PUBG MOD APK 2.3.0 – (Unlimited UC & No Time Limit) 2023

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Genre Action
Size 1.1 GB
Latest Version 2.3.0
Mod Features Unlimited UC & AimBot
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The extremely popular PUBG MOD APK was developed by PUBG Cooperation, and as you guys know it, it has become one of the most played games around the globe. It is a high-graphic addictive shooting game played online. It has various modes and is also available on both Android and iOS platforms.

PUBG Mobile MOD APK is a warzone action video game that is available in both mobile and PC versions. You are a soldier fighting courageously in the middle of a battleground with many other online players fighting with you or against you. Kids, teenagers, and adults are hooked on this action-adventure shooting game as it becomes a sensation around the world. PUBG Mobile mod apk is a cheat version of PUBG mobile and includes a long list of unlocked features, secret advantages, and amazing cheats for gamers. It turns up the heat for the PUBG Mobile pro players and shoots excitement off the roof. Also, download BGMI MOD APK.


The plot of PUBG Mobile is inspired by the last man standing in the Battle Royale movie. The game starts when you are dropped from a helicopter into an island. There are up to 100 players in the same location who are fighting the war of survival. Everyone is fighting to stay alive, so collect weapons, hide in safe places and shoot the opponent players to be the last man standing on the battleground.

PUBG Mobile


Just like PUBG Lite MOD APK, the gameplay of PUBG Mobile gives goosebumps to gamers as they progress further and further in the game. The difficulty level of survival is set by the players themselves! The tougher the group of players, the tougher the game. After you choose the specifications of your character in the menu, you are dropped into an 8 by 8 km battleground. There are a total of 100 players who kill each other with strategy and skill using weapons. If you or your team manage to be the last one alive then it’s Winner Winner! Chicken dinner for you!



PUBG is a popular game and this mod version makes it even more fun because of the various features that are only present in this game version. Enjoy all of them as you read them here:

1. Unlimited UC

The unlimited cash in the game makes it so much easier to proceed! You can buy your way into the game and take a lead. All the online players will be wondering how you could get ahead so easily! This feature is one of the most popular hacks in the PUBG Mobile mod apk. Gamers love this feature as it allows them to buy unlimited new skins, clothes, vehicles, and weapons. You do not have to wait for a UC or purchase a Royal pass anymore, simply use the unlimited UC to have unlimited fun.

2. Unlimited Battle Points

Unlimited battle points are another mod feature. You get these points and they allow you to win bigger rewards the next time. Your challenges will be harder but you can get all the equipment and tools to make it easier. Battle Point or BP is the currency of the action game. It is normally earned by good performance and allows you to purchase items like skins and guns. However, the unlimited bp feature in the game allows you to have limitless battle points throughout the gameplay.

3. Aimbot

Special weapons to kill your enemies in the game will be a great addition to your gameplay. You can play against the biggest contender and still win because of the high technology and aimbot precision that only you possess!

4. Anti-Ban

According to the official policies of the game, any player using hacks is banned from the game and his account is taken away. But don’t worry gamers! The PUBG Mobile Mod apk has a unique Anti-ban feature that prevents the banning of your account. You can play the game with hacks safely.

5. No Time Limit

After the release of the original PUBG Mobile, it became wildly popular amongst the young generation and addicted them to the point that some countries decided to ban the game in their zone. To solve this issue, PUBG Mobile introduced a time limit in the game due to which the players can only play the game for 6 hours in one day (24 hours). Lucky for you, the mod version of PUBG mobile comes with a no-limit feature! You can play for countless hours in a day without being prompted in the game.

6. Wallhack

The wallhack feature available in only the PUBG Mobile mod apk version never lets you lose in the battle. You can see behind walls and identify players or objects hiding behind them. Therefore, enemies can never safely hide from you, giving you a great benefit during combat. You can use this hack to strategically shoot down enemies from far distances too. Furthermore, have a look at Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK.


You will be shocked to hear the features of the PUBG Mobile Mod apk! The unlocks and upgrades are mind-blowing and can turn a noob player into a pro immediately!

1. Single And Multiplayer Mode

PUBG Mobile mod apk features single and multiplayer modes. You can either play solo and defeat all your enemies single-handedly to win the battle or choose to play with friends. The multiplayer mode includes a duo and a squad. You may pair up with your buddy and showcase the best partnership against online enemies in a duo, or make a team of 4 and play with your squad! You can choose to play with your friends, family, or unknown online strangers. Both modes are online and allow players to join in from all parts of the world.

2. Interactive 3D Graphics

PUBG Mobile mod apk has awesome 3D graphics of high quality, the game is therefore not a lightweight one. The characters, locations, weapons, and explosion scenes are eye-catching and real-like to give you an action movie experience.


3. Auto Aim

The PUBG Mobile hack version includes Auto Aim to save your time, energy, and bullets during the ambush. Instead of firing limitless bullets without accuracy in aim, you can use the Auto Aim feature to automatically aim at the enemies and fire! Hitting the bull’s eye is 100% guaranteed!


4. No Recoil

The PUBG mobile version is proven to be troublesome for new players due to the constant recoil of weapons. Fortunately, you can download the PUBG Mobile mod apk for 0% recoil in guns and shoot down enemies with ease.


Does the PUBG Mobile Mod apk need root?

No, you don’t need a root in your mobile to install the PUBG Mobile Mod apk.

Is it safe to install PUBG Mobile Mod apk?

Yes, installing the PUBG Mobile Mod apk is 100% safe and has no glitches, bugs, or viruses in its file.

Is PUBG Mobile Mod apk version free?

Yes, the game is absolutely free and does not include any purchases in the game too.


It is no wonder why people are addicted to PUBG mobile, its gameplay and features are enticing such as Respawnables MOD APK. But gamers who never settle for less are motivated to download the PUBG Mobile Mod apk to enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

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