One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK 12.2.0 – (God Mode, High Damage) 2023

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Full Name One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK
Publisher BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
Genre Role-Playing
Size 94 MB
Latest Version 12.2.0
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK has been one of the most high-rated manga and anime-based games of all time. It is known for its pirate adventures with character development and dramatic objectives. It is absolutely free of cost, and unlike other games won’t trick you into spending more money in disguise. Moreover, it’s pretty straightforward in terms of updates and special functionalities.

This game holds a special place in most gamers’ hearts due to its extensive features. The compelling setting allows different pirates to interact, letting them indulge in different activities related to the game. In this blog, we’ll be sharing some insights about the renowned One Piece Treasure Cruise apk.


One Piece made its way to the hype due to its early popularity among anime and manga fans same as Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK. It originated from the development team working under Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. The entire storyline based on manga popped out, defining the sea reign in the hands of pirates.

It features a wide variety of features including many innovative characters, crucial challenges, and more. The basic gameplay has quite simple mechanics that are up to par with the battle format and strategic combats. If you’re a fan of One Piece since the early days of manga, then you’ll find many relatable aspects in the game as well.

One Piece Treasure Cruise


The storyline of One Piece TC revolves around the extensive seas that are ruled by pirates. It lets you play the game by living the story of Luffy and other pirates. The basic idea of the game originated from the manga. OPTC is divided into many different modes, due to which you don’t have to revolve just around the story mode, as there are several aspects of the pirates’ world to discover.

The game begins as Luffy explores the island you’re currently on. Later when you get to the next island, you’ll be introduced to the rest of the crew including Nami, Zorro, and Usopp. There are around 41 islands to conquer, all of which are loaded with several opponents to fight. Check the amazing story of Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes MOD APK.


One Piece Treasure Cruise is said to have sufficient gameplay with many opportunities to interact. Not only that but the main objective of the game is based on spreading your crew, making it powerful with new legends. These legends have special powers and are useful in unique circumstances. The developers work to launch the latest legends to spice up the fun. During the entire gameplay, the player has to fulfill many challenging quests to increase the HP and inventory. The rewards include new characters, inventory materials, unlimited gold, rainbow gems, and more.

One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD

1. Battles

Battles are quite easy to deal with and faster than any other game. You have to lock the character you’re willing to attack by tapping on it. If it manages to fire an attack on you, then you’ll see the dialogue appearing. Once you’re successful in damaging it, you’ll see it vanishing. After it disappears, you can lock other characters to attack. With strategic moves, you’ll be rewarded in terms of good, great, and perfect scoring. The most difficult of all is the hardest, having the highest damaging ability. However, if your timing is wrong, you’ll fail the hit.

2. Crew Members

As a result of winning the battle, you’ll be not only earning money as well as gaining some crew members. These members can simply be added to your team that’ll increase its status. Moreover, if you come across another battle after winning a crew then you can switch your old crew with it. The basic accomplishment here is to get to that ideal team that lets you win consecutively.

3. Inter-OPTC Events

The developers have taken the initiative to maintain the interaction among the One Piece community. In addition to the launch of new characters, legends, abilities, and patches, there are many different events loading the gamers with new gifts and prizes. With these events, players can polish their skills as well as increase their ranks. Moreover, the challenges are ideal for gamers seeking thrill in their same old game.

One Piece Treasure Cruise APK


1. God Mode

As the player of one piece treasure cruise is now easily enabled the God Mode due to its hacked version. With this mode, you can survive in the battle for a long or maybe win.

2. Unlimited Cards

In this game, you will get unlimited cards that you can use in the game for improving your gaming skills. Max card space will provide you feel of a pro player.

3. High Damage

With the help of this mod version, you can able to get benefit from the high-damage option. With this feature, your opponent gets high damage by your one hit and you will win the match easily.


Among many features, the One Piece Treasure Cruise has different plots to cover. These features let it set milestones for other anime/manga-based games. Some of these features are as follows:

1. Upgrade & Gain From Others

One-Piece offers its players a detailed inventory to choose from whether it comes to characters or attacks. It is among those games that provide full control to its user. As this game is based on strategic decisions, it is important to know about the factors affecting the choices you make. It doesn’t only rely on your fighting or action skills but also tests your decision-making skills for better gameplay such as Gangstar New Orleans MOD APK.

2. Extra Islands

There is a section within the modes that let you call out powerful opponents to face you. This duel can either be through the clash, farming, completing training, beating colosseums, or any other way. If you want to get your hands on gifts and money, make sure to check the extra island section.

3. Treasure Map

Another feature of this game is the treasure map. It allows you to earn a strong legend within your team. With a strong team, you’ll be able to climb up your rank. It is necessary to complete the treasure map for gathering sufficient points for gaining advanced characters. Moreover, you can even give extra strength to your existing characters with these points.

4. Kizuna Clash

Kizuna Clash is a recently added feature of the One Piece Treasure Cruise that directs each player to defeat a particular rival. During the fight, there are some special attacks to fire, through which special tickets can be earned. With these tickets, you can get gold and exciting gems.

5. Creating Pirate Gang

Creating a pirate gang can be the most fun aspect of this game. With your chosen characters, you can build your very own cruise gang. This allows users to explore the lineups themselves and make their own decisions in choosing the most powerful legends against their opponents.


Is one piece treasure cruise hack apk available for Android?

Yes, it is specifically designed for Android smartphones with the safety of upgrades and rewards.

Why do you need permission to install a One-piece mod apk?

It is essential to ask for permission before installation because of the mechanics of your smartphone. It doesn’t access any application before seeking a head start.

Is it safe to download the One Piece treasure cruise mod apk?

It is completely safe to play having been tested by all the relevant resources. You can easily download it without harming your device.

Which is the strongest player to choose?

The phenomenon of strength depends on personal desires. However, if you’re seeking a powerful personality then Whitebeard will prove to be a great fit.


One Piece Treasure Cruise MOD APK is known among the highly enjoyed mobile games of the decade just like Immortal Taoist MOD APK. It is quite engaging and interactive as there are many compelling aspects to figure out throughout. One Piece Treasure Cruise can make you stick to your PC because of its addictive gameplay. Moreover, it’s free from any additional or hidden charges, when seeking the update. It stands out in the RPG industry with its tempting music, providing a friendly environment for beginners. You can create your crew and gain money by fulfilling challenges and winning online/offline clashes.

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