Minion Rush MOD APK 8.7.3a – (Unlimited Recourses) 2022

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Full Name Minion Rush MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Casual
Size 103 MB
Latest Version 8.7.3a
Mod Features Unlimited Recourses & Money
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Minion Rush MOD APK is one of the most highlighted single-player runner games that stands as the third most played game in this category after Temple Run and Subway Surfer. As most gamers of all ages are leaning towards this game a little more, the download numbers have reached around a billion users actively playing this game around the world. The game is full of multiple character skins with an endless journey to explore the minion universe. You have dodged the hurdle and earned your way up to unlock multiple rewards.

Every game created by Gameloft has special popularity due to its unique graphics and engaging gameplay. So, if you’re a fan of these cute yellow creatures then you should dive into their world to play this game. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some major features of the minion rush hack.

Minion Rush MOD

Minion Rush Hacked Storyline

Most people don’t consider the Despicable series as a movie but a complete franchise full of energy and emotions that have caught our hearts since it was first released. Some of us are such die heart fans of the minions that we prefer all stuff themed with the same style, due to their mimey jokes and extra unique features of the characters.

If you’re into any character then you would know the height of things, you want to experience the characters and the movies. You want to enjoy every game, buy every merchandise, and eat every food related to them. Similar to them are Minions and Minion Rush Modded entirely plotted on the minion universe.

The story revolves around the main character Dave and follow-up characters Jerry, Mel, and Carl run around with the help of this exclusively designed gameplay. You will get a deeper look within the minion’s lives as they’re rushing towards their goal while earning money to get all dressed up and funky for the escape.

Minion Rush APK

Minion Rush Cheats Gameplay

When it comes to the minion rush hack android gameplay, the gameplay is pretty straightforward just like Stumble Guys MOD APK as you will be playing as the main minion. You’re in the race to win against fellow minions while dodging all the hurdles and taking all the opportunities to boost your speed throughout the game. As the game is set in the Minion Universe, the hurdles and obstacles would complement them giving a colorful outlook.

It will also be offering some casual information about all the different minions in that universe. You will not only be playing with Dave, Mel, Carl, and Jerry but you’ll be unlocking many others from the movie. You can either play this game individually or with friends online switching to multiplayer mode. All thanks to the modded version, you’ll be experiencing the best out of the game with every feature, skin, boost, and reward unlocked.

Minion Rush Game

Features Of Minion Rush Modded

Minions are a worldwide phenomenon and so we are sure you may have heard of these cute little yellow characters. Here are some of the features of Minion Rush:

1. Fun Campaign

The game is based on a number of chapters and each chapter is a different story. Fruits must be collected in order to proceed to another chapter and once the required number of fruits is obtained, players can travel to a completely new location. The fun part is that not only the location changes but new and exciting gameplay changes are also made after each change chapter. Sometimes the game will choose to randomly select a chapter, which can add a little more fun as everyone’s experience will be a little different from others.

2. Earn Bananas To Unlock Rewards

For those who know the Minions, you should know they love bananas. So much so that bananas are the official currency in this game. Bananas can be used to buy hilarious costumes for the Minions and each costume comes with its own unique benefit. Some of these outfits are taken from the TV franchise while others have been separately made for the game. Completing a chapter in a specific outfit might also reveal an additional reward.

Minion Rush

3. Different Locations Different Exploration

Just like Fun Run 3 MOD APK, Minion Rush is home to several unique locations, each with its own set of obstacles. Players will have to overcome these obstacles by either climbing or jumping over them. Obstacles can also be dodged by moving into any one of the three lanes. Sometimes, the path ahead will depend on the choices that you take earlier which can act as another exciting factor, making the game more entertaining.

4. Buy Exclusive Costumes For Favorite Minions

Customize your Minions and dress them up in funny or exotic costumes. These costumes can be unlocked in two different ways, either through tokens or bananas. Bananas are the official currency of the game and can be earned by playing through the game. Tokens on the other hand will require the spending of real money, however, tokens also buy the costumes faster. Moreover, some unique costumes with incredible bonuses can only be bought with tokens. However, the game can still be completed without spending a single penny on tokens to buy costumes.


Minion Rush Mod Apk is a trendy game that is fun for all and a dedicated family game for your family to enjoy together. As the idea for the storyline refers to the insanely famous minions, a huge amount of people are downloading it and loving the gameplay. You can collect all the rewards and boost your speed by running over all the obstacles in between.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are minions in this game different from the movie?

No, the minions introduced in the game are similar to the ones in the movie, each of them having their own talent and unique skills.

What’s the age limit for playing despicable me minions rush hack?

There isn’t any specific age limit for playing this game as it is completely a children-friendly game.

What are the different benefits of the Minion Rush mod version?

There are many benefits, particularly you can have all the features unlocked and can earn minion rush apk unlimited money which you can use for different purposes.

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