Messenger MOD APK 391. – (Fully Unlocked) 2023

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Full Name Messenger MOD APK
Publisher Meta Platforms, Inc.
Genre Communication
Size 41 MB
Latest Version 391.
Mod Features All Features Unlocked
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The most trending applications of recent times are all that belong to social media. And anybody who is familiar with social media must be familiar with Facebook and Messenger MOD APK, the most popular of all.

Social media addicts know what an absolute revolution Facebook Messenger made. There is no app that comes in comparison to it. It is well-managed and has the best qualities to offer. With this app, you can do any or everything you would like. Be it texting somebody, or making a call overseas or to any part of the world. To know the details of this app, do continue to read this article for we have brought you the best knowledge of all. Also, download Discord MOD APK.


When Facebook was initially made, it introduced Facebook Chat which was later updated and revamped and made into Messenger. To say that it left a remarkable impression on almost everybody would definitely be an understatement.

Messenger App

The app has eased many problems like communication and interaction with friends and many other such things. It allows you to connect with anybody you like and lets to befriend them and talk to them without much of an issue. And here we present you something even better, the modified version of the actual app; Messenger Pro Mod Apk. Stay tuned to know all about this cracked version and enjoy.


This app has a lot to offer when it comes to its uses and features but is mainly used for interaction purposes. With this application, you can call anyone who uses this app, no matter how far they are. Also, it provides both the option; Audio and Video calls. In addition, you can use this app to watch videos together, can share screens, make group calls, create a chat room, share files and documents of any type, send text messages along with stickers and gifs, and share pictures, videos etcetera.



Messenger Mod Apk, as mentioned above, is a hacked or cracked version of the normal application which offers you a lot more than the original one without charging you any money, it is packed with amazing features, and here are a few mentioned for your knowledge below:

1. Can Make Unlimited Calls

Making cellular calls can be heavy on your pockets, but with an app like this, you never have to worry about limited minutes, credits, or any other thing. It offers you unlimited calling, be it an audio call or video. You can call anybody you want to, and it will connect you to them without any problem. It does not really matter if the person you are calling lives closer to you or on the other side of the globe, this app will make it easy for you.

2. Privacy Settings And Control

GB Facebook Messenger Mod Apk is an application that allows the intermingling of different platform messages hence, many people can message you on this app. To stop or restrict anonymous people to text you, you can set up settings and control who can send you messages or not. Not only that, but you can also avoid hacking of accounts that happen through clicking on random links sent to you by blocking the link-sharing option and nobody will be able to send you any sort of dangerous links. Moreover, you can also check out UC Browser MOD APK.

Messenger MOD

3. Watch Different Videos And Clips Together

In this app, you are provided an option on the video call settings where you can select and watch many videos and clips from your Facebook feed. You can play suggested videos or any video you have watched earlier from the “Watched” option. Other than that, you can also watch saved videos or the videos you have sent in the chat to the person you are talking to.

Another way of watching videos is by sharing a screen which means you have another such option in the setting. Share your screen with your friend and he will be able to witness whatever you do on your phone. Play YouTube videos or show them from your gallery, it can do whatever you want. You may also want to download Azar MOD APK.

4. Create Chat Rooms With All Of Your Friends

It has another stunning feature where you can make a Chat Room with over 50 people in the group and interact with them easily. Here you can also watch movies, tv shows, and series by simply sending them a link in the video chat and people can join you there. Chat Rooms are mostly created for hosting such parties and help with socializing among all your friends or even strangers if that is what you want to do. Anybody who loves socializing will definitely like this feature of the app.

Messenger APK

5. Turn On The Dark Mode Of Messenger

Ever since the dark mode was introduced in many social media apps, Facebook also introduced it here on this app. With this mode, you can definitely rest your eyes from all the sharp colors and bright screens which is not always the best to use. Turn towards the dark mode and use the app with a better comfort level and without much disturbance to your eyes. Send messages, voice notes, stickers, gifs, or any other thing without any trouble.

6. Introduction Of Vanish Mode On The App

Messenger Pro Mod Apk is the premium version of the app which has different features which are not available on the actual app like Vanish Mode. With this mode, you can text messages and they will disappear after a while without you having to delete them. This is the best for those who are concerned about their privacy. It will work from both ends and will allow you to communicate without the constant hassle of deleting messages. Just turn it on and your work is done here. Have a look at the Psiphon Pro MOD APK.


Does this app allow you reactions to messages like Facebook?

Most definitely yes, it allows you to react to any message, you can easily tap on the message, select the reaction and it will be done in front of you.

Are there chat themes in this apk version?

Yes, this version of the app has many chat themes for you to choose from, and the app keeps on getting more themes over the span of weeks where you can select and change your themes according to your preference.

Is this cracked or hacked version safe to use on devices?

Yes, we run anti-virus software and double-check our apps before uploading them to the page which is why we assure you that it is completely safe from any virus and can be downloaded without any fear.


Here we have tried our level best to give you a short review of this premium, hacked version; Messenger Mod Apk. Download this amazing app from our website through the link given to you on the page and enjoy the endless amazing features and qualities without any charge or fee.

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