Plague Inc MOD APK 1.19.10 – (Unlimited DNA Points & Free Shop) 2023

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Full Name Plague Inc MOD APK
Publisher Miniclip
Genre Simulation
Size 76 MB
Latest Version 1.19.10
Mod Features Unlimited DNA Points
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Plague Inc MOD APK is known for its engaging and addictive gameplay developed by Miniclip. The game is ideal if you’re looking to play on your handheld device that supports Android OS. Within the game, you’re being given such immense power that it would be difficult for you to move to another game, once you try it.

The world has been under attack by a deadly virus same as Time Princess MOD APK and the entire of humankind is about to get infected. The character you’ll be playing is a little more diverse than usual and the gameplay is completely based on the story. With the apk mod, you have the feasibility of enjoying the game without any resistance and advertisements. Play this game as it aims to take you on a journey to a futuristic era, bringing it back to reality. In this blog, we will be discussing plague inc hacked apk in detail.

Plague Inc


Plague Inc premium apk is one of the biggest examples of uniqueness within the game development industry. You get to experience the challenges and technicality of the storyline. Moreover, specific strategies must be formed to control different positions with the help of plotted locations for weakening the rivals.

The game is all about making the right use of the power assigned to you. Plague Inc comes under the simulation game where the story revolves around the strategic plot. Due to its close-to-reality features and smooth gameplay, it has been downloaded more than 100 million times with over seventy million active players.

The goal on which you’ll be acting in the game is to destroy mankind. You’ll have the power to increase the spread of the virus. Not only that but your objective is also to stop humans from figuring out the cure to this virus along with many other dangerous tasks. Also, have a look at What’s Your Hidden Power MOD APK.


Plague inc is completely based on a strong storyline that has made it stand among the best single-player simulation. It has quite an uncommon vision as you won’t be playing as a hero, instead, you’ll be the villain of the story. This is one of the primary aspects that many android games lack. As this game revolves around the futuristic world, it has undergone major changes and developments. Still, this deadly plague has shaken the roots of the planet.

The main character i.e the main villain is trying his best to speed up the spread so that he could take over the world, dragging it back to the undeveloped history. Your character emerges as the utter destroyer of humanity having strong hate towards the world. Throughout the game you’ll be spreading various lab-produced viruses around the world, killing a huge number of people.

Plague Inc APK


Plague inc evolved mods are quite easy to play even if you’re a beginner to android single-player games. There are some special characteristics of the gameplay starting from the DNA points. As you know, your objective in the game is to spread viruses in different parts of the world. So every time the disease increases among the people of any new country, you get DNA points. These DNA points can easily be used to upgrade your diseases by different criteria including faster spread, severe impact, resistance, etc.

Moreover, you must select the paths of the virus among a huge list of categories, through which you want it to spread. These parts can be from human contact, air, water, mice, birds, and more. The gameplay requires mindfulness and a perfect tactical approach so that every virus spread by you can have an everlasting effect. Also, have a look at My PlayHome Plus MOD APK, this is also an amazing simulation game.


Plague Inc full version apk unlocked has a realistic approach with over 20 unique circumstances offering an engaging gaming experience. It has made its place among some of the most tactical single-player games with a huge list of features. Some of those are described below:

1. Unlimited DNA

For all the addicted gamers of Plague Inc, winning a huge number of DNA points is quite easy. They get the trick behind winning rewards and they put in a lot of energy to collect them. However, as we’ve given you the modded version, you can now have unlimited access to DNA points so that you can upgrade your powers and spread your diseases without any problem.

Plague Inc MOD

2. Easy Win Mode

Another prominent aspect of the mod apk is that it enables easy win mode. This mode can help you defeat your enemies without any extra effort or losing any DNA points. If you’re stuck on a problem, it will be solved automatically and no opponent could stand in front of you for too long.

3. Increased Transmission of Diseases

There is a huge list of diseases with several criteria of intensity. Originally, you have come up with a strategic approach to boost the speed of the virus spread. Any minor drawback can result in waste. However, with apk mod, the intensity of the virus can be adjusted automatically shooting the impact as per your need.

4. Amazing Graphics

Such a realistic storyline often gets lost in low-end graphics. However, you won’t be disappointed with Plague Inc as all of its gloomy colors depict the true state of the epidemic. Your experience can also be maximized with a threatening sound effect. The intensity of the game has been exceptionally portrayed depicting more than just some mere scenarios or unusual characters.

5. Develop Custom Scenarios

Not only that but this variety of features include developing your custom scenarios. You can create multiple scenarios without any charges or upgrades, taking you a step ahead of the original experience.


Is plague inc hack android safe to use?

Yes, Plague Inc mod apk is up to the safety standards of Android games. You don’t have to root or jailbreak the phone for installing the application. Moreover, it has been tested by different antivirus for its privacy policies.

What extra benefit does plague inc apk cracked offer?

The unlocked version of the plague inc offers you an upper hand against your enemies, letting you defeat them with easy win modes. With the mod, you also get unlimited DNA, and high-definition graphics, creating widely spreading diseases and combing viruses.

Is there any preferable country where you can start the virus to get extra points?

No, the game doesn’t have such restrictions. You get the same number of DNA points wherever you spread the virus whether it be on the east or west side of the world. However, some expert gamers recommend starting from South Africa as it often proves to be a better economy booster within the game.

Can you play plague inc full unlocked offline?

This is a single-player offline game and it doesn’t require any online team members to collab, so you don’t need an internet connection to play this game.


Plague Inc mod apk is one of the most intriguing games of all time. You’ll be assigned the character whose dream is to destroy human beings. For this purpose, he has developed different man-made viruses and during the game, you have to implement several tactics to increase their impact. It stands among most android games due to its realistic gameplay and storyline that has the ability to get mesmerized and not let you switch to any game. Moreover, you can download Lumber Inc MOD APK as well.

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