Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK 6.00.0 – (Unlimited Money) 2022

Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK is a majestic strategy and role-playing game. It is developed by an Israeli developer company named Plarium and also published by Plarium Global Ltd. The mystical Battlezone game was initially launched in the summer of 2018 for smartphones and then became available for PC in 2020. The MMORPG game is one of the best in its genre and features a real-time combat mechanic with an incredible vast character system.

The game also requires a lot of grinding for earning gems, money, and other forms of in-game currency to unlock these characters and their abilities. You have to plan smartly and unlock these to defeat powerful enemies. However, here you can download our mod version to unlock everything for free. Read more to know all the features of our Raid Shadow Legends mod apk.

Full Name Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK
Publisher Plarium Global Ltd
Genre Role-Playing
Size 118 MB
Latest Version 6.00.0
Mod Features Unlimited Money & Gems
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About Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK

If you are a gamer who adores well-planned, tough, and strategic gameplay, then this is the game for you. Raid Shadow Legends is an extremely strategic game that can only be excelled by brainy and brave gamers.

Raid Shadow Legends MOD

Witness countless warriors from more than 13 playable factions in the adventurous role-playing game realm. Enter the universe of magic, spells, darkness, and evils and collect the best champions to form a fortified team. In addition, you will have a wide variety of mythical creatures to choose from as your champions!

Select the best wizards, sorcerers, knights, elves, Skinwalkers, lizardmen, and many more fierce champions. Step into the battlefield with your team of steel! And defeat the enemies to conquer!

Raid Shadow Legends Hack Storyline

Hello, gamers! You are in the world of Telleria where both Light and darkness exist. You are living in a mystical land where the wizards, Demon Spawns, barbarians, High elves, Orcs, and many other magical species survive together in Telleria but in district factions. Surprisingly, each faction has its own storyline. However, you can experience each of them and also, recruit them to your league of champions. After that, you will train the members of your fortified league and devise strategies.

The world of Telleria is in immense danger and so you need to form the bravest and toughest league to protect it from collapsing. Prepare for the battlefield and defeat dragons, monsters, and enemies from every race and faction!

Raid Shadow Legends APK

Raid Shadow Legends Cheat Gameplay

The gameplay of Raid Shadow Legends is very challenging for gamers. The vast magical character system and unique combat styles of the MMORPG game create the perfect gaming environment during the gameplay.

Basically, the gamers have to form a team and learn the turn-based combat mechanic system. Firstly, players will recruit characters from different factions and of different stats and strength levels. In total, there are 5 strength levels, common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary levels. Start from the first and then progress to the toughest strength level.

Players need to have Gacha which is the currency of the game to unlock the strength levels of different characters. Next, players need to play turn by turn during the battle. Take your time to choose your character’s skills and then choose the enemy you want to unleash an attack on. Moreover, the players can also learn new and advanced skills and upgrade their weapons and special abilities.

Features Of Raid Shadow Legends MOD APK

RAID Shadow League has many epic features just like Summoners War MOD APK; however, gamers can only maximize their gaming experience with a handful of hacks and cheats. After all, what’s a role-playing strategy game without supreme hacks granting complete liberty to gamers? Below are the features of our Raid Shadow Legends hacked apk, read all the features to know all about them.

1. 3D Graphics And Visual Effects

The wondrous extensive video game has mind-blowing visual representations. The graphics are 3D, high-quality, and extremely engaging. Furthermore, the developers have designed the majestic backgrounds beautifully! The magical world is appealing to the eyes and hence makes the gamer addicted to the gameplay.

In addition, the hundreds of characters in the game from different factions are designed with delicate details and magnificent animations. Each character has its own distinct features for identification. Not only this, the game’s visual effects are par excellent during the battle. The explosions, special powers, attacks, and other effects are displayed very realistically.

Raid Shadow Legends

2. AutoPlay

The autoplay feature is loved by the audience. You can spend your time exploring the large land and other factions and turn on the autoplay during the battle. Since there is turn-based combat mechanics, the AI of the game can take care of your turn during Autoplay mode. Hence, even casual or newbie gamers can play the game and learn gradually.

3. PvE Campaign Map

Moreover, there are more than 12 locations in the game. The extensive game covers a large area on both land and sea. Gamers can choose to play in any of the available and unlocked locations. The locations are related to the factions. In addition to the dark and evil lands, there are also beautiful locations to add to the variety of the environments.

4. Unlimited Energy

The characters require energy when they are fighting in battle. Each type of character has its own energy level. Players need to spend the Gacha or other currencies to upgrade the energy levels to make a stronger attack on the opponents. However, our mod provides free limitless energy to its players. You will never have to spend on upgrades or suffer from levels as long as you have our features enabled. Unlike the original game, you do not need to wait for energy refills.

5. Free Gems And Raid Cards

Yes! Our Raid Shadow Legends mod has the best hack feature too. Users of the mod get unlimited free gems and raid cards from the beginning of the game.

Luckily, you do not need to win battles or progress further in the game to earn these. No need to struggle and grind. Just shop away anything you want with the help of our hack. You can buy anything from the shop because you will always be loaded. Make the best of your resources while you battle! Use the gems to get instant refills for energy and magical potions. Get the best experience in your game.

6. Unlimited Money

The main currency of the role-playing video game is Gacha. Players using our mod will get unlimited Gacha with the unlimited money hack feature. You can use these to get all your resources with full liberty.

7. Unlocked Warriors

Moreover, the mod version allows you to select hundreds of warriors. As you are already aware of the vast character system comprising the 13 factions, each faction has many characters. However, each character needs to be unlocked with good gameplay and commendable progress.

But no fear! The mod will open all the characters for you. You can choose from Sorcerers, Skinwalkers, Knight Revenants, Elves, Banner Lords, Demon Spawns, the Sacred Order, Ogryn Tribes, Undead Hordes, Lizardmen, dwarves, and many other races.


In conclusion, the Raid Shadow Legends mod apk is a blast more like Darkness Rises MOD APK. You can have all the characters, unlimited energy, potions, gems, and much more! And all this for free! Engage in the amazing graphics and gameplay and enjoy the mod to its fullest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Raid Shadow Legends hacked apk safe?

Yes, our mod is completely safe for all android users. It is updated and has no lags or technical issues. Plus, it’s free from viruses and bugs.

Is the Raid Shadow Legends mod apk available for iOS?

No, we apologize for the unavailability of the iOS mod. Our site only contains the link for Raid Shadow Legends mod download.

Is Raid: Shadow Legends suitable for kids?

The intense video game contains a lot of violence and bloodshed. Hence, it is inappropriate for younger children. However, kids older than 11 can play the game if they are into such intense gameplay.

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