Punch Hero MOD APK 1.3.8 – (Free Download For Android) 2023

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Full Name Punch Hero MOD APK
Publisher GAMEVIL
Genre Sports
Size 28 MB
Latest Version 1.3.8
Mod Features Unlimited Money
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Punch Hero MOD APK has been developed by GamEvil, a leading game developer, and this unique play is specially designed for android phones for all those who like to indulge in games whenever they have some free time. Get to know all about this addictive game, and you will be discussing it with your friends soon!

Punch Hero modded APK is an excellent version to start with, and what is exciting about this game is that it isn’t easy. You will not get a boring minute from this game because of its exciting story and the levels that are designed to test your skill. You will be working on your boxing skills and players who do not like gruesome games will get to learn how to box, and improve their hook without witnessing too much violence.


The storyline of this game is that the player is a boxer much like WCC2 MOD APK, competing against the former punch heroes and becoming the master of the game. Whether you are against a Samurai, or a regular player from the field, punching techniques, and defense mechanisms will be at play. As you win various rounds, your game will get more challenging and all that you have learned previously will get you more rewards. A boxing game on your mobile device means you can work on numerous personal skills anywhere you are.

Punch Hero MOD


Of course yes! The controls of this game are not only simple but the Punch Hero hacks make it easier for players to get more out of each round. No matter who you are up against, there has to be some special feature in your menu that will give you a lead against other players. So if you face a pirate, or an old yogi in the next round, take a look at the menu and see what it has to offer.

There is a training center where you will be facing competitors and Punch Hero modded APK will offer you more features than any other version out there. If you are looking for some premium or priority player treatment just like Carrom Pool MOD APK, we know this app is the one you would want to download.


Every game has a few attractive features, but then some games have more! Punch Hero Mod APK has numerous features that are not available in the same game through any other version!

1. Punch Hero Cheats

If you get hold of the cheats in this version, your round of punches will be stronger, more harmful and a threat to your opponent! Moreover, this game has so many control commands that help you dodge the punches that your opponent will try to land on you. Another excellent fact about this feature is that your defense mechanism will be more on point.

2. Amateur Battles

Apart from the Punch Hero hacks android, there are numerous amateur battles that not only use the android phone features like going back one step or using the screen to see the menu along with the game so that you can apply all the hacks and cheats that are available to you.

These amateur battles help you practice your strategy and punch techniques so that when you are up against a notable contender, you are a sure winner.

Punch Hero

3. Building Tactics

Have you ever played a game that gives you hints? Well, Punch Hero Mod APK will not be giving you hints within the game but will make it easier for you to figure out your tactics as it shows you a re-run of what you did in the previous round. Learn from your mistakes and prepare yourself for the future.

4. Enjoying Real Boxing

Punch Hero hacker is not just a collection of unnatural blows and hooks techniques. Every move in this game is real and teaches you many things about real boxing challenges. Who knows, maybe you can someday fight a real boxer in the ring because you have learned all the real techniques from this game!

5. Game Player Mode

This game is not about you playing against an AI character. You can select the two-player game and compete with other game players from all over the world. Every player has distinct stats; some may be hard punchers and others may have a lot of stamina. You can train against all of them and learn many things about how to defend yourself while wearing out your competitor.

6. Excellent Graphics

The three-dimensional graphics and the exciting sound effects add life to the screenplay of this game. Punch Hero is all about timing yourself, and the graphics make it easier because they are so real. Moreover, every time you land a punch, the sound effects make you feel more excited.

7. Punch Boxing Cheats Unlimited Money

Win throughout the game and add to your unlimited money stash to improve the stats and get more power against your opponent.


You can download this game by following these easy steps:

  • Click on Download Now,
  • Let the download begin without any execution files,
  • Click on the downloaded game and it will ask if you can create an icon on the homepage,
  • Allow the game to use the phone’s sound and screen brightness adjustment.
  • Enjoy the game.


How can I use the special features of the game?

If you download the modded version by following the steps above, you can become a real punch hero because of the special features mentioned! Every version does not offer gems and extra power in the game player mode so you will enjoy the game more.

Are these features free?

All the features of Punch Hero modded APK is free at every stage from the minute you download it.


Punch Hero Mod APK is an excellent download for all those who want to learn a thing or more about real boxing. You will be improving your game technique while working on your punches and hooking techniques! So download this game now and make your free time a good learning experience in the most entertaining way.

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