Lumber Inc MOD APK 1.5.1 – (No Ads Version, All Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Lumber Inc MOD APK
Publisher Game Veterans
Genre Simulation
Size 140 MB
Latest Version 1.5.1
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Wood is one of the most widely used raw materials and if you are one of those who want to get some knowledge of things while playing a game, download Lumber Inc MOD APK. This game is all about the wood industry and takes you from the forests where tall trees grow to the cutters and manufacturing units where different forms of wood are up for sale.

We all have played Sci-Fi, and technological games that have a rather difficult mood shift as it can make players get tense if they are losing or even strain their eyes because they have to focus on some parts of the screen. When you have the fear of being attacked by an opponent, you remain alert. On the contrary, easy and laid-back games like Lumber Inc make you feel light and happy. Also, play My PlayHome Plus MOD APK.

Lumber Inc MOD


The story of Lumber Inc Mod APK’s latest version is that players get to work on their piece of land where they grow trees and ensure that they are nourished and protected for good processing. This story takes you from being the planter to being a cutter and then making all kinds of wood items to sell for a good price. The better the yield, the higher will be your end profits. Moreover, you have to ensure that you become a market leader when it comes to wood production as well as the quality of the goods sold.

This game enhances entrepreneurial skills as you decide which kind of finished goods to venture into. You can go towards the paper industry, furniture, wood chips, lumber, or any of the other industries that require wood as fuel. All in all, this game will expose you to the vast possibilities of selling your wood and becoming rich.

The Lumber Empire is bound to grow if you are able to work on the way to control and feed the right commands. You can expand the empire at various stages and the money you earn will give you even more profits! This game is easy to play and is a refreshing way to divert your focus from the stresses of daily life. This is an amazing simulation game such as What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK.


Lumber Inc Mod APK is a modified version of the original, which means that it has so many features which are not available in other versions. Players can enjoy these features and make their pastime a good time to learn about basic and simpler things.

1. Good Graphics

The Mod version of this game has upscaled the graphics and you can enjoy more vibrant colors and a happening industrial empire where the figures, trees, and machinery look real. These graphics are not comparable to the advanced games but they are good enough to keep players riveted at every stage.

2. No Ads

This feature is very attractive as all of us despise ads that interrupt our game and do not give us time to finish the levels in a shorter period. When you opt for this version, you are purely signing up for the game.

Lumber Inc APK

3. Build The Farm And Make Decisions

Players can build a plantation on their land and if they make the right decisions they will see their estate grow. You can decide to expand the farm or you can specialize in cutting and manufacturing by buying better machines.

4. Buy New Machines

Players can use their earned money to buy more machines and this makes them capable of making bigger empires and industrial estates same as Time Princess MOD APK. From the selection of wood to plant to the way you will need to cut them for the final use, everything makes it a private world of woodcutters, and players will enter a simple, yet strategic game every time they click on the game to start.

5. More Rewards And Bigger Profits

The mod version of this game gives players an extra bonus of more money at the beginning of the game. Moreover, the rewards will be more at every stage. Players will love the advantage they have during the various stages of production, forest growth and even selling the end products.

6. Benefits Of Lumber Inc Game Hacks

Players of this mod version will benefit from the game hacks that are only a part of this version! Each game you play has some exciting features and the features of Lumber Inc include hacks that can get you through the game with shortcuts.

Lumber Inc

7. Free Game

This version of Lumber Inc has so many additional features that often potential players feel that they have to pay for downloading the game. This game is free and you can download it without paying any money. Moreover, instead of spending money on the game, you will get more money than in other versions. Furthermore, check out Plague Inc MOD APK which is also free to download.


Players can download the Lumber Inc mod version by following the easy and short steps:

  • Click on download here and begin the process.
  • Allow the game to use phone memory and sound.
  • Create an icon and save the game.

Now you can play this fantastic game within minutes.


Is Lumber Inc available for android phones?

Yes, you can download the mod version on your android devices and enjoy it without any lagging or slowing down of other apps on the phone.

What is the advantage of downloading the mod version?

Apart from getting more features, players get more money in this version. On top of that, each game has a particular size and the size of this version is much smaller, which makes it compatible with basic android phones.


Lumber Inc Mod APK is an exciting and simple game related to the growing, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing of lumber. Each player gets to enjoy more features in this version and as you finish each level, you get more bonus points and rewards.

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