Pixellab MOD APK 2.1.0 For Android – (Premium Unlocked) 2022

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Full Name Pixellab MOD APK
Publisher App Holdings
Genre Photography
Size 27 MB
Latest Version 2.1.0
Mod Features Pro Unlocked
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How many times has it happened that you created a picture or postcard and wanted some suitable text to go with it? Well, now you don’t have to fret anymore, Pixellab MOD APK is an excellent option for all those who want to customize the text for their creative work. Even if users do not know much about editing, or layering, they will find this app easier than others.

There are numerous art and editing apps, and if one has different features, and if you have it on your phone, imagine the kind of work you can do on the go! The best app is here and easy to have on your phone, so get to know all about it and you will become a pro.

The Uses Of Pixellab MOD APK

Just like VITA MOD APK, Pixellab Premium APK is a useful app for all those who wish to create artistic photographs, posters, or creative pieces that will help many of you bring your creativity into play. This app allows users to add, remove and edit text on existing photos of art pieces. Moreover, you can create banners and slogan placards with this app. Every time you create something new with this app, the results will be exciting and colorful!

Pixellab MOD

All About Pixellab App

Pixellab app is an easy android app that allows users to change their photos, and create new kinds of art from the pictures stored in their gallery. All you will need to do is open this app and allow it to access the phone’s memory. Go to the picture gallery and select the picture of your choice. Once you know what kind of text you want to go on it, allow the app to customize it according to your wishes.

You can select the font, color, and size of the text on the picture. Moreover, you can also try the various features of this app to enhance your work and also create three-dimensional work!

Features Of Pixellab MOD APK

Pixellab APK download comes with many unique features that make this app an excellent addition to your phone. Here are some of the most exciting features of this app:

1. Add Stickers And Emoticons

If you want to add a loving, or friendly touch to your picture creation, add stickers and emoticons according to the mood that you want to express. One very exciting part of this feature is that you can place these stickers anywhere on the picture and you can even draw something yourself and leave it anywhere on the photo more like Airbrush MOD APK.


2. Change Background

Sometimes some pictures are great but there is something in the background that does not go with the feature of the picture that you want to enhance. Pixellab allows you to remove the background and add either a different color or a new backdrop that changes the mood and feeling of the picture. This feature is excellent for a brighter picture in which all the right things are accentuated.

3. Small Picture Effects

Pixellab Mod APK is a unique app that gives you convenient image editing. While you can customize the text, there is also the option that you can adjust the size of images, and figures to make a new poster or picture out of an image that looked absolutely different earlier.

4. Change The Effects

The picture effects like black and white, retro and rustic are available in this app and make it possible for users to change the tone of the picture by adjusting the brightness. When you are considering a mellow look, you can darken the color contrast to match the theme, or on the contrary, you can brighten it as well.

Pixellab APK

5. Export, Share, And Save

Pixellab allows you to save the end product as a GIF image on your phone gallery or share it with your friends or colleagues via email or other media. You can even send this poster or finished picture to your Instagram account and if you want to publish it on social media that is possible too!

6. Convenient Features And An Easy Menu

Unlike many editing apps, Pixellab allows users to use every option in the menu. All these shortcuts and easy commands to create new things will be a great way to upgrade your artwork. Picsart hack APK gives you a lot of menu features and once you begin working on any project, you will find out so many useful hacks that will take your game to a higher level, and the results will look like professional work.

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7. It Is Free!

This app is not only free to download but also offers a lot of features and none of them are locked or available for a charge. The features will be free to use and you will use everything in the menu without any charge at any time. All these features make this app an excellent addition to the portfolio of any art student, or professional artist. Also, check out Ibis Paint X MOD APK which is also a free app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the colors of a picture?

Yes, you can use this app to change the colors of a picture, and the color options are so exciting that you will be able to overhaul the artwork in hand.

Can I try my own drawings on the app?

Of course! Pixellab allows users to draw and create their own artwork. This artwork can be a mix of images and your drawings, or it can be purely your work. Whatever creation you have in mind is possible with this app.


Pixellab Mod APK is an excellent app that will help you create and customize pictures with text and meaningful quotes to create posters or artwork. You can download this app and use its various features to create something extraordinary from ordinary pictures.

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