Ludo King MOD APK – (Always Six) 2022

All over the world, Ludo has been one of the most popular board games, and that is why since the launch of Ludo King MOD APK, millions of downloads have made this game a part of everyone’s daily life! Whenever kids have free time, they want to play a game to engage their minds and burn some energy. Well, some things are not restricted to kids! Ludo is one of the board games that have brought together old friends once again to match the dice on a board! Download it today and add some fun to your life.

Full Name Ludo King MOD APK
Publisher Gametion
Genre Board
Size 54 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Always Six
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The Storyline Or Should We Say Board Plan?

The game is simple much like Board Kings MOD APK, you have to select one of the colored sides of the board. Four places in different colors have to belong to four players, or if you want to couple up, you can add more players to each of the four teams! The role of the dice decides how many slots on the path you can walk. The game’s concept is to beat the other teams and get your four pegs to reach home safely.

Ludo King APK

If you haven’t played Ludo before, consider it a walk all around the board where you have to save your pegs from other pegs and beat them all on your way home. Unlike many other board games, Ludo is a multiplayer game that has made it big on android phones after ruling the board game stash at home!

Ludo King Hacked Gameplay

The modified version of Ludo King provides you with unlimited gems, sixes, and various other rewards that will make you a king without a very long battle! This board game requires strategy and a bit of luck as the roll of the dice will decide if all your plan can work on not. You can play this game online with other players, friends, and family members to reminisce about old times when you and your friends could sit together and play this game!

If you witness a Ludo King game, you would want to instantly download it from the link here to join the club of happy, entertained, and excited team players who want to win the board.

Features Of Ludo King MOD APK

Ludo is a simple game with a lot of fun factors that make it entertaining. Here are some features that make the modified version better than all other experiences out there!

1. Unlimited Gems And Coins

The foremost attraction in the modified version is that players will get more coins and gems with every high score of the dice. Furthermore, when you beat the pegs of other teams, the rewards will be higher and can save you when you cannot roll a six or when you are about to get beaten. The daily spins and bonuses in Mod APK will get you a better score every time, and your opponents might start getting upset with your luck every time!

Ludo King MOD

2. It Is Free!

Ludo King Mod APK is a free game, and all of you will fall in love with it in a way that you will start looking forward to some free time every day when you can beat other players and get free rewards.

Some versions are not free, and the fun factor with them reduces because players automatically start believing that they will get more out of the game, but it’s a disappointment when that doesn’t happen. The free version of Ludo King begins with lesser expectations, but it gets exciting when players realize that they are getting more rewards and can play better without paying a penny!

3. Online And Offline Modes

You can log onto the game and connect with friends online whenever you get some free time. You will enjoy connecting with people from all over the world. The offline mode will help you practice and become a better player, but apart from this, it will give you access to four players in a local way. Isn’t this exciting! You can also play against the bot, and the rewards remain as grand as online play.

4. Premium Support Feature

Players can feel confused at times, or they might want to ask a question regarding the coins, gems, and other rewards. The Ludo King hack gives you the support you need during the game. Premium support is available for all who use the option in the help section.

5. No Ads

Advertisements and pop-ups can be the worst thing during an engaging round of dice rolls and winning coins! Ludo King Mod APK has zero pop-ups just as Candy Crush MOD APK and is entirely ad-free to give you more pleasure.

6. Sixes And More!

There are days when a game makes you feel unlucky, but not the Mod version of Ludo! This game will give you free sixes to roll out the pegs and win big. These free sixes and desired numbers on the dice are only part of the modified version!

7. Unlock Themes

Ludo King has numerous themes, including color changes, and peg changes, and even the board’s appearance can be different. The mod version of Ludo has all these themes available! Now you can change the look of the game and enjoy it! All these features are unique and will make you feel like a real king in the game.


Ludo King Mod APK is an excellent download for all android phone owners as it takes you back to the carefree days of your childhood when you played this game with friends and family. The classic board game is now available for you to keep you busy whenever you have free time. Log onto the online mode or play it offline, and you will win big rewards, and the best part is that this version is free!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ludo King, a game for children?

Ludo King is a universally-loved game, and adults and children enjoy it. There are no wars, battles, or actions on the board except that you have to beat the pegs of other teams. Play this game and enjoy the rewards.

What is a theme in Ludo King?

The Ludo board has four red, blue, yellow, and green teams. You can change the themes of the game and add different types of pegs.

What kinds of rewards do we win in Ludo King?

Ludo King Mod APK gives you unlimited coins and gems and sixes. Now you can win every time with a high score and use your coins and gems to get ahead of your opponents.

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