Lost Life APK 1.6 – (MOD Download For Android) 2022

Do you ever want to solve mysteries and fight monsters to become a savior? If you have any such fantasies, how about a simulation game with puzzles, reality mysteries, and works on your sensibility? Lost Life APK is suitable for all those who want to learn something while playing a simulation puzzle game. The character in this game is exciting and needs your attention!

Puzzles are a great way to go, especially when you are looking for more than just spending your free time playing. Don’t we all want to build skills that can help us in our daily lives? This game helps you build on that, and there’s more-it is full of entertainment.

Full Name Lost Life APK
Publisher Shikstoo Games
Genre Simulation
Size 158 MB
Latest Version 1.6
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Lost Life Game Storyline

The character in this game is a scary, alone character quite similar to the characters in various Japanese simulation games! A little girl, alone and sad, will face numerous dangerous scenarios, and you have to help her. Moreover, every move the players make in the game will determine the character’s future.

Lost Life’s new version is the perfect download for all those who like some mystery and have to think before taking any decision as there is no turning back, and the future depends on the moves you make now! The girl in the game can confuse you with sad expressions, but the more you stay focused, the better will be the future for the player and the puzzles that will make you regain the life that you want!

Lost Life MOD

It is a good game for those who want to know what happens ahead. If you are a thriller lover, download the game now and you will get hooked. When you want to solve a mystery, or if the horror genre doesn’t scare you, start this game. Many players say it is a scary game, but in reality, all it does is create a deception among players as the girl’s expressions are not all that will lead you to complete the puzzle.

Try out the offline mode to understand a few facial expressions. That way, you will not be losing out on the levels as you acclimatize to the mood of the game. Lost Life, as the name implies, is about finding the life that not only seeks completion but promises that all horror and mystery will come to an end.

Players from around the world like this game because it is unique and does not revolve around the usual happy scenarios. You must have played the happy games that are advertised on the Internet. If you want to grow out of bubbles, candy, and garden gnomes, you will find a lot to resolve in this game and win every time you get to the next level.

Lost Life Gameplay

The game is relatively simple like Teaching Feeling APK, and there are many ways to finish each mystery. However, there is no undo tab in the game, so whatever you decide must be done to secure the future. The character in the game is lost and helpless, and every puzzle you solve will get her closer to a better life. If you like mystery games and horror movies, this game can help you pass hours without even feeling bored. In fact, you might be pushing back on work to complete each round!

The players can interact with the character, which is more like a partner, as all their moves are aimed at making things better for her. However, when you select the puzzle, make sure that the distractions are not high.

Lost Life does not include any unfavorable content and this version of the app has a universal viewer/player rating. Whenever you have a few hours to spare, start the game and help the miserable girl find a better life! As she becomes happier, your mission is close to completion. Every player can improve the gameplay as their skill to understand the hook, and the mysterious solutions become better with each level.

Lost Life

MOD Features Of Lost Life Game

Here are some features that you will not find in any other game!

1. More Horror Characters

This game has many more characters in it and that makes players feel more engrossed. As you proceed in the game, the rewards of passing each horror chapter will be more and you will love the way the story is in your control.

2. Customizations

If things are not looking the way you want them to look, here’s good news for you! You can change the way characters look, and you can even select the kind of music you want in the background.

3. No Ads

There are no interruptions in the game and that makes the horror and mystery part shine because you wouldn’t want to see an ad right in the middle of a story development or before your big move!

More Features Of Lost Life MOD APK

Lost Life APK has numerous features that make it unique to pass your free time. If you are looking for some good fun, this game is undoubtedly your best choice!

1. Lost Life Download Free

Lost Life download is absolutely free, so you can enjoy the mysterious puzzles and horrifying turns in the story without having to pay for new tools or weapons. Unlike many simulation games, this game does not have any paid or locked levels.

This feature is the first on the list as many players leave, or uninstall a game when it asks for purchases. Moreover, when you get hooked on the game, some developers know that you will do anything to proceed, and ask for money several levels later! Lost Life is not a lost cause! You can play for free, and all the levels are unlocked for you so that you know the ultimate goal from the minute you start playing.

2. 3D Graphics

The three-dimensional graphics in the Lost Life game are mesmerizing and add to the horror factor of the game. When you are looking for a bone-chilling turn, the graphics play an integral role in making every story twist seem real and impactful. Many players lose interest in the game if they feel that the graphics are not convincing. Lost Life is a thriller, and the character’s expressions are also natural due to the high quality of sound and picture.

Lost Life APK has a dark, enigmatic theme and the graphics put the character in a different light for the players. If this game did not have good graphics, thousands of people would not have become a fan of this game like they are now! The gentle rain, the girl’s expressions, and the sound effects make all the difference. When you start the game, the captivating music and the anime theme are the first features that get the players’ attention. Every game becomes more popular due to the quality of the graphics.

3. No Advertisements In Lost Life Android APK

Here’s the most prominent feature of all time! Any game can be uninteresting if the story is interrupted by ads. A scary game like Lost Life can lose its charm if there are ads popping up every now and then. The no-ads feature makes players remain riveted and dedicated to passing all puzzles and mysteries. The result? More game time and more fun!

Why are advertisements such a mood changer? That’s because they come in between the game and once you break the tempo, it never gets back to being normal. The ads between the games do not come with a timer that the ad is about to begin so the players do not get any time to prepare, or pause the game. Many times, when an advertisement ends, you have to resume the game with a different mindset! Lost Life’s modified version does not have any ads, and that is a big advantage for the players.

4. Diamonds And Money

Earning diamonds, coins, gold, and money is essential for all kinds of game tools. Lost Life android game comes with diamonds and a money stash so that you can progress in the game without having to wait for the bank to fill up again! The supply of rewards and the speed at which you progress in the game will make you a detective who can face horror but still make the right decisions.

If you are looking for some fast progress, this feature is seriously good news for you! Many players like to go fast during the initial levels because they are easy and they want to get somewhere fast. Unlimited money and diamonds will be your ticket to getting all the levels faster! Do you need more speed, or is it the mystery unlocking that you are after? Whatever it is, this feature makes it possible for you to get to the ultimate goal fast.

5. Lost Life Game Download Is Very Easy

Lost Life is an easy download, and there is no need for launchers or files to transfer before you can enjoy the game! Players can work on their strategy and thinking skills, and you get into it as soon as you download it. Now, this is what we call the good use of free time so that you learn as you play, and don’t feel bored!

All of us like android games that do not require the download to be a tedious process! All you do is press ‘download’ and it begins. No more downloading launchers, and no more running data files! This game is made for millennials, and hence it is fast enough to suit their game mode! All of us download a game when we are free to play. None of us downloads a game to play later, whenever we get the time. The game downloads have to be quick and most get you into the game super-fast! Lost Life Mod APK is developed to suit the players and the fast download is one of the impressive sides of it!

6. Interaction With The Character

While some people want to play level after level and pass their time by winning, some players enjoy interacting with the characters in the game. Lost Life allows you to interact with the character, and each puzzle is designed in a way that the characters also participate.

As we reach the last prominent feature, we would like you to answer this: Can you imagine downloading a game within seconds and then enjoying the fantastic graphics and sound effects to complete puzzles for a little girl who is melancholy and alone? Moreover, you can interact with her and the other characters in the game by clicking on them! Lost Life ensures that if you begin to play this game, all your free hours will turn into more entertainment, more skill, and a higher degree of sixth sense that helps you solve mysterious issues around you! And the most important one is that you get to help someone, and this promotes a sense of goodwill! Every time you put the phone aside after playing, you feel good about yourself. Now, this is what we call the best game to play!


Lost Life APK is an excellent horror and mystery simulation game that will keep you busy for many hours. The storyline is exciting, and the gameplay is easy just like Granny MOD APK. You will enjoy the free game, which does not keep you hung up on advertisements!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Potential players often ask questions regarding the story, the game, and the way to download. Here are some answers for you:

Can I play Lost Life on PC?

Yes, you can download Lost Life PC and play it on the desktop. In fact, you will love the high-quality graphics on a bigger screen. You will find this game as easy as it is on your phone!

Can children play Lost Life?

Children are not the right audience for horror mysteries, and that is why we always recommend adults check the rating for all games before exposing their young ones! You might want to download simpler games for children. However, if you are an adult who can handle the horror and dark mystery in the game, you must give it a try today!

Is Lost Life available on PlayStore?

Lost Life is available on PlayStore but it will not offer the Lost Life APK features! You can download this game here and enjoy all the bonus features that add to the fun factor of the game. Furthermore, the gameplay of the APK version is more engrossing. Download here to see what we have in store for you!

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