Mortal Kombat MOD APK 4.0.1 – (Easy Win & Unlimited Souls) 2023

Mortal Kombat

Full Name Mortal Kombat MOD APK
Publisher Warner Bros. International Enterprises
Genre Action
Size 863 MB
Latest Version 4.0.1
Mod Features Unlimited Credits
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Mortal Kombat MOD APK is an exciting game and has millions of followers worldwide. There are so many versions of this game, but if you want some surprising bonuses, this is where you can download the game. Within a few minutes, you will begin playing this legendary game that has been the number one choice among players for so many reasons.

Some games become historically huge, and Mortal Kombat is one of them. Here we will discuss all that players must know about it so that they can enjoy each menu option and so many spectacular features. Read on and see why this game has become a big part of the world of games and has been selected for our collection. Also, play the amazing game Mortal Kombat X MOD APK.

Mortal Kombat MOD


Mortal Kombat Unlimited is a tournament where fighters engage in a death match. This story revolves around a sorcerer from another world whose name is Shang Tsung. He invites some of the best fighters to compete with worthy opponents in the tournament which will decide who is better. Johnny Cane, Liu Kang, and some other characters enjoy the position of heroes, and Sonya Blade is among them. Players have to fight against these heroes and prove their worth. All these characters are against Shang Tsung the sorcerer. Now the fate of the world depends on the fight. This game will decide if you can save the world or not.

Through martial arts moves, you can make your way to save the planet from this sorcerer. Players can earn points by landing some hot moves, and these points will be their gateway to improving the characters, getting more powers and so many other exciting changes that will make the Mortal Kombat hack android game your best decision in a long time. Also, check out Tekken 5 APK which has an amazing storyline as well.


The gameplay of this legendary play is amazing because there is so much going on but the controls are simple. You can use the touchscreen to control the characters, and the navigation tools will efficiently launch new moves and new kinds of maneuvers. Players of all ages will find this game easy to play. If you can collect enough points in every battle, there will be enough for you to get new moves, more power, and even some amazing customizations.

The graphics of this game are what have added drastically to its reputation. You will be seeing more colorful, and detailed pictures throughout the game. Moreover, the sound effects are great. In fact, this game has some of the most exciting tracks that will boost the players’ spirits.

Mortal Kombat APK


There are so many Mod features of the game. Take a look at some of the best ones here:

1. Unlimited Money

Mortal Kombat Mod APK unlimited money and souls are the most exciting feature. You can win more lives in the game and keep attempting all the levels that will get you closer to defeating the enemy. The unlimited money stash is your key to more power and more lives, use it wisely and have more fun.

2. Unlocked Heroes

All the heroes in the game are available to you. This game is going to become so adventurous and exciting when you can play alongside or opposite a new warrior who has been around for years. Each of these heroes has fans all over the world, and now you can play with them easily.

3. No Ads

The advertisement pop-ups and extremely boring game trailers will be absent from the game. You can play this game without having to watch these ads anymore. Whenever you have free time, you will be able to spend it on the game only.

4. Ally Credits

Mortal Kombat mobile hack APK is a generous version when it comes to ally credits. Keep winning the rounds with as many ally credits as you need. There will be no fights without any ally credit anymore.

5. Inviting Allies

It is not only ally credits but the invitation for allies is also a good option so that you can enjoy the game with them. Now you can make this game so entertaining with your friends that all of you will start looking forward to it. Have a look at the modded features of Dragon Ball Legends MOD APK.

Mortal Kombat MOD APK Game


Mortal Kombat has reached this status because it has so many thrilling features. Check them out here:

1. High-End Graphics

We had to mention graphics before everything else. The amazing picture quality is fantastic and keeps players engrossed. You will surely love the colors and high definition pictures and detailed characters.

2. Multiplayer Game

The multiplayer game is a treat for players because you can play with friends and make the most of your free time. Mortal Kombat has so many heroes and friends and you can play along with any of them while interacting with each other.

3. Modes Of Play

There are numerous modes that will keep you busy and will try your skills in different ways. You can play one against one, three against three, and in all kinds of settings to accommodate your friends and enjoy a battle together.

4. Challenge Others

There are so many other online players that can make you polish your skills when you challenge them to fight against you. All the characters have unique powers. However, there is going to be some extra spice in this action game when you can try out different martial art moves.

5. Free Download

This game is a free download, whether you select to download it from Play Store or any website online. This game has some in-game purchases but the download will always be free.

Mortal Kombat hack APK


Mortal Kombat Mod APK is a fantastic game and we had heard so much about it. However, it turned out to be better than what we expected. The characters are unique and the martial art moves are all real. The war rounds are well-planned and there are so many locations where you can play against the sorcerer. Moreover, this version gives so many free features that add to the game’s excitement.

Another reason is that there are unlocked characters and they can play with you or against you. The best battles will be against these heroes that have fan followings, and it has become so easy to play with any of them without having to first win rounds. Moreover, you can also read our feedback about ShadowGun Legends MOD APK as well.


You can download this game with only one click. Yes, only a click. It is important that you open the privacy settings and change the download option to accept installations from unknown sources. Once done, a click on Download Now will get you this amazing game. Once your download is complete, you will have to install the APK file for additional features.

There are no updates and regular installations to follow. You will be able to play this game within minutes of downloading it. Just get the shortcut icon ready on the homepage and all else will become easy.


Is this game for children also?

Yes! Everyone can play this game and they will all enjoy it. The characters will be quite entertaining for all players.

Will I have to pay for the characters?

You can play with all the characters without paying any money. These unlocked characters are an additional feature in this game and there are going to be no charges.

What kind of fights are in this game?

Mortal Kombat has difficult martial arts and various Oriental fighting moves. You will love the sequences and gradually the game will become an easy one for you.


Mortal Kombat Mod APK is an excellent game that has been around for years. You can play it on your android phone now, and that too with all the additional features. There are so many free menu options and you can get free souls as well. All the characters are legendary and they are all available to you in this version. Now you can enjoy martial art moves and all the heroes in this version.

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