Pocket Ants MOD APK 0.0772 – (Unlimited Coin & God Mode) 2023

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Full Name Pocket Ants MOD APK
Publisher Ariel-Games
Genre Strategy
Size 70 MB
Latest Version 0.0772
Mod Features Unlimited Everything
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Although ants are very tiny creatures yet the busiest ones on the planet, are you curious to know how they live and what’s happening in their clans?, then you must try out Pocket Ants MOD APK. Be innovative and let’s live the life of an ant.

It’s an amazing simulation and strategy-based game by Ariel Software. What ants do and how they live are all you would experience in this game because you are playing the character of ant. You would feel excited and nervous at the same time while thinking about what is going to happen in the game. Don’t be upset at all and have a look at the blog to get all the answers to your questions.


Just like Kingdom Rush MOD APK, this game has a fantastic and attractive storyline. In the game, you have to start with the only ant who has its duties. Firstly, you must serve the queen, and secondly, you have to grow your community as soon as possible. This game lies in the category of colony simulator games, which means you have to work for your community to make it a better colony to live in.

Pocket Ants MOD

Well, you are thinking of how you can expand your community right? Guess what, it is not your responsibility at all. You just have to serve the queen as mentioned earlier. The queen lays eggs to increase ants. You just have to focus on the queen’s food and allow her to do so. This magnificent storyline will give you many reasons to enjoy and have fun.


When it’s to the gameplay of Pocket Ants free, you never face any ambiguity in understanding. Any game must be attractive and entertaining because we all play games for refreshment and to enjoy. And the gameplay of this game is very easy to remember. When you will act like an ant you have responsibilities too. It’s not wrong if you said that throughout the game you have to fulfill all the duties that are assigned to you on the time. There are battles of survival too to motivate the players not to take it as an ordinary and easy game.

Just continue with the flow and never feel hesitation to give commands to your ant workers. You have to upgrade your colony through different building options. You can build your army too for security because other territories may attack your territory to get command. That’s the game of survival.

Just like Clash Of Clans MOD APK, you have to grow your colony and for that purpose, breeding is the only process that works. For new ant workers, you need to feed your queen properly, so that it can breed easily. Your colony vasts when the queen lays eggs and new ants are formed. Every ant has its duty. You should take extra care of the queen’s food. It is very essential to do so.

Pocket Ants


There are many features of the pocket ant colony simulator and we describe each feature in the following. Hope so, you will find all the answers to your questions there. Let’s have a look at these stunning features:

1. Collect Resources

Resources are the things that one can need to upgrade its living place. So, in this game where you’ll start with a new place with nothing on it. You have to gradually upgrade yourselves by collecting different types of resources. These resources are extremely useful in the making of many things like buildings, food, etc. At the very start of the game, you have to collect food for your queen. All the things that are useable from any point of view are your resources and as the best player, it’s your responsibility to collect resources as much as you can.

2. Multiple Quests For Extra Bonuses

The most demanding thing about any game is extra bonuses. And in the pocket ants, you will get extra bonuses after fulfilling the given challenge. These challenges are related to the nests, where you and your fellow ants used to live. To survive in the game as a player you have to perform well so that you would be able to collect all the extra bonuses. There would be some difficulties in the game but you have to find out the solution to every problem by exploring the game.

3. Fight For The Survival-Battles

There are many other creatures too in the pocket ants cheat. These insects appear on the surface and are going to be disturbing or forbid your worker to do work properly. So, the players now can enjoy the action in the game. Actually, this is the competition for survival, in which you have to fight with the attackers. The victory leads you towards many surprises that later may help in your game. The other insects are other players from all over the globe and you can enjoy healthy competition in the form of these battles. Also, play Boom Beach MOD APK.

Pocket Ants APK

4. Formed Your Army

In the game, you have to build up an army for your security. Security is what every territory is required for its safe environment. After building up your army now, you have to make your defense stronger day by day. And for this, you have to power up the army. Your army has multiple soldiers on duty. If they aren’t performing well you have to take care of them because it’s all about adventurous fame.

5. Playing As A Guest

Playing as a guest is a blessing if any game gives you that option, right? Absolutely Yes! The same is the case with Pocket Ants and all creatures. A player can polish his or her playing skills by playing as a guest. In the real game, it is always beneficial. Moreover, you may also like Gods Of Olympus MOD APK.


  • Press the download button given on this page,
  • If your device is new to these games then your mobile may ask for some permissions,
  • After granting all the access, go to the file manager and then click the downloaded file to install it,
  • When the installation is complete, you may enjoy the game.


What is the main objective of you an ant in this game?

Your main objective of yours is to keep the ant queen alive and serve it with good feed so that it can breed ants easily. You are also responsible for your ant workers’ needs.

How to get gems easily?

With this mod version, you will get unlimited gems. Just download the game from this page and enjoy!


Pocket Ants Mod Apk is a mixture of fun, adventure, fights, and many strategies to learn at the same time. If you want unlimited fun and action just download the game and enjoy living in the ant colony. That’s not an easy job to act and think like ants but when you start doing this you would love to play it. It is a fantastic game with a unique concept, go and get the game download.

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