MEGA MOD APK 6.6 – (Free Unlimited Storage) 2022

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Publisher Mega Ltd
Genre Productivity
Size 96 MB
Latest Version 6.6
Mod Features Unlimited Storage & Premium Unlocked
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Do you want an app that provides you with cloud storage as well as other apps for mobile, then MEGA MOD APK is exactly designed for you. Your search comes to an end when you download it. It not only provides you with cloud storage but also interesting apps to enjoy and web browsers for use.

There are many things to store and save on a daily basis, no matter who you are and where you belong to. Anything that can matter is the download of a Mega app on your mobile phone or PC. What’s better than this is that you will find an app that provides its users with user-controlled storage, web browsers, different apps, and many more only in one application. Nothing can beat the relaxation given by this app.

Uses Of MEGA Pro APK

Mega Pro Apk comes with greater uses to give benefits to its users. A lot of storage, incredible features, and everything that a user can demand is luckily available in this app. Now, as a user of Mega, you have no need to worry about the memory shortage of mobile because this app provides you with 20GB of free storage.

Not only the problem of space is solved by this application but also you can use it for calls, messages, sharing data, downloading, etc. It could not be wrong if it is said that Mega is the complete delight in one packing.


Features Of MEGA APK Download

Let’s have a look at its incredible features that surely urges you to download it abruptly.

1. Mega Cloud

Mega Apk’s latest version gives a mega cloud that helps you to save your data. Now, you can save every document, file, picture, and anything of your need on your mobile phone without worry. With this, you can save your memories also with no tension of space or loss.

2. Portable Cloud

The best part of this mega cloud is you can take it with you everywhere without any hesitation. You just have to download it from the given link. It will save your time, lessen your burden and provide relaxation because it is a trustworthy application. And you can have it on your mobile phones also so you can easily use it wherever you are.

3. End-To-End Encryption

If someone wants to download these types of applications then his first question is about their security. So, Mega premium apk lessens your tension by providing you an end-to-end encryption system which means you and whoever you share your data with can only see it. No one even the app organizers cannot see your data. So, this is a highly secure app for those who are extra conscious about their security.

4. Sharing Of Data

Just like Zedge MOD APK, You can share your data safely in every form with the help of mega. That incredible app gives you a secure environment where your data is absolutely safe. You can make folders, delete them or use them. It’s totally your choice. Upload files, and share them without any tension of losing.


5. Incredible Storage

Mega is undoubtedly known for its exceptional features. And it offers an incredible amount of 20 GB for its followers. This space can be increased if you participate in the Mega achievement programs. The mega app provides some premium packages also but with our Mega MOD APK, you have unlimited storage and transfer quota without any cost. You must download it from the given button to enjoy unlimited features.

6. Encrypted Collaboration

Mega is very conscious about your security so that you can collaborate with the desired person through invite-only. Without this, you can’t do a collaboration. If anybody wants to access you then you will find a notification. After your approval, the access is granted to the person.

7. Quick Actions

The organizers of this app organize it so beautifully that its speed is very amazing. You never feel any inconvenience. You can send files quickly within seconds whether you have an internet connection or not. Only one click is necessary to proceed to your desired action.

8. Importance Of Password

When it comes to end-to-end encryption it means the developer of the app cannot access your activities at all. First of all, while using Mega Unlimited Storage you have to strictly remember your password otherwise you will lose your files. The account recovery key is also very important to remember. After the installation, you have to follow the steps and when your account is created you have to remember your password.

9. Multiple Ways Of Communication

Mega not just provides extra space for your mobile phones but you can also use it for communication purposes just like Messenger MOD APK. Even though you can do video chats which are also very secure. So, let’s share your work with coworkers, feelings, pictures, music, and whatever you want to share with your loved ones in a secure environment.

How To Use Mega Premium APK

Firstly, you have to download the app from the given download button and after installing by opening the app you observe different options there. If you want to send a file then upload it to the Mega account and then add the concerned person. To add a person, select his or her name from your contact and press the share button, the file shares successfully. Remember, your file is only seen by the person you want to add. Anybody else can’t see it.


Mega Mod Apk is a perfect app for every class of people. From the boss to a school-going person, everybody can equally use it with an end-to-end encrypted facility. Your sharing, your chats, and your everything is as secure as you ever demand. You can easily back up your data if you lost it mistakenly. With multiple advantages and strong security, we highly recommend Mega. For download click the given button.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an online App?

No, it is not only an online app but you can use it offline too. But for this purpose, you have to download your data first.

How much free space Mega Cloud provides? And when does it finish?

Mega cloud provides 50 GB of free space which is for the lifetime.

Which MOD features are provided by this app?

You will receive free unlimited mega pro storage in the mod version.

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