Megapolis MOD APK 6.40 – (Unlimited Everything) 2023

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Full Name Megapolis MOD APK
Publisher Social Quantum Ltd
Genre Simulation
Size 93 MB
Latest Version 6.40
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Megapolis MOD APK is a famous building game that helps players pass their free time and learn many new things like strategy, planning, and aesthetics. This game is not like the usual block-building games and will give you a lot of exciting chances to create new kinds of structures with your imagination. Whenever you have some free hours at hand, begin building.

Each game has some features that make it extra special and then, there are some features that help players learn more about basic daily life hacks such as patience, consistency, and even better aesthetic sense. Download the game today to enjoy fantastic gameplay and delve into the story whenever you have some time to relax and enjoy.

Megapolis Game


Just like World Of Airports MOD APK, the story of the Megapolis mod version is that there is a city that needs improvement and you are the designer, architect, planner, and everything that this city needs! When you begin playing, the resources will be less and as you build, there will be so many different ways to earn and build even better structures.

Megapolis MOD

People who like to build, and create can enjoy this game and the fantastic ways in which they can improve the city and modernize its infrastructure. You can think that this game is like a simulator for engineers and architects because it has projects such as airports, railway stations, railway track networks, roads, buildings, and even bridges and underground tunnels.

Moreover, this game is an exciting way to learn about modern architecture. There can be some historic buildings, inspired by the past. However, the game is the player’s canvas where they can create a lot of structures. There are so many kinds of buildings that add to the city’s grandeur. Whatever kind of building it is, the planner’s aim is to make sure that it looks good and serves its purpose as well. When players begin the game, they have to plan the layout.

This game version gives you unlimited rewards which can help in building the city and making it a fantastic place for all! This game is supported on android phones, so wherever you are-the new rounds and places in the game can keep you entertained.

Megapolis APK


The gameplay is simple and straightforward. Whether you are planning the layout, or you are building a vertical construction, there are numerous kinds of tasks and projects with the same controls. If a player learns how to use the controls, all the game projects become effortless.

Megapolis building simulator is a creative board, and the refreshing thing to know is that all your creative work will be completed with simple commands. Even then, there are ways to make everything work faster and in a more exciting manner much like SimCity BuildIt MOD APK. Read on to find out the features that will help you make the most of this simulator.


There are hundreds of ways that you can create buildings and the city. But what are the various features that can get you there? Let’s see!

1. Real Buildings

There are so many real buildings in the game that gives a feeling of realistic locations. Players who like to get the real feel from the game will find it to be even more exciting as they relate to the real places.


2. Megapolis Cheats

There are simple controls in the game, but did you know that there are cheats that are like shortcuts, which help you get to the goal in a shorter time? Moreover, these cheats are a quick way to construct, build, plan and even see how the building or a particular plan will look in reality!

3. Megapolis Hack APK Structures

There are so many structures for public use such as stations, airports, bridges, roads, and offices! All these structures require some planning and have to be reasonable and practical for the city to become a progressive one.

4. Military Bases And Races

One of the most exciting features of this game that players love is the military base in the city that you will have to develop. These bases create weapons that are used in all the races and fights that will go on against the external enemies that want to destroy the city! The best hack for Megapolis city is to create the most powerful weapons, which need strong bases that you will create by using the resources that you get from building and developing the rest of the city. Also, check out Train Station 2 MOD APK.


Here are some simple steps that can get you to play this game. Follow the simple method and begin building new places:

  • Click on download here.
  • Install the game and allow setting changes to let the game use the sound and various features.
  • Create a shortcut for the game and place it on the home screen.
  • Enjoy the game.


Is there any payment for this game?

Megapolis is free from the minute you press download here, till the time you proceed to advanced levels. You will love the unlimited rewards and unlocked features which are not even in paid versions of the game!

How can I make different kinds of structures?

You can plan all kinds of buildings and structures like bridges, and tunnels to develop the city. However, the fun part is that the same controls are used for all these buildings. The controls are quite simple and everyone can understand them!


Megapolis Mod APK is an excellent simulation game for all those who want to build new structures and have fun with the planning of a whole city. This game teaches several things such as building, planning, strategies, allocation of space, and a lot more! All players who play this game love it and find it entertaining. Try it today and you will love it too. Moreover, you can also download Global City MOD APK easily.

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