or base of the game.

Lords Mobile

2. Multiple Troop Formations

Being the leader, you’ll be granted the opportunity to choose from a wide array of clans and troops to choose from. However, these troops have a mixed ratio of skills, strengths, weapons, and other characteristics. The basic goal of your opponent is to vanish your kingdom, so you should be well-prepared to pick the clans that could match their strength.

Out of four to six different types of troops, you can choose anyone that can either act as your power or weakness. This formation is extremely important so you have to choose only the right ones for the survival of your reign.

3. Powerful Heroes

The game also features five unique powerful heroes that can fight against the bosses. There is a huge list of diverse categories that have the capacity to attack the most powerful enemy. A single pick of powerful heroes can totally split the entire progress of your game. So, you must have the tactics and strategic thinking to ace every battle.

4. Unlimited Gems & Money

We all know that due to apk mod, you’ll get a limitless amount of gems and money to spend on strengthening the army.¬†You can add items to your inventory and also equip items to craft walls with it. This feature lets the gamer enjoy the game up to its complete capacity.


Although we have briefed a lot about Lord’s hack apk yet there may be questions you’d be wondering. Some of those are answered below:

Is lords mobile mod apk latest version free?

Yes, the lord modded version is absolutely free to install. You can easily play lords without having to pay any additional charges for updating or to avail yourself of any premium feature. Moreover, there are no hidden charges for installation on Android devices.

Is lord mobile mod safe to download?

Undoubtedly, the game is secure for installing as well as playing. Your device won’t be under any sort of risk in terms of security or related to the privacy of your data.

Why is troop formation necessary in lord mobile?

The basic use of troops is to ensure that you can get an upper hand in every battle. Moreover, you get the opportunity to big the strongest one to have more chance of keeping the throne.


Lords Mobile MOD apk is one of the leading MMORPGs of all time, letting you rule and manage the entire kingdom. You can pick different troops, selecting the strongest to fight against your opponents seeking your reign. The goal is to remove every clan till none is left to rule but you. Moreover, there’s a builder mode where you can build your kingdom and protect it by strengthening walls and equipping fences. You get to be the leader and have to save your throne from your enemies.

Before getting deeper into the game, you’ll have to know the tactics and strategies of giving commands so that your troops must follow. This game is known to be extremely addictive giving the best experience with its graphics and sound quality.

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