Psiphon Pro MOD APK v.366 – (Free Premium Subscription) 2023

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Full Name Psiphon Pro MOD APK
Publisher Psiphon Inc.
Genre Communication
Size 28 MB
Latest Version v.366
Mod Features Premium Subscription
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Psiphon Pro MOD APK is considered to be a quite popular VPN service used and recommended by many just as Azar MOD APK. The purpose behind the app is to help its users to experience every element of the web to the fullest without any restrictions. As the internet is filled with all kinds of content, some of them can be offensive while others could be explicit. For this purpose, certain sites are banned as per state law.

However, you can get a lot of informational content on those sites as well. So, unlocking that access Psiphon hack can be your best bet. This application can offer a secured and custom path through your device to the internet with the help of unchained connection barriers. It doesn’t mean you can misuse the internet as this connection will ensure whether or not you’d be involved in any sort of hacking or tracking. In this blog, we’ll be discussing some major characteristics of the Psiphon pro with its prominent uses.


If you’re willing to go to the websites that are restricted within your state. Or if you’re a traveler who wants to get access to a site that’s permissible within your country but not anywhere else. Psiphon Pro is made just to satisfy all your queries. It is an open-source tool that provides you unlimited access to every broadcast and social media platform.

Psiphon Pro APK

All you need is a sound internet speed and secured Wi-Fi to enjoy this application at most. The advantage of a VPN doesn’t only lie in its privacy but through it, the user can have a relatively faster speed. Moreover, it is a healthy practice of using the internet as it prevents all sorts of cyberattacks or data breaching.

Millions of users can get numerous benefits from this ultimate navigation tool. It was created to provide users with their due freedom that was restricted by the extreme suppression of the web. Also, download UC Browser MOD APK.


A user can not simply gain a fulfilling experience on the internet unless all the websites are open to browse. The two sources of restrictions are either the internet service providers or the targeted website hosts. Either one has the authority to block your access and a VPN is designed to prevent that. With Psiphon pro cracked apk, you’ll not only have freedom of usage but also an enjoyable experience.

All thanks to the paid version, users can enjoy all the premium features without any charges. Moreover, you get to use the applications with all their aspects without any advertisements online. Another interesting feature of Psiphon Pro is that once it is loaded, it can automatically connect you to a safe network. The application has its own browsers through which you can hop on to different websites.

Psiphon Pro is known to be a reliable option, especially for mobile users when you’re looking for a stable connection. Furthermore, it will guarantee your anonymous feedback allowing safe access to every website.

Psiphon Pro MOD


1. Subscription Free

In the Psiphon, there are options for in-app purchases that are necessary to enjoy special features which are really annoying. But don’t worry there is Psiphon Pro Mod Apk that provides you with free premium features to make your experience better.

2. No-Ads

There are no ads in the mod version of Psiphon. Now you can browse for many hours without the interruption of annoying ads. You can easily continue your work with concentration when you have an ad-free browser.


When it comes to features, the Psiphon Pro is loaded with some prominent features. It will not only help you elevate your internet experience but also browse every website efficiently. Some of the key features are as follows:

1. Powerful And Unique Servers

Psiphon pro apk gives you such powerful and unique servers that can improvise your experience to par same as Discord MOD APK. This will result in a soothing experience without any form of lag during application usage. Moreover, with the global network provided by Psiphon Pro, you get hundreds of different servers from which you can switch in case of an unstable connection. The application promises not to deflect your speed providing an uninterrupted platform.

2. No Unnecessary Subscriptions

Psiphon Pro is one of those applications that doesn’t force you to register or subscribe for better performance. All you have to do is install the apk file from the link and you can start using it in no time. The benefit of this approach is for people who want to keep themselves anonymous. It avoids identity theft or data breaches promoting the security of the users.

3. Usage Statistics

Another considerable factor of the Psiphon Pro application is you can easily track your internet usage statistics. You can access which device you spend the most data on or for controlled mobile usage. This way your approach towards money would be restrained so that you could be under budget

4. User Customization

Whether you’re using the Psiphon Pro apk for your personal needs or for work-related queries, it offers customization. You can mold the applications and their features as required. You’ll be offered customized settings for proxy maintenance. Most VPN services don’t usually offer this feature.

5. Exclude Apps

Psiphon pro app also lets you exclude major applications from data usage. As a result, when you’re using the VPN, only your selected applications would be running. For instance, if you have reservations about using a banking application with VPN then restrict your bank app. Instead, you can add TikTok, Facebook, and Chrome, to your list of included apps.

6. Reliability

One of the features that make Psiphon Pro stand out is its extreme reliability. You can rely on this VPN service with your personal data as well because it offers the best privacy measures. This application has been running worldwide for over a decade now, and most people have left positive reviews. Not only that but your data is being held protected by the application from any hacking or tracking. You have to be free from the trouble of data leakage, especially when using public Wi-Fi.

7. Protocol Selection

Psiphon Pro also provides an unending choice of protocols. Through these protocols, your data and the device would be completely secured adding privacy layers. Moreover, it will boost your internet access resulting in improved downloading speed. Also, check out Messenger MOD APK.


As we have reached the end of the blog, you might have some questions rising in your mind. Some of these are as follows:

Is it safe to use Psiphon pro apk full?

Yes, the Psiphon pro apk is completely safe to use, if you have an Android smartphone or a tablet. It is fairly tested and used by many experts against all antivirus. You can easily run this application without any sort of rooting or jailbreak. Moreover, you have access to the secured version of this application.

Does Psiphon VPN app give free Internet?

None of the features in Psiphon support free internet. However, it can accentuate the speed and bandwidth of your internet by boosting the servers.

Is it legal to use a Psiphon pro premium apk?

Yes, in several parts of the world VPN applications are completely legal to use and so is Psiphon Pro. The legitimacy of this app varies from user to user and region to region. So, you have to check as per the state regulation whether or not you’re allowed to use VPN.

What will I get in Psiphon pro unlimited apk?

The best thing about the modded apk version of Psiphon pro is you can have every element and feature unlocked. In addition to that, you get access to all the restricted sites worldwide with boosted internet speed.


Psiphon Pro MOD APK is one of the most convenient VPN services that gives complete anonymity to its users. It has multiple features that ease all your browsing problems. You would no longer be restricted from any website or any social media platform, even if you don’t have state access.

You can enjoy your favorite videos, audio, and games with a stable connection and increased bandwidth. It offers you comfort, focusing mainly on the function that can result in a safe internet experience. Reaching more than 50 million downloads, the Psiphon pro full version apk offers endless customizations for users worldwide.

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