Modern Combat 4 MOD APK 1.2.3e – Zero Hour (Full Game) 2023

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Full Name Modern Combat 4 MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Action
Size 16 MB
Latest Version 1.2.3e
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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Modern Combat 4 MOD APK is a fantastic action game that can keep all players entertained for a long. The shooting game will take you to a world that is chaotic and requires the help of supreme soldiers. You are the only chance! Do you think you have what it takes to become the ultimate fighter that can beat all enemies in every combat?

Some battle games are too gore for younger players while they are too loud or mundane for older ones. Modern Combat is a perfect blend of strategy, action, the use of a menu, and a fantastic collection of features that make it an ideal pick for all.


Just like Ace Fighter MOD APK, players can deploy troops from a plane with parachutes on, and they will be raining on enemy forces from the air. The battlefield is always awake as there are enemies everywhere, but there are also enough hiding spots for the player’s troops. You can hide behind cars, tankers, and sheds, and even create a hiding place for yourself.

Modern Combat 4 MOD

When you defeat enemies, all the ammunition will be left behind and that is your booty. Players get to earn big bucks from each round and the booty is always going to be an added bonus. The mod version of this game is a special one because the story gets much more intense.

Apart from the stuff that you can get from the backpacks of soldiers, there are so many other bonus items in this version that make this game so special! The combats can be different and they also have a lot of diverse themes such as long-range aiming and bullet exchanges. Whichever combat you engage in, the gameplay of this version will make you a winner. Modern Combat 4 free android game has various twists and turns and all of them are nothing short of thrilling!


Modern Combat APK full mod version is special, and the gameplay is simply the same as Modern Warships MOD APK. You get to play all kinds of exciting moves, use new and innovative weapons, and even deploy troops according to a strategy that will keep you ahead of others. The controls are simple and the good thing is, there are such amazing graphics that players feel as if they are in the game!

The rewards multiply as your troops become more and more equipped. The circle of rewards and challenges getting more thrilling and you will need to plan ahead to stay ahead. The best thing to have in a game is menu options that allow customizations, and all kinds of fun things to do with the characters, and themes. When you download Modern Combat 4 APK, you get all of these entertaining things to do!


There are so many exclusive features and we are putting some of them down here for you!

1. Unlimited Money

This game is full of surprises and this one tops them all! The unlimited money you get at the beginning of the game will make you capable of trying all kinds of purchases, upgrades, and customizations. You can change uniforms, weapons, soundtrack music, and even colors! Moreover, you can buy more time in a round or even add more lives if you lose too quickly.

2. Unlocked Weapons And Everything

The weapons, troops, and even ways to deploy the troops will all be unlocked from the beginning. You can have as many fun battles that will always end in your favor, and each new menu feature that you use will be to apply any of the unlocked weapons or tools to improve your gameplay.

3. No Ads

This game version does not have any marketing partnerships hence you will not have to sit through boring and irritating ads that take up good time from your game. Now you can enjoy Modern Combat 4 Mod APK without any interruptions. Also, have a look at the modded features of War Machines MOD APK.


The regular features that you might know from previous versions include:

1. Online Battles

The players can fight their hearts out by playing against each other in the online version. The game is so interesting that you will not even realize how much you scream, and get involved in the game while playing against real people from various parts of the world!

2. Excellent Graphics

The graphics of this game make it look real and that gives it the edge you all want from an online game. When the characters and places look real, the battle becomes more thrilling and you put your mind to it fully.

3. Age Restricted

This game is age restricted although it is not bizarrely violent. However, this shows the responsible behavior of the developer and also ensures older players that they will not get bored with a child’s game.


You can download the game by following these steps:

  • Remove all old versions of the game,
  • Click Download Here,
  • Install the Modern Combat APK file,
  • Change privacy policy to allow the use of phone sound and memory,
  • Allow Wi-Fi use,
  • Enjoy the online game.


What is the age restriction on this game?

The age restriction on this game is 16+. However, if you have an adult who can allow you to watch this game, you will still be learning a lot of moves and then when you will be able to play it, you will be ready for all kinds of challenging battles.

Can I play this game with my friends?

You can play this game with your friends because it has an online mode, which allows players to enjoy the game with friends even if they are not in the same room, or on the same side of the war!


Modern Combat 4 Mod APK is an action and strategy game with a lot of interesting features and a simple yet enticing story and gameplay. You can download this game for free and enjoy so many Mod features that come with this version only. Furthermore, have a look at Modern Warplanes MOD APK, which is a great game as well.

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