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Full Name My Playhome Plus MOD APK
Publisher Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Genre Simulation
Size 119 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Download My Playhome Plus MOD APK for the child in you, or for kids at home. This play is simple and has almost no downsides or dull moments. A good pick for younger players will never be boring for adults either. You can enjoy this game and ensure that every free hour turns into a fun hour.

Some games are childish, yet interesting for players of all ages, and this one is definitely going to be an interesting one for all. You can rely on the premium features of the mod version to enjoy a good time and make the most of your daily breaks and between tasks hours same as Summertime Saga MOD APK.

What Goes On In the Playhome?

This game is a modern dollhouse that has different rooms, and there are furniture pieces and many other activities that can keep a child busy for hours. The player can move the furniture and do so many exciting things that happen on a daily basis.

Nowadays it is hard to watch what kids are doing on their android devices, and this game is a solution! You can install this game and your kids can learn all about managing the house just like you used to play with a dollhouse when you were young! This game also has story events like caring for oral hygiene, caring for a pet, making the bed, and going to school punctually.

My PlayHome Plus MOD

Just like Teaching Feeling APK, there are going to be so many important issues that will be addressed in subtle ways such as daily care, routine, discipline and even taking care of your things. Young kids who like to watch videos will also find this story to be fun because they get to be the boss in the game. When they play different kinds of scenarios in the house, they get to understand how elders feel, and simultaneously, they get to have a say in the game so they do not feel unheard in real life.

My Playhome Plus Mod APK has new areas like food courts and playgrounds where kids learn to wait for their turn, understand the reason behind it, and follow these things in real life. The app is a complete way of teaching kids new things while ensuring that they get to learn a lot about the way they have to spend time on their own, or around elders. A good way of understanding why things are to be obeyed is to know what will happen if they do not follow the rules. This game app does a fantastic job of teaching kids what to do, and why!

The Engaging Gameplay

The gameplay of My Playhome Plus APK is simple because it is for kids. We insist that even elders can play this, but even if you don’t the kids can pick up on it easily. You will not have to teach them a thing because the menu is simple, and there are no challenges, missions, or anything.

They can click on the screen to do what they want to, and it will happen. The touchscreen systems will be much easier to follow and kids of all ages will pick up on this game within a short while. In fact, you will notice that their reading skills will improve and the words that are spoken in the app will also become their daily vocabulary words.

The graphics of this game are on point because kids might lose interest if the picture is not good. The good quality of the pictures and the excellent sound effects will keep kids engaged much like Lost Life APK. The game app is a complete activity for kids that will teach them something as well. When you decide to install this game, there are some premium features that kids will love for sure, and you will also like.

My PlayHome Plus

My PlayHome Plus MOD Features!

Mod features of any game make it more interesting. The same is the case with this kid game! Check out the features and enjoy:

1. Unlocked Everything

This game does not have any locked areas of the house nor even the new areas like the food court are open from the first level onwards. There are no challenges, but when you log on to the game, you can have the option of playing in any part of the house. Your kid will love every area because there is something to do in each of them!

2. No Ads

It can be quite uncomfortable for kids to be interrupted by ads, and that is why there are no ads in this version!

3. Free Games

Here is the feature that you will love! All the purchases that your kid makes in the game will be free and there is no real money required. Many games require payments and while elders can resist, kids often want their purchases to happen and might give you a tough time. Also, check out BitLife MOD APK.

My PlayHome Plus APK

Features Of My PlayHome Plus MOD APK

The regular features of the game are for everyone. Check them out here:

1. Excellent Graphics

The detailed scenes and good graphics quality are great addition for all players. They remain focused on the game and it becomes more exciting for them when they can see the detailed rooms and objects in them.

2. Free Download

The download will not require any subscription or any kind of payment for membership so you can give your kid some entertainment free of cost!

3. Planned For Elders As Well

All age groups can play this game. There are so many parts of the game that are interesting and will keep you excited. However, since this game is for kids, even seniors find it exciting and fun.

Download My PlayHome Plus MOD APK!

You can download the game easily by doing this:

  • Click on Download,
  • Allow the phone to download from an unknown source,
  • Install the APK file,
  • Create a shortcut and enjoy the game.

Download MOD APK

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this game for kids only?

No older people can also play it. However, since the theme is childish and there are no challenges, many people might not feel that it is for them.

Will I get any unlimited money in the game?

The Mod version of this game offers free in-game purchases so even if you do not get any money, you will not need it in the game!


My Playhome Plus Mod APK is an excellent game for all kids and elders as it is about a simple day at home. You will love the game’s story and your kid will get the simple and innocent entertainment that you want for them!

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