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Full Name Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK
Publisher Codigames
Genre Simulation
Size 191 MB
Latest Version
Mod Features Everything Unlocked
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The best way to get rid of stress and unwanted tiredness is to indulge in a game that makes your senses work to a higher degree and give you victory by defeating the negatives. Prison Empire Tycoon MOD APK is a unique game with more features, a stronger storyline, and simpler gameplay that will make your free time much more fun and therapeutic in a way.

Simulation games are always fun and this mod version of a popular game will be a great addition to your collection of android games. The players get to explore how simulation can work in developing the story as they like. Whatever you choose now will materialize in later stages! Here is all you need to know about the game and when you download it, the fun will be a huge surprise.


The story of Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK is that you own a prison and it is your duty to find criminals, and get them into prison. Every inmate will get you money and you can use that in the game to improve the gameplay and set the tone of the game. Prisons can be rough places and there can be fights every now and then.

Prison Empire Tycoon APK

However, when you play this game, you will realize that good administration and a strict eye on everyone can save you a lot of trouble just like TV Empire Tycoon MOD APK. Whenever you catch criminals and send them to prison, you will earn money and the rewards will be bigger when the criminal is more dangerous. The good feeling of catching evil, and then the overall experience of running a place that is in constant need of improvement, you will always like to spend your free time this way!

Players do not only have to chase criminals, they also have to rehabilitate and correct them. You might need all kinds of amenities to control them and provide for their welfare. The positivity in this game makes players feel good about spending their time properly. You can add new kinds of facilities for the inmates, and each of them will be able to serve a time. Meanwhile, you get to earn money and utilize it. Now, this is what we call a simulation game that makes a difference!


The gameplay of Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK is unique as it has simple controls and is easy to play. Moreover, people of all ages can play as it has a moral theme. The unlimited money and rewards in the mod version of the game will give you so many benefits!

As you earn big, the facility can be improved drastically and there can be so many wonderful changes according to the player’s discretion. There is a prison hospital, study area, fitness program and so many different rounds that will keep you engaged. As you remain engrossed in the game, all your stresses and tensions from the day dissolve. Apart from this fantastic gameplay, you get to enjoy so many features mentioned here same as Hero Factory MOD APK.


Idle Prison Tycoon Mod APK is full of features and menu options that add more entertainment and fun to your free time. Here is a brief discussion of the main features that all players enjoy:

Prison Empire Tycoon

1. Supervise The Prison

Players get to enjoy administrative work that teaches them a lot of things to do in real life also. You will understand how to prioritize and what to do if you want to earn more! These small simulations will make you a real tycoon.

2. Riots, And Discipline

There can be a lot of riots and outbreaks in the prison. Any good administrator will have to make rules and allow different things for the prison inmates to keep it peaceful and a thriving place for all the criminals. You can spend money on introducing new activities and you can renovate the facility by choosing menu options for making the prison a better place.

Prison Empire Tycoon MOD

3. Maintain Reputation

Players will have to ensure that their prison remains a safe place and in doing so their policies will have to be proper so that they can protect the reputation of the Prison Tycoon and also ensure that every inmate becomes a better human being.

4. Upgrades And Customizations

The upgrades in the game are a great feature as they keep players hooked and ready to play more. As you upgrade the prison and make it a better facility than others, the money will increase with every inmate. Soon, you will be the tycoon with a fantastic new place and lots of money coming in with every inmate.

5. Be Creative

Players will have to use their creativity to make the prison a true rehabilitation center. You can make any kind of change. Build a sports center, hire strict coaches, ensure fitness and even hire doctors to counsel and motivate the inmates. When you can rehabilitate prisoners, there will be more rewards due to the reputation of the prison going up and making it a topper among all the prisons in the state. Also, have a look at Spaceflight Simulator MOD APK which is a great option to play.


This game is easy to download if you follow the steps here:

  • Select the downloading option here,
  • Allow the game installation,
  • Make privacy setting changes to allow the game to use phone sound and memory,
  • Create a shortcut on the home screen,
  • Enjoy playing!


Is this game three-dimensional?

No, this game is not three-dimensional but the graphics are quite vivid and every scene is interesting. Moreover, the screenplay is a lot like famous games which makes it easy to relate to, and the fun factor does not reduce.

Can I play this game for free?

Yes, the mod version is free for download and every upgrade in the game is from the money you earn by catching prisoners!


Prison Empire Tycoon Mod APK is an interesting and different simulation game that has many exciting features and great gameplay that allows players to plan out a great facility for prisoners. This game is another feel-good gameplay but it is equally riveting and exciting. Download it easily and begin feeling good about the great things that you do for others. Moreover, you can also play Game Of Khans MOD APK.

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