Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK 22.8.4 – (Menu, Unlimited Money & Ammo) 2023

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Full Name Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK
Publisher Pixel Gun 3D
Genre Action
Size 520 MB
Latest Version 22.8.4
Mod Features Unlimited Gems & Coins
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Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK is an action-packed shooting game for kids and adults. It is rising in popularity and has already earned the editor’s choice award from the Google Play store! Pixel Gun 3D is an Android game and is very versatile in nature. It includes mini-games along with the main quest. Build your own clan, and design a personal fort! Fight invaders who challenge your strength and move forward on the map to conquer more. Engage in the multi-player mode and shoot down enemies with the best weapons. The first-person perspective will give you an exciting shooting experience and amazing graphics will enthrall you.

The version of this game improves the original Pixel Gun 3D for enthusiastic gamers. It features many unlocked items, upgrades, and cool cheats for free. You can immerse yourself in the gameplay and have unlimited fun.


The storyline of Pixel Gun 3D is battle royale theme-based more like PUBG MOD APK. The king of the empire is the main character who gathers soldiers to form a clan. Like every royale battling game, the main character conquers territories and leaves his mark on the global map.

You can switch the multiplayer gameplay to a single-player campaign to enjoy face-to-face combat with zombies, cops, thieves, and SWAT teams. Choose between various modes to make your gameplay more challenging and win high prizes! Use the dark matter generator to wipe out enemies and expand your land. Be rich in resources when you can gain money from your lands too.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD


The gameplay of Pixel Gun 3D mod apk has so much to offer! It has more than 800 weapons, 40 awesome gadgets and useful tools, 10+ game modes,10 challenging mini-games, more than 100 diverse maps in the online multiplayer gameplay, and an offline single-player Zombie-survival campaign too!

The controls of the action game are easy and the blocky graphics are immersive much like BGMI MOD APK. Players enjoy switching between modes like imposter mode, deathmatch, survival, arena, and many more. You can become the best warrior in the online multiplayer battlefield and also polish your skills in Glider Rush, Parkour challenge, and sniper tournaments for a change in gameplay.

Want more? Make your game ten times more fun with Pixel Gun 3D Mod apk cheats and unlocks! There are unlimited free resources and restriction-free gameplay for you. Play as much as you want and become a warrior before the others.

Pixel Gun 3D APK


1. Unlimited Ammo

Never run out of ammo on the battlefield! Fight with confidence and protect your fort efficiently when you are fully loaded with bullets. It allows you a generous supply of limitless ammo throughout the game, unlike the original version where players struggle with limited supplies. You can start conquering from one fort to another and still have plenty of ammo left.

2. Unlimited Health

Become immortal in Pixel Gun 3D Mod apk! The health bar is always full whether it’s combat against opponent empires or deadly zombies and thieves. Get unlimited health throughout the gameplay and combat fearlessly on the battlefield. It is time to slaughter enemies like a god.

3. Unlimited Gold Coins And Gems

Pixel Gun 3D Mod apk features a bulk supply of gold coins and diamonds. You don’t need to shoot down enemies or complete missions to earn coins and diamonds anymore! Just download Pixel Gun 3D Mod apk and get a massive supply of them, starting from the beginning of the game to the end. You can use these resources to buy gadgets, skins, weapons, and much more.

4. Unlimited Skins

This game menu has many hacks for you. You can use the unlimited skins hack to choose from a collection of skins from the inventory section. Be creative and dress up with unique and colorful skins during combat. The skins look vibrant in the blocky graphics and differentiate the player from other online participants. You can be a pirate, superhero, or zombie too. Moreover, you can also play PUBG Lite MOD APK.


1. Clan War

Download Pixel Gun 3D mod apk and dive into the clan war! You can win great rewards after winning them and increase your clan’s performance. Many online participants engage in the Clan War and level up the challenge for you.

2. Diverse Maps

There are more than 100 locations in this game. You can explore the diverse maps and improve your strategic attacks in each of them. The unique maps include the space arena, nuclear city, sniper forts, and many more exciting battlefields.

Pixel Gun 3D

3. Various Game Modes

Bored of Battle Royale? No worries, there is a list of exciting game modes waiting for you! You can fight enemies in Deathmatch, fight for your life in Co-op survival, find the imposter in imposter mode, and battle zombies in campaign and zombie apocalypse same as Respawnables MOD APK. Not only this, gamers can choose to play other modes too.

4. Loyal Pets

The gameplay of this game includes pets too. You can choose a pet and train him for your benefit. They will help you on the battlefield and be your companion throughout the game. You can choose from many pets available on the menu, you can have unicorns, cats, dogs, and small dinosaurs too!

5. Powerful Weapons

In the pixel gun 3 D, you have a variety of powerful weapons that help you to save yourselves against your enemies. The more choices of weapons you have in the game, the more you are confident about your victory. Every weapon has its own specialty.

6. Helpful Gadgets

There are many gadgets present in the game other than weapons that prove useful and helpful against enemy attacks. These gadgets include energy shields, Jetpacks, demon stones, and many more.


Is Pixel Gun 3D free to download?

Yes, you can download the Pixel Gun 3D mod apk without any purchases from our site. All the features mentioned above and many more are free of cost for users.
Is Pixel Gun 3D mod apk safe?

Pixel Gun 3D mod apk is a safe version from our site. It is 100% safe and guaranteed, there are no bugs or viruses in the apk file.

When are the different modes unlocked?

In the original Pixel Gun 3D version, different modes such as the arena mode unlock after completion of level 2. However, all the modes are unlocked in the Pixel Gun 3D mod apk when you install the game.


The epic Pixel Gun is an all-rounder battle game. Play the battle royale or engage inside mini-games! Dress up players and love your pets! You can enjoy them all with limitless hacks from the mod version.

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