Mini Football MOD APK 1.8.5 – (Unlimited Sprint) 2022

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Full Name Mini Football MOD APK
Genre Sports
Size 147 MB
Latest Version 1.8.5
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Mini Football MOD APK is a professional football match on your android screen, and the excitement and adrenaline rush from the game are the same as if you were on the field! When you cannot go out and give time to a real game, this is the closest you can get to winning a trophy!

There are hundreds of sports games i.e Soccer Stars MOD APK, and many of them are focused on soccer so that you can spend your free time focusing on a game that can keep you entertained. However, some games make your thought process so fast and clear, that if you apply the same processing method to your daily chores you can become a rock star.

What’s The Story Of Mini Football APK?

Just like Head Ball 2 MOD APK, Mini Football is about two teams playing on the field, and you will be one of them. The way you maneuver the ball and score goals to make your team win will decide who takes the trophy home. The basic skills are explained to players before the game so you would know what kinds of moves are allowed. Moreover, you get to enjoy real-time activities like choosing team members and showing your pleasure or displeasure, and the story that unfolds between kicks makes this game even more interesting.

Mini Football APK

Football Mod follows all the same rules in the game as are followed on the field. If you play football, or if you know how to play this game, you can win easily!

The Gameplay Of Mini Football MOD APK

The gameplay of Mini Football is easy as it required only a few moves ahead and kicking maneuvers. Dodging and other techniques in the game will become easier as you practice more. The two-hand control makes this game an exciting challenge for younger players.

When players get full control, they can beat the opponent with ease and the menu options of this mod game will get you closer to it. Apart from the game’s cool graphics and sound, you get to enjoy the real chants and cheers of the crowd, which add to the game’s charm.

Features Of Mini Football MOD APK

Every game becomes a favorite because of its features. If a game offers many menu options and good features to support the player it gets many gamers onboard! Here are some of the unique features of Mini Football Mod APK that has made it a popular choice among android gamers.

Mini Football MOD

1. Excellent Graphics

This game has become a hit because of the extraordinary graphics and sound. The roars in the crowd and the hurls of the opponent team add to the game, while the excellent picture and continuous scenery keep you riveted.

2. Choose Characters

You can choose your teammates and select from the options of some great players that will add to your team. You can choose players according to skill, and you can also pick the players that will make victory easier.

3. Customize

Every tournament win and every player’s addition to the team will make it easier for you to stay focused on the game. Changes in attire, the way your team looks, and their attire will make it more fun. Players enjoy spending their hard-earned rewards on improving their teams. Mini Football Mod APK gives you numerous options when it comes to picking a smart uniform, some dapper players, and the colors that will add life to your screen!

4. Soccer Field Offers

The soccer fields that you have admired for ages can now become a part of your game! You can select various arenas that are close to the real ones famous for hosting major tournaments in the world. All it needs is some rewards to be spent on the purchase but the fun factor multiplies!

Mini Football

5. Change Of The Ball

Football is always the main star of the game and Mini Football Mod APK gives you the option to change the appearance to get the real football World Cup feels! IIFA may be the dream for most of you but in this game, you will enjoy every season of passion by getting closer to the real look.

6. Expanding To Regions

Players can modify their football players according to any region. Now you can make football players of various ethnicities and origins come forward to make one team and play for the trophy. Every goal that you score will get you closer to the win with all the players that have competitive skills.

7. Expanded Menu

The mod game has numerous added features and they make the menu much more colorful than in any other version. Gamers can select so many options of skilled football players on the field, change color themes, and even make the sound effects according to their choice.

8. Receive More Rewards

While every modification in the game and customization of the team and stadium will require rewards, the mod version will give you more rewards than any other game mode and this will give you an edge over others. You will never have to wait long to make the changes you want to see.

Download MOD APK

How To Download Mini Football MOD APK?

You can download this game in easy steps,

  • Remove any existing version of Mini Football,
  • Click on Download Now and let the game install,
  • Allow the game to use a phone sound system,
  • Create an icon and change the privacy settings to allow the game to access the Mini Football community over the Internet.
  • Begin playing within minutes!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Mini Football for children only?

No, this game is for adults as well and it will help you become more efficient and fast thinking when it comes to scoring goals.

Can I change the language of the game?

Mini Football has the option of making changes according to your requirements and language change is a part of it.


Mini Football Mod APK is an excellent football tournament game with many features and a simple layout that will make your free time a learning period. You will love the features and the easy download makes it possible for every player to become a soccer pro while playing with the best. And if you are a cricket fan too then have a look at Cricket League MOD APK which is an amazing game for cricket lovers.

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