Mini Militia MOD APK 5.3.7 – (Doodle Army 2 Latest Version) 2023

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Full Name Mini Militia MOD APK
Genre Action
Size 44 MB
Latest Version 5.3.7
Mod Features Unlimited Money
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Mini Militia MOD APK was originally released for iOS in 2011 and then became available for android in 2015. It is an amazing 2D multiplayer game that gained popularity rapidly due to its unique style and gameplay. This exciting shooter video game was introduced on both android and iOS platforms.

The Mini Militia latest version is brought to the gamers to give them an awe-inspiring mini militia experience. It is a lightweight version that allows the user to have unlimited access to the game’s resources without using any hacks. It multiplies the fun and thrill for mini militia lovers and leaves them hooked. Also, play Mobile Legends MOD APK.


Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 mod apk takes gamers to an awesome multiplayer battlefield. The player can combat online or locally in multiplayer mode from 6 to 12 other players. The challenging ambush engages the player as he builds his first stickman shooter Doodle army. Luckily, you can download the mini militia game for free. It can be easily downloaded from this page and played without any purchases.

Mini Militia MOD


Mini Militia Doodle Army 2 also known as DA2 has a mind-boggling storyline to capture the gamer’s interest throughout the game. In the beginning, you will train with Sarge to learn the best shooting skills in the training mode. Next, you will form your own army and level up after each combat. There are several ranks in the game and as you become a pro and increase the number of kills, you will rise to higher ranks of commanders.

The enthralling gameplay of the mini militia mod apk has various modes to entertain the shooters as much as you experience in Hide Online MOD APK. It is one of the very few shooting games which offer such versatile gameplay.

1. Training Mode

The training mode at the beginning of the game assists the newcomer and welcomes him to the epic adventure. The training takes place at the Officer candidate school and is led by trainer Sarge. This mode will teach the user to control the movements of the character and also the aiming and shooting of weapons. Sarge walks you through the basic controls and makes you practice with targets and robots.

2. Survival Mode

In the survival mode of the mini militia android apk, Sarge the trainer escorts you to the actual battlefield where the real action takes place. You will face fierce robots as Sarge teaches you to defend yourself from their wrath.

3. Multiplayer Mode

There are two types of multiplayer modes in the game. It can be played on the web with 6 players on each server and also using Wi-Fi which supports 12 players. The multiplayer mode is the most exciting of all. The players are filled with excitement as they counter strong opponents, play with multiple weapons, unlock their favorite avatars, and steer through several diverse maps.

The multiplayer option also opens doors to other modes. The players can also choose from Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. These game modes differ in difficulty levels and gaming styles.

Mini Militia


Mini Militia is a great game for all players who like to plan and play for entertainment. Check out the mod features of this game and you will feel like you got extra tools to explore!

1. Unlocked Online Content

The online mode content will be unlocked from the first level. You do not have to win many levels or earn a particular amount of coins, all the features are unlocked from the moment you log on to the game!

2. Sniper Rifle

The special weapons in the game are going to keep all players engrossed as they get to be expert snipers with such weaponry! Only this version has all the weapons unlocked and the sniper rifle is a unique one.

3. Rocket Launchers And Other Weapons

The game revolves around military action hence weapons are the best part of this game. The rocket launchers and all the other weapons of this mod version are exclusive and players can enjoy them all.

4. Unlimited Ammo And Nitro

Mini militia can be really tiring if played without hacks and cheats. Who doesn’t like to double up the fun with unlimited easy resources? When hacks are coded for players, they have to be inserted repeatedly and have to be thought through. However, downloading the mini militia mod apk will lead you to an epic experience where there is no need to put in cheats for resources. You can have unlimited ammo and nitro in your gameplay and have fun on the battlefield. Moreover, check the features of the Azur Lane MOD APK.

5. Unlimited Money And Cash

This version loads you with limitless cash and money. Don’t worry competent gamer, you will never be out of cash in this game! Mini Militia Mod Apk Download serves the player with unlimited money during his gameplay.


1. Online And Offline Modes

How often does a shooting game offer both offline and online modes of play? Here, the players can play with their comrades in the amazing online mode and also open the doors to unlimited fun in the offline mode when they lack an internet connection. There is no need to be dependent on the internet to enjoy the thrilling experience of mini militia.

2. Diverse Maps

There are a variety of different locations for an absorbing gaming experience, the game takes you to different areas as you progress to higher levels. In total, there are 20 unique maps from which the player can choose. While each map is fascinating and proves challenging for the gamer, some maps offer exceptional capacities to engross you completely.

3. Simple And Easy Controls

Just like Archero MOD APK, the interesting part about the game is that it is designed to be lightweight and simple. There are easy controls that can be learned instantly by the players in the training mode. Moving and shooting down enemies is therefore more fun as the players find it easy to control the character and can focus on the shooting strategies easily.


How is the winner declared in multiplayer gaming?

In the multiplayer mode, the team with each member’s highest cumulative points becomes the winner.

Can mini militia be installed on windows?

No, the Mini militia is currently only for android and iOS. However, you can play it with BlueStacks on Windows PC.

Can mini militia mod apk download work offline?

Yes, the mini militia modified version can work offline too.


Mini Militia: Doodle Army 2 has been on the top of the charts for a long time. It is very popular among free shooting games. The diverse game modes make shooting and killing ten times more fun. Become the ultimate terminator by slaughtering enemies and become the king of weapons with unlimited ammo and nitro offered by the mini militia mod apk version.

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