Pokemon Go MOD APK 0.255.2 – (Unlimited Money With Fake GPS) 2023

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Full Name Pokemon Go MOD APK
Publisher Niantic
Genre Adventure
Size 213 MB
Latest Version 0.255.2
Mod Features Fake GPS, Location, Unlimited Coins
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Sometimes, we want to play a game where they get a chance to coach something; Pokemon Go MOD APK is the same as you desire. This is a social game by Niantic that enables you to interact with different people simultaneously. In this game, you can train a virtual creation named Pokemon.

The game requires the mobile GPS to locate them. That only exists in the imaginary world of the player. In the game, you have to fill your Pokedex by catching more powerful pokemon. This game makes you socialize by sending gifts, requesting to add other coaches, or participating in a friendship contest. Through this, you can unlock many bonuses. Also, play LEGO Jurassic World APK.


Pokemon Go MOD APK is a game in which the player acts as the coach, and they have to collect different types of Pokemon for more adventure. Now, this game permits the players to connect with others while sending them gifts and adding them. This feature starts a new era of friendship through a match.

Different coaches can share their Pokemons with others; by doing this, they have some rewards like Pokemon Candy. If you want to explore the world, you have a chance with this game, and there is also a chance to enjoy the power of different pokemon from the world by giving and sharing.

Pokemon Go

1. Award-Winning Game

Pokemon Go is an award-winning game due to its popularity among people in one country and worldwide. It gets the “Best game for mobile devices” and “Best Application of the Year” awards. That’s an amazing achievement by any game. It is also known as a global game sensation because more than 800 million people download it in 2018 and enjoy its charm.

2. Multiple And Different Types Of Pokemon

In Pokemon Go hacked APK, you will never be bored because you find many pokemon in it. You just have to discover the pokemon and then enjoy its powers. There are many pokemon in the game for you.

The game is designed in such a manner that it makes the fantasy real. The producer of this game tries to make pokemon a part of your life. When you find a pokemon near your existence, your mobile catches a signal and then starts vibrating. It’s up to you that you will be able to see that pokemon or make his escape.

3. Pokemon Go Unlimited Coins APK

The Pokemon Go modded version comes with unlimited coins, which is essential for your ranking. You can also purchase many things from the game by using these coins. These are the best reward that motivates the player to play the game. Moreover, you may also like Street Chaser MOD APK.


Likewise, this game also has unique features that make it special and different from the other games. Let’s have a concise look at its features;

1. Pokemon Buddy

The difficulties of any game lessen with the help of a partner. If you want to easier your journey in the game, you must create some Pokemon Buddy. This feature will help you locate your pokemon and walk with your buddy to win candy.

2. Team-Up

In any game, teaming up is the methodology to win the most critical situation. You can team up with other 20 coaches to get a victory against your potent enemy, name Attack Boss. If you win this battle, you will receive a very powerful Pokemon as a reward. Are you getting inspired by this feature? So, what are you waiting for? Go and download the pokemon go mod for your Android.

Pokemon Go MOD

3. Participate In Gymnastic Battles

While playing the game Pokemon GO MOD APK, you can enjoy the battles too just like Stormfall Saga Of Survival MOD APK. There are three teams in the competition, and you have to join from one of these and then fight to get ownership of the nearest gym. You have the option of using your Pokemon against those who step forward for the war.

4. Free Game

The Pokemon Go hacked version for your Android is almost free. If you want any premium things in the game, then you will pay for them, but nobody can compel you to purchase them with real money. It is a free game for everyone.

5. Advanced Technology

Pokemon Go is a rare game full of advanced and polished technology. It has AR technology that helps other businesses in growing and helps increase traffic.

6. Additional Settings

The hacked version of Pokemon Go makes things more accessible from the past, and in the latest update, you can hide your precious Pokemon from your friends through the Additional settings.

7. Notification

Now, you can receive a notification on receiving some gifts or an increase in your friendship level. With this feature, you are now continuously updated with the things that are happening to you. Thanks to the latest update of the Pokemon Go game.

8. QR Code Scanner

To lessen the difficulties of the players, the game launched the feature QR Code Scanner. By which you can only add your real friends and enjoy more fun in the game.

9. Map Detail

The new updated Pokemon Go game now presents map detail on your Android screen. This feature helps you to locate your Pokemon easily or rapidly. You can view the Pokesteps on your screen directly.

10. Critical Analysis

Pokemon Go Unlimited Coins APK has faced some criticism in past years in spite of its excellent and advanced features. Many countries feel this game has some security issues. One more controversy raised in past years about this game is that it increases the ratio of accidents. But, despite all these, it is an outstanding game and very popular among people.


What are the Pokemon?

Pokemon are virtual creatures that have some magical powers which you can use in the game to win.

Is the Pokemon Go APK paid game?

No, Pokemon Go is a free game. You have every feature of this game free of cost.

Can you still spoof in Pokemon Go cheat APK?

Yes, you can spoof with a separate GPS spoofing App.

What is the advantage of downloading Pokemon Go?

You have unlimited coins and diamonds while playing the modified version of the game.

What’s the method by which we get the Pokecoins free of cost?

By installing the MOD version of Pokemon Go, you can get the Pokecoins free.


Pokemon Go Unlimited Coins Apk is an unusual game that uses the imaginary power of players. The concept of this game is a little bit difficult to understand, but it is not hard to play. You just collect different pokemon and train them and use them for your battles. You have a chance to explore many places on the map in search of pokemon. So, get the download of Pokemon Go MOD APK and enjoy its spell-bound features.

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