Mafia City MOD APK 1.6.350- (Unlimited Money) 2022

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Full Name Mafia City MOD APK
Publisher YottaGame
Genre Action
Size 87 MB
Latest Version 1.6.350
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Guns & Cash
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Mafia City MOD APK is a game full of adventures and missions by YottaGames developers. The structure of this game is based upon the rules and regulations followed by the people of the underworld or Mafia City. The story of this game revolves around the criminal mafia, and the war of clones is held throughout the game. The one who has an eagle eye view of all the happenings without a single mistake can become the Godfather of the Mafia. Undoubtedly, you will enjoy the most real and amazing feel of the underworld after playing this game.

Mafia City Hacks Storyline

When you log in to the game, an attractive storyline is waiting for you. The game starts with the entry of a taxi driver who accidentally becomes a part of this criminal world. At the start, it seems impossible to survive in this mafia same like Gangstar Vegas MOD APK, but the power and money which he will find brighten his eyes and gives him the strength to become a notorious person in the Mafia City MOD APK.

After some time, he became a respectful person among the Salieri’s due to excessive money and power. Although he accidentally entered this world but has now become a part of it. He sometimes thought about leaving this life, but it was impossible.

Mafia City

Mafia City Cheats Gameplay

It presents you with sensational gameplay through dark and stormy views, a wide range of weapons, dangerous stunts, and mysterious characters. When you enter the game, your target is to act as Tommy. With this outfit, you have to achieve multiple tasks like building your gang, doing robberies, and killing the other groups of thugs to become the powerful personality or Godfather of Mafia City.

This game provided you a chance to play with or against anyone worldwide to grab the title of Godfather just like you played in Shadow Of Death MOD APK. You have to compete in the daily challenges or wars with different participants from different countries or nations using different languages.

Eye-Catching Features Of Mafia City MOD APK

This game is full of exciting and adventurous features that deeply engage the player with the game. These exceptional features bring Mafia city to another level. Let us explain these features briefly.

1. Upgrade Your Foundation

The foundation of anything is very important. Your base point is unlocked when you start the game; it’s your responsibility to build its foundation stronger than many other bases. For that, you have to take part in disputes, kill many others and build different buildings for daily use such as hospitals for treatment, training centers for your army, illegal markets for meetings with friends, and many more.

2. Exploring The New World

Mafia City MOD APK gives you a chance to explore the world in the game through traveling. In this game, you have a chance to explore famous places like New Heaven City. Here, you have to face different yet notorious and powerful gangs and defeat them to achieve success and swell your territory.

3. Universal Game

You can call Mafia City a universal game due to its versatility. Its server has a unique translation system that can translate into every language. So the strength of the players in this game is very high and the competition too. The one rule which every player follows is never to give a chance. If you do so, then you will find it against you tomorrow.

Mafia City APK

4. Variation In Tasks

If you’re bored with your daily life and want to try something adventurous, then this game will put a thrill into your boring life. In this game, you will find a variety of daily tasks.

The structure or story of these missions is inspired by the past incidents held in the history of the US. These tasks include the destruction of other gangs, severe war, and many other 20 horror missions, which will never let you bored. And the best part is you will compete against the players who belong to different corners of the globe, which is also fascinating to attract anyone towards this game.

5. Updated Modern Weapons And Vehicles

Mafia City MOD is a game that entertains you with something new and unique. To make you feel royal and make your experience outstanding, it will provide you with modern weapons like machine guns, shotguns, and many more. Not only weapons, but you can enjoy the ride of expensive and luxury vehicles too, which provide you a stunt experience to participate in any dispute. There are 60 royalistic cars with unique functions which help you in your war and disputes.

6. Major Gangs And Their Specifications

While playing this game, you have to face multiple gangs as challenges. You have to defeat them to become a respectable member of the clan, and later on, it helps you become the Godfather of the Mafia city. The most notorious gangs throughout the game are brawlers, shooters, bikers, cutthroats, and hooligans. The specialty of each one is given in the following;

  • Bikers Or Motorcyclists
    These are some of the dangerous groups of Mafia City that can control others very quickly because they have a hold on the vehicles containing modern machinery capable of overcoming anyone at any time.
  • Brawlers
    For them, forgiveness is nothing. The dispute with this type of person is part of daily routine.
  • Cutthroats Or Shooters
    These are the fearless type of gangsters. They talk in the language of bullets. These are likable by many players of the game. They knew how to use modern guns and other weapons very sharply.
  • Hooligans
    In this group, those persons included who have very concise and precise knowledge about roads and observe and every happening deeply.

7. Mafia City MOD APK Unlimited Money

While playing this game, you will be awarded unlimited money in the form of gold coins by which you can buy different things for your use in the game.

8. Bonus

This game specifies that it will provide a bonus in the form of beautiful ladies called babies, which work to increase your wealth and power. You can also spend your quality time with them in the game.

9. High-End Graphics

The popularity of any game depends upon its graphics mostly. So, this game also has priceless graphics with 3D unity technology that presents marvelous images of Mafia city and its characters. The gamers are very much inspired due to its 360-degree rotation, zoom-in or zoom-out functions, and clear images. Its high-end graphics leave a spellbound effect on the players.

What’s The Installing Method Of Mafia City MOD APK?

Here below, we’ll provide you with a link through which you can easily install this game. But if you want to install by following another method, then follow these simple steps:

  1. Press the download APK button.
  2. Open the setup of the game.
  3. Then give the permissions asked by the game server and press install.
  4. After the compilation of the installation process, open and enjoy the game.


In the new update of Mafia City, you will find more exciting features than ever. The content of this updated version also includes Raven Operations. That will provide you with a chance to experience a new era of fighting. Its revised features are here below in detail:

  1. You can decorate your city in different yet unique ways. You will find New Turf Decoration for mafia speedway for motors.
  2. You will get New Ops Effect and a new combined Ops Effect with the updated version to make your gaming experience more awesome than ever.
  3. Not only this mafia city will provide you with the options of Optimization and Adjustments that you can use to enhance your protection.
  4. The best part of this updated version is its flexibility in the content. You can easily change or fix the problem with the help of a repeat reminder schedule.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mafia City MOD APK?

Mafia City is a battle or war type game that depicts the rules and regulations, and lifestyle followed by the people of the underworld.

Can we play this on iOS devices?

No, you can’t play MOD games on iOS devices because these are the modified versions of original games, and the iPhone doesn’t support this type of game.  

What is the gameplay of this game?

This is a game based on fighting and disputes between different gangs and thugs. So the gameplay of this game is full of horror scenes and soulful views.

Can multiple players play this game at the same time? If yes, how?

Yes, multiple players belonging to different countries can play this game simultaneously because the theme of this game is war-based. For these battles, you have a good internet connection. Once you are in the game, the grouping is held automatically based on ranking.

What are the rewards given in this game?

You are awarded gold coins after attacking and destroying the other territories. By this, you can customize your clan according to your wish. You also win the cash while gambling. Cute girls are also given as a reward to strengthen you.

How to get unlimited gold coins while playing the game?

By taking part in different battles and winning these battles, you can get unlimited coins as your reward.

Is Mafia City a free game or a paid one?

At the start, this is a free game, but later on, some premium offers are for brightening your skills. These are paid ones.

Can we play this game offline or without the internet?

Unluckily, this game is not available without an internet connection. This game is available online only.


In actuality, Mafia City represents the underworld’s method of living. It amazingly describes the rules and regulations in a very lucid manner that Mafia City players follow. The basic rule of living in Mafia City is to destroy the opponent sharply, and if you fail to do so, there will be destruction waiting for you. Its storyline is full of adventures and depicts a real-life story. Once you play this game, you’ll play it again and again due to its unforgettable charm.

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