NOVA Legacy MOD APK 5.8.4a – (All Items Unlocked With Unlimited Trilithium) 2023

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Full Name NOVA Legacy MOD APK
Publisher Gameloft SE
Genre Action
Size 100 MB
Latest Version 5.8.4a
Features Unlimited Money & Trilithium
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Wanting to feel like the savior of mankind? Get NOVA Legacy APK and enjoy being the fighter who protects all from enemies, and various creatures. This game gives players a specific character, and they are never the bad guy. Here is all the information you need about this game before you download it.

The Legacy was developed by Gameloft S.E., and it is an action game that will keep you mesmerized, even when you feel that you are not really up for a game! The NOVA Legacy APK’s latest version is the upgraded type of this game and allows you to win big with lots of coins and money. You also get the choice of getting wealthy with Trilithium! The bank full of money can buy you all the in-game purchases.

The NOVA Legacy’s latest version comes with no restrictions, so it is unlimited fun and nonstop action! Many games begin the monthly subscriptions when they know that you are hooked, but not Legacy. Users do not have to pay for this game and all the purchases will be with the virtual currency you earn.


This action and battlefield play has a story that will put you in high gear same as Battlelands Royale MOD APK. The character that you play is a savior and fights all kinds of enemies to save mankind. The various characters and weapons evolve as you invest in them, and the skins and customizable characters add more life to the game as you progress.

NOVA Legacy

The game starts with a story to prep you for the situation and the battle that you have to win. The excellent narration, background tune, and mesmerizing scenes will put you in top gear to win the fight and play with all your might. NOVA Legacy APK unlimited everything means you will get all the money, coins, diamonds, and gold to keep you going on your winning streak. This game is the perfect action field for all of you who enjoy winning or practicing for it.


Check out the features of this game to see how amazing it is!

1. Team Attacks

The NOVA Legacy allows you to play with teams and appear in groups on the battlefield. The game intensifies as you pass levels, and after the nineteen levels, you become a pro-fighting the enemies with higher degree weapons while the enemies also advance! The game-winner finishes all nineteen levels. You will be amazed at the cyborgs, robots, and zombies that you will be in combat with, and of course, the battles are always fierce. You may also like War Robots MOD APK.

2. Timed Play

You have the option of finishing levels within the given time. The adrenaline rush from the restricted time is something new, and adds charm to the game!


3. Lots And Lots Of Money

NOVA Legacy’s unlimited money feature will make you enjoy the game, as it allows you to make all kinds of purchases in the game. The steps you win will give you rewards, and in this version of the game, you get the bonus wins that make you a wealthy savior! The purchase of new weapons, better equipment, and more power can enable you to win different levels and become the ultimate winner.

4. Graphics

The unique graphics of this game make it an excellent choice for entertainment with quality! Gameloft is an acclaimed game developer, and you can enjoy all the games, but NOVA is a novelty! Suppose you think that the scenarios and the battlefield will be like the regular games you see on the phone, this one of not the same. The various modes of the game adjust to the device you download it on, and the result is a smooth-running game every time.

You will enjoy each of these modes, and that adds to the game! This game design will give you more gold and diamonds, and you will enjoy playing with better weapons and more force.


5. Three-Dimensional Models And Skins

Just like Bed Wars MOD APK, you can customize your character and adorn various gear, some of which may even be helpful in working as armor. The different models and skins go well with the theme of the play.

6. Death Cam

The three-dimensional Death Cam allows you to view your fight in the third person. This feature makes the game more interesting as you can see where you lost and need to improve! The best part about this view is that you can compare your progress and make amends wherever required. And lastly, the cam view allows you to enjoy every bit of your victory-in full view.

7. Console-Like Experience For Players

The mobile game that gives you a console game feeling and has graphics that make it fitting to be compared with console games, the NOVA Legacy, is an exciting new addition, and we understand why millions of people are downloading it!

8. Online Matchmaking

The online play option makes this game even more fun than it was before, or is that even possible? This version will give you many options, and you can create passwords for online multiplayer matches. Now all your games will remain exclusive.


How Can I Get Unlimited Coins In NOVA Legacy?

You can get an unlimited supply of coins, gold, and all the works with the latest version of NOVA Legacy APK.

Do I Need To Play Online?

This game can be played online, and offline and will give you the liberty of trying it all and having fun with and without a steady internet connection.

Do I Need A Special Device?

No, you don’t need any special device for this. You can download the latest version of the Legacy on your phone, and it will work accordingly. You will always enjoy a smooth game without hanging or any unnecessary slow-downs.


NOVA Legacy Apk is an excellent game likewise Mech Arena MOD APK to play on your mobile phone. The Gameloft SE is a master developer, and their three-dimensional graphics are excellent for this battle game. While you feel like a savior, you learn to play better and become a master after winning nineteen levels. This action play is all you need for some entertainment. Download it now so you don’t miss the best game ever.

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