Love Nikki MOD APK 7.9.0 – (Full Game Free Download) 2023

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Full Name Love Nikki MOD APK
Publisher Elex
Genre Role-Playing
Size 109 MB
Latest Version 7.9.0
Mod Features Unlimited Diamonds & Coins
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Love Nikki MOD APK is among the most renowned fashion RPG combined with an addictive storyline. It lets you on a journey to seven different countries to explore their culture and transform your character into an avatar. You can also enjoy an interesting conversation between the characters that determine your future journey.

The game is specifically dedicated to discovering the latest style as per your character. You get to put on different clothing, specialties, and accessories offered by every country. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with Facebook friends to exchange gifts with each other. Moreover, if you’re someone who has a deep interest in fashion then you can try it out. With mod apk, you get many latest features unlocked without spending any money on updates. In addition, you can also play Avakin Life MOD APK for more fun.


Love Nikki hack apk is an ideal game for all those fashionistas that like to revamp and create their avatars. This is an RPG that allows its players to experience every job related to fashion from being a buyer to a designer. You’ll find your fashion knowledge to be enhanced as you reach the upper levels.

Love Nikki MOD

Some refer to love Nikki to be a dress-up game, however, the graphics and sound effect doesn’t resemble any ordinary one. It gives the choice of selection from different categories including styles, dresses, color combinations, and many other characteristics. It takes you on a magical journey letting you discover something new about every culture shown.

Most gamers find it extremely interesting because the developers try to update every feature and function from time to time. These features include innovative design, unique outfits, layouts, and more. These features can be enjoyed easily letting you stay connected.


The story of love Nikki takes you back to the 672 years of the current millennium. The world-famous stylist King Sayet has switched dimensions and his legacy needs a definitive heir. He leaves three outfits with his legacy that were a piece of art because of which most countries were at war.

After the stylist left and the chaos started, some learned men got an idea of a quest and contest. These contests were held in terms of styling and its winner would have been granted the ownership of a legacy as the grand prize. This contest took place in Rolterdan, which is situated on the border of the Pigeon Kingdom and the Apple Federation.

This contest takes place until the year 680 the latest era after which Nikki come into existence. You play as Nikki, as it is her journey to a different kingdom. The plot is as elaborative as that of a novel or a play. These dialogues and revelations comprise up to 300,000 words with different styles and stories around the globe. Also, check out Hotel Hideaway MOD APK.


Love Nikki mod apk enables you to collect different dyes and colors that let you change the outfit colors without any hindrance in just some minutes. It is all about revamping the characters and designing new clothing maintaining the legacy of the fashion expert. Moreover, the pattern of the clothes can be customized for every outfit that can also be upgraded for an attractive and fashionable style.

There are two modes of this game featuring online and offline gaming. The online mode consists of the battle between online designers. You can show your incredible outfits for defeating gamers around the world in battle. The best thing about is that the players can utilize 10 unique characteristics within the online battle mode depending on the conditions.

Moreover, new content is added after every certain time period. You’ll be addicted to the game gaining exceptional rewards. You can enjoy the game to the fullest with unlimited accessories, coins, hairstyles, and makeup too. If you have an Android device you can experience its futuristic gameplay casually.

Love Nikki APK


Love Nikki has an extensive range of multiple features for people that adores fashion and live for it. Some of the best features offered by the game are below:

1. Multiple Stunning Outfits

The game is all about creating and revamping the looks of different outfits more like Secret Neighbor APK. Whether you are looking to create something out of your daily routine or an antique gesture. There is a huge list of categories to look at. The game offers up to thousands of incredible and exotic dresses. Love Nikki developers have covered almost all types of cultures from all seven kingdoms. You can earn a new line of clothing every single day through quests and online battles.

2. Different Styles Suiting Different Designs

Love Nikki explores the designer out of every player giving the environment to design outfits suiting their creativity. Moreover, after you complete one look for your outfit you can select matching accessories to enhance it. These accessories include the model’s haircut, makeup, layouts, backdrops, and more.

3. Connect In Online Battle

As we have discussed before, the game allows everyone to connect on social media as well. So, if you are on Facebook you can get connected with your friends and enter a battle for the best outfit. Moreover, you can join the community and participate in several activities to polish your gameplay. It is the only game that can help you design a real-life outfit out of a game. Even a professional expert can play this game for newer ideas and innovative styles.


After a thorough discussion over the game, you might be having many questions related to it. Some of them are answered below:

Is love Nikki-dress-up queen mod apk safe to use?

Yes, if you install this apk version from the download link we have provided then there are higher chances that you won’t have any security risk. Moreover, there won’t be any malware or viruses. None of your antiviruses will detect any sort of alarming points in our file.

Why is the modded version useful?

The modded version is very useful to enjoy every game to its complete capacity. It lets you access some features that are mainly locked in the original version. Moreover, you get to enjoy unlimited access to money and different elements within the game.

Is love Nikki unlimited diamonds apk free?

Yes, through our offered version, you don’t have to spend any money on having access to unlimited diamonds or coins. Moreover, the game is absolutely free from any kind of advertisement.


Love Nikki MOD apk is a reflective RPG with unique gameplay and innovative visuals. Throughout the game, you get to try out different fashion styles, clothing designs, patterns, and sizes. Moreover, the storyline is similar to that of the most dramatic novel series. Every time you get past a level, many new features and clothing designs will be unlocked for your access. This allows you to revamp and improvise your characters quite easily. It is a close-to-reality game for most fashionistas keeping every aspect real and authentic.

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