Ludo Star MOD APK 1.108.1 – (Unlimited Gold & Gems) 2022

Are you missing your childhood games? If you want to recreate the memory of your childhood in the form of a game that is available at your fingertips on your mobile phone, then Ludo Star MOD APK is exactly designed for you.

People preferred to spend time with their family members in the past, but now it is impossible due to lots of workloads and busy routines. But there is a chance to get closer with the help of mobile phones to divide happiness between your loved ones. You can play Ludo Star whenever you want to refresh your mind and spend some quality time with your family.

This game provides enjoyment and lets you interact with your family, which you miss due to your busy life. You’re undoubtedly familiar with LUDO because it is played in almost every home between the elders and the youngers. But if you’re new to this game, our descriptive information will help you understand and enjoy the game.

Full Name Ludo Star MOD APK
Publisher Gameberry Labs
Genre Board
Size 52.2 MB
Latest Version 1.108.1
Mod Features Unlimited Gold & Gems
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About Ludo Star Hacked APK

Ludo Star is a four-player game or multi-player game more like Ludo King MOD APK, and you can play it alone to do some practice to polish your skills. In this game, you need to win and earn gold coins and gems. But, in Ludo Star MOD APK, you do not need to win because you’ll receive unlimited gems and coins. This is a cheat version, by which you’ll get gems and coins without any struggle or hard work.

Ludo Star Android APK Gameplay

There are five modes of play in the Ludo Star Android Game.

Ludo Star MOD

1. 1 On 1

In this mode, only two players can play the ludo simultaneously on two tables as a competitor. Those who finish first will win the game and earn coins. In this mode, you have to play against any unknown person from all over the world.

2. Team Up

With the “Team Up” mode, four persons can play simultaneously with the team-up of two players. You can simply say that you can invite any known person to play with you as your team member on another table in this mode. The other two are also in one team. That’s why this mode is known as team-up. And on winning, the match, both groups who are teaming up can get prizes and coins simultaneously.

3. 4 Players

In this mode, four players can play on different tables. Who first safely brings their tokens into the home will get the first position. This game mode also has second and third positions, which means you can get a prize for having second and third positions but less than the first one.

4. Private Table

You have to create a table in this mode of Ludo Star Cheat APK, by which four participants of your choice can play the game. When you make a table, you have an option to invite your friends to play with you. On making a private table you’ve given with a code in the form of numbers, you have to send this code to those you want to share your table.

5. Play Offline

As the name shows, you can play offline by activating this mode. You can play with two, three, and four tables; it’s your choice. The primary function of this mode is to polish your skills without any gain or loss of coins. You can find Classic, Arrow, and Quick, three types of options to play your game. It’s up to you how you want t play the game with comfort.

Ludo Star APK

MOD Features Of Ludo Star Game

We all know how amazing Ludo can be but these mod features make it all the more amazing! Check out what kind of moves you can make in this game to become the star:

1. Wilds Can Be Any Color

You must’ve seen the typical yellow, green, red, and blue in the game but now you can try all kinds of color combos to make the board look more attractive to you. The more you make the board look like you like, the more you will feel entertained! Moreover, every time you get a six on the dice, you can get more colors wilds than just black or red.

2. Customizing Rules

You can change the rules that you have been following for years! Each house can be governed in different ways and all the players feel more involved and give it their best. When every player is going to be more engrossed, the game is surely going to pick up momentum!

3. Unlimited Rewards

The stars, coins, and all kinds of rewards are unlimited and can help players get a great load of new options to upgrade their game. If you thought you were not going to enjoy the game, wait till you get to do more than just play the next move!

4. Unlimited Coins And Gems

You can get unlimited coins and gems with this MOD APK. Ludo Star cheats give you a chance to win unlimited Gold coins and gems, which will help you to play the game more smoothly.

Some Other Features Of Ludo Star MOD APK

This game comes with stunning features that provide you with unending entertainment and some time to spend with your family from your busy life. These features are given below in detail.

1. Interact Around The Globe

With the Ludo Star hack APK, you can play with unknown persons. This game provides you with a chance to interact with different people around the globe. With this feature, you can learn how to treat different kinds of people. You can learn how to accept your defeat exemplary or act nicely in the worst situation.

2. Chat Section

In this game, you got an opportunity to chat with your opponent while playing the game. This feature will allow you to introduce yourself to others if you don’t want to talk or chat, then mute the chat or block the concerned person to continue your game with peace.

3. Make Buddies

Ludo Star gives you a chance to make friends from all over the world with the option of “Make Buddies.” You can send a request if you want to make any buddy, and on accepting your request, you’ll enter it in the list of buddies. It is a social game and gives you a chance to socialize with others to explore different people worldwide. You may learn about human nature with the help of this feature.

4. Upgrade With Facebook

Facebook is a social application by which people can interact with each other. You can also upgrade your account with Facebook to play in a relaxing manner. The benefit of adding an account, you can upgrade yourself with your name. So, anybody can find you easily.

Ludo Star

5. Auto Pilot

You do not need to worry if you find essential work and want to leave the game. Your game turns on autopilot mode, by which your competition continues as autoplay. When you come back to the game, you can cancel the autoplay feature.

6. Choice Of Dice

In Ludo Star MOD APK, you have a chance to play with your favorite dice just like Board Kings MOD APK. You have to unlock the requirement to get the dice. The multiple dice can urge you to play the game continuously. The choice of dice enables you to do whatever you want to do.


If you give the title of the family game to this game, then it would not be wrong. And if you are searching for the best game that provides you with a family environment that you can share with your family. Go and download the Ludo Star MOD APK from the link given above. You’ll enjoy the game environment indeed.


In the update of Ludo Star Latest Version, you have very new things to explore. Very soon you will enjoy the facility of leaderboards, by which you can enjoy the exciting frames through competition against other players.

  • In this update, you can able to enjoy the season pass to explore new and remarkable surprises.
  • Not only this, but now you have the option of customization of your board by taking part in multiple events.
  • This revised version of Ludo Star introduces VIP Mode to you by which you can enjoy the matches against the other VIP players.
  • If you want to enjoy the amazing prizes, you have to participate in different events.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we get free gems on this Ludo Star MOD APK?

Yes, you can get free unlimited gems in this version.

Does this game only work on rooted devices?

No, this game will work on every device, rooted or non-rooted, does not matter at all.

Is this hack version safe to play?

Yes, this is safe to play. No damage can harm your device.

How can I play Ludo Star Modified on my Laptop?

With the BlueStacks app, you can play Ludo on your Laptop or Computer. You just have to install the app and in the app, you will find this game.

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