Project QT MOD APK 15.6 – (Unlimited Gems & Coins) 2022 Download

Project QT MOD APK is a simulation game that not only helps you pass your free time, but it teaches you a few things too! Here’s a golden opportunity for all players and android phone owners to enjoy added perks from the Project QT download here.

When you are bored, you always want a game or an engaging app that will keep your mind away from the mundane thought of everyday routine, and we always strive to bring the best of the best for all of you. Get to know more about this game, and soon you will be playing one of the most entertaining simulations while becoming sharper and quicker at decision-making!

What’s In The Project QT Modded Game?

Project QT modded is an anime game for adults to catch beautiful girls to protect the world from the unfortunate spread of a toxic infection. With romance and love in the air, you can enjoy the scenes, and decide to take different risks to know beautiful girls, while saving everyone much like Choices MOD APK. The aim of the game is simple, you are the savior, but the path you take is exciting and your companions are gorgeous.

When the game starts, you meet new girls, and you can engage with them in romantic ways. This alone is a great way to keep your mind refreshed, but there is more! You have to stop the infection from spreading. The invader girls from other universes are the antagonists, while you and your team of girls have to take various risks to fight them. Project QT mod is the best version to enjoy the romance as well as the aim to save the planet. The puzzles, moves, and anime actions are enticing, and they will help you learn how to dodge enemies while staying on the right path.

Full Name Project QT MOD APK
Publisher Nutaku
Genre Simulation
Size 77.3 MB
Latest Version 15.6
Mod Features Unlimited Gems & Coins
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What Is The Gameplay Of Project QT Hack like?

The gameplay of Project QT Mod APK is exciting as you get to meet more girls, and the characters are much more daring, brave, and engaging. The player will have to match blocks and complete puzzles by using the simplest commands and instructions. Just like Toomics MOD APK, the controls are easy to understand and the team of girls you select will become more dominant as you play. Eventually, you will be able to defeat the monster girls by using some basic control commands.

Players will be able to use the Project QT hacks to improve their chances of winning, and that makes this game all the more exciting.

Project QT MOD

Features Of Project QT Mod APK

The modded version of Project QT Hacked APK is that it has numerous features which make this version better than any other. The features of this game are as follows:

1. Special Menu

The special Project QT Mod menu allows players to avail of the numerous options, and customizations that make the game a perfect match for your free time. You can use various tools, increase your life span, and many other fun things to your gaming style.

2. Project QT Cheats

The game has numerous cheats and hacks that will make it easier for players to get ahead and compete with the monster girls. As the black energy descends from the North Pole and the monsters close in from the south, players and the beautiful girls will have an edge over the others.

3. Puzzle Challenges

The puzzles in the game are engrossing and will keep you busy with an entertaining game.

4. Online Play With Friends

You can connect with friends and play with them to enjoy the romantic scenes and fight the monster team. The best way to enjoy Project QT Mod APK is to invite people to join you so that you can enjoy your free time.

5. Unlimited Gems

Project QT Mod APK unlimited gems latest version is a big advantage of the mod version. These unlimited rewards will make you enjoy different features like extra power to solve puzzles and interact with girls. When you have a team that looks so attractive, you would like to be more communicative and that makes a lot of difference. The best feature of this version is this unlimited stash of gems. Another cool thing that you can do is strengthen the team while playing with the best teammates. These gems are your way ahead of the competitors.

6. Excellent Graphics

One very essential feature of the game is that the picture quality and high-definition animation are spectacular! This game has some amazing sceneries, and views, and the layout of every puzzle is great. You will enjoy the colorful scenes, girls and their dresses, their features, and a lot more colorful scenes are a delight.

The sound effects are also an added feature and much better than the other games and versions.

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Some Common Questions

Can kids play these games?

Children cannot play this game because it has numerous characters in provocative dressing, and some scenes involve romantic indulgence. The various aspects of this game are going to be unsuitable for kids.

Is the game going to ask for any payments or membership?

This game is absolutely free and there are a lot of unlimited gems and rewards. You will not have to pay for any new customization or change in the game. Every step is free and there are so many fun things to do that you will not feel as if you are missing out on anything because it is a free game.


Project QT Mod APK is an excellent anime, simulation game that allows players to interact with other players and save the world with a group of beautiful girls. This game will tantalize all your senses, and there will be no boring hours in your daily life!

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