This privacy policy explains how we collect, share and use the information shared here, along with how it must be protected. In addition to this, the policy also explains how we wish to safeguard our users’ information and manage their privacy through cookie settings.

The right to reveal, conceal and share user information and the right to delete or cancel a subscription at any time will also be explained in this policy.

Our website commits to protecting consumer privacy online, and will only make your information known if you accept and agree to accept cookies that allow us to know more about the individuals who log on to the website.

As we impart knowledge about the various games, and how you can maximize your daily entertainment through these posts. Moreover, we safeguard the privacy of users so they can indulge in online activities without fear of getting tapped by hidden cookies. This policy will declare the kind of website visitor information that will be made available to us. Furthermore, how we use that information, and where we share it.

Your Consent

By using the website, visitors give us their consent of sharing information when they click on ‘Accept All Cookies. When you click on any other article than the one you landed on, or if you click for downloads, and if you leave a comment or review on the website, we consider it as an agreement to the terms and conditions.

In case there is a disagreement in the users’ minds about the information shared, or their information becoming available on the website, they must not download the apps, and must not visit any other pages of the website.

Storage Of Information

Your information will get stored with us over our secure servers. We use all kinds of professional and organizational measures to secure your information on the server exclusively. The basic method of storage is through cookies, and web beacons. We identify your system, laptop, or android device and ensure that the information that we receive through cookies will be used to improve and make our website more useful for all.

Analytics is another way of receiving and storing information. The third-party analytics will be collecting user information to deduce the popular trends, gaming ethics, and genre that are more popular than others.

Privacy Of Writers

Our teams of writers share their experiences of playing and downloading the versions reviewed on the website. You can easily rely on these reviews, however, we do not conceal information about reviewers and writers from the readers. The reason for this is to maintain a level of secrecy so that readers and writers do not get personal information.

Children’s Privacy

We keep children’s information a secret and it is never revealed to anyone. The analytics use them as a statistical addition to the percentage of users liking or disliking any particular game genre or downloadable version. However, the device details or details of other apps installed on the phone are not going to be visible to anyone and will remain a secret.

In case any visitor wants to know their rights regarding the privacy policy or concealment of information, they can contact us at the email addresses shared below. Apart from this, if you feel that you need to restrict or object to any part of the privacy policy, we will be obliged to listen and ensure the safety of every individual.