Modern Combat 5 MOD APK 5.9.0a – (GOD Mode With High Damage) 2023

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Full Name Modern Combat 5 MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Action
Size 52 MB
Latest Version 5.9.0a
Mod Features Unlimited Money & GOD Mode
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If you are a game lover who is obsessed with fighting games then you must be trying Modern Combat 5 MOD APK. This latest version has all the previous features along with the additions of the new ones which makes it the most popular one among its players. Here you will find all the good reasons for convincing yourself to get a modern combat 5 download. So, let’s begin with exciting information about its gameplay, storyline, and features.


Just like Battle Of Warships MOD APK, the gameplay is very stimulating for the players with high-quality graphics, different cities, tasks a lot of war weaponry and powers. In fighting the opponents, you get the options of both attack and defense which includes shooting, jumping, sitting, and many more functions to feel the experience as realistic as possible. The weaponry list is huge which is hard to discuss here but for your information, it has a lot to offer you. If you are an army lover then you must try playing it.

Modern Combat 5

The game has different modes for the user’s convenience, making it simpler and easier to play. In modern combat 5 offline mode, the users get the opportunity to play without an internet connection. On the contrary, in online mode, you need an internet connection, but the good news is that the gameplay gets more interactive as you can play and talk to players from around the globe.

Modern Combat 5 APK


The modern combat anti-ban game is a series of stories that are followed in every version and in this latest one, is the sequel to the previous one. The players need to destroy an organization of terrorism by bringing all the weapons and powers in their use much like Gunship Battle MOD APK.

The more interesting part is that you get to experience different cities which actually exist in the real world. This adds to the realistic virtual experience of the players. It gets addictive when you have to perform a few tasks to open areas that include urban sites, temples, and military bases. The players find more curiosity as they move forward in the story which keeps it interesting to play for long hours.

Modern Combat 5 MOD


The following are the main interesting features of the game.

1. Many Characters

The gameplay allows the players to have a team of nine players which contributes to giving you a military feel during your play. You can fight with more passion and as a result, you get to win more gameplay.

2. Advanced And Historic Weaponry

Something which really makes this game rare among others in the market is that it has both advanced and historic weaponry which makes the war more flexible, complex, and diverse. The players get to arm themselves with the weaponry of the whole world.

3. High-Quality Graphics

It is not just the machinery that makes it addictive, but the graphics are of high quality in this version resulting in more clarity and interactive visualization. The players get to enjoy their shooting even better and find it an addictive excuse. Also, play Defender 3 MOD APK which has amazing graphics as well.

4. Many Cities

It has a very vast setting where gamers can enjoy the war with their opponents. It makes you feel that you are traveling through different parts of the world in a warlike soldier. This stimulates passion and the players get more involved.


What is the guarantee of modern combat 5 apk data protection?

You can trust its highly qualified system by expert developers who ensured that the data must be protected to make it a daily life quest for the gamers as they feel a sense of achievement as they proceed.

What makes modern combat 5 blackout mod apk different from the previous versions?

Its versatility in characters, features, and most importantly the high-quality 3D graphics makes it the best among its previous versions.


Just like Hero Hunters MOD APK, Modern combat 5 mod apk is a diverse virtual experience in the world of gaming with its extensive and versatile features. It ensures that gamers must play for long hours without getting bored. It makes the players addicted to the first gameplay by rewarding them with more weapons and unlocking different areas. We wish you luck with your quest of removing terrorism from the world. So, get a modern combat game downloaded and start playing.

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